6 thoughts on “Woot! My first Second Life hack!”

  1. A pavement slab… what was I thinking of?
    This is much more like it…

    …the Monolith has spoken and the Librarians of the World are compelled to obey!
    (heh — it even plays György Ligeti‘s Requiem For Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Two Mixed Choirs & Orchestra when you touch it)

  2. I just made a post on my own blog about the Lib2.0 generator and put the code up.
    I would like to know how that scripting in SL is working, even with the slab -;)
    I haven’t had time to dig into “hacking in” but obviously thát is going to be the future.
    Could we talk about how you did this? Is there a standard script you can use to “harvest” the info from the web?

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