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Wordle of #cilip2 tweets

 15:05 wiilassie@Philbradley Should we therefore rename #cilip2.0 to #cilip2 do you think? Btw do you know if it'll be webcast?
 17:13 chrisinwalesRT @Philbradley: @briankelly or #CILIP2, I guess!
 08:39 iOverlordDamn, there is a #CILIP2 talk on what they should be doing with web2 and I'll be in Glasgow. @Philbradley: @briankelly both talking.
 11:14 kaysmith53#CILIP2
 11:32 mrnick@DebbieMN Have you picked up on the #CILIP2 discussion prompted by http://tiny.cc/C0DTD ? Not much there yet, sure it will pick up though
 11:37 CaroMossGibbonsNew hash tag needed for CILIP 2.0 open session, please drop #CILIP2.0 and use #CILIP2 instead! The dot causes problems with some apps
 11:40 CaroMossGibbons#CILIP2 if you're coming along to the open session in person, please pre-register by emailing msu@cilip.org.uk, space limited
 12:23 DebbieMN@mrnick thanks! I followed the original debate via Twitter and have the event in my calendar - I am hoping to attend virtually #CILIP2
 14:51 chrisinwalesPlease drop #CILIP2.0 and use #CILIP2 instead! @CaroMossGibbons: dot causes problems with some apps AND twitter sees them as different
 14:52 chrisinwalesRT @briankelly @Philbradley ("well-known gurus") are taking part in #CILIP2 - Open Session on CILIP use of Web2.0 See http://bit.ly/LhVzy
 16:28 tomroper@briankelly @Philbradley I refer you to Loudon Wainwright III's song Guru, which says it all. Looking forward to hearing you both #CILIP2
 05:54 karenblakeman#cilip2 Running a workshop on Web 2.0 & Twitter on 29th. Might be a good example of the use of Twitter if I re-jig the programe
 06:00 karenblakeman#cilip2 was about to mention obvious potential problem with cilip2.0 but see that has been dealt with.
 10:51 kaysmith53#CILIP2
 14:15 SamMansfield#CILIP2- Open Session on CILIP use of Web2.0. See http://bit.ly/LhVzy . Something RMS might consider?
 13:19 briankellySlidecast (slides & audio) of 1st draft of my talk for #cilip2 open forum next week available. Feedback welcome. http://bit.ly/fNXh3
 18:18 briankelly@karenblakeman This is an example of Web2.0 problems worth discussing at #cilip2 event. You going?
 18:25 karenblakeman@briankelly Re #cilip2 I am running a workshop for NOWAL on web 2.0 on 29th! Re-jigging the programme so I can show cilip2 tweets.
 16:53 tomroper@Philbradley thanks Phil. Now I must exercise brain in preparation for Wednesday's #CILIP2 event
 18:22 crooneybrowne@joeyanne So excited about #CILIP2 session!It's definitely appropriate,considering their tagline: "your institute, fit for the 21st Century"
 23:28 CaroMossGibbons#CILIP2 almost upon us! I plan to twitter during Phil Bradley and Brian Kelly's presentation, as will others. Do join in!
 09:48 crooneybrowne@briankelly I'm looking forward to it! Hope there's an opportunity to participate in some way! #cilip2
 09:51 karenblakeman#cilip2 Hope there will be plenty of Twitter participation tomorrow so I can demo value of Twitter to NOWAL workshop
 09:54 MeganJRobertsGood summary of how we got to #CILIP2 from Jo Alcock (Joeyanne Libraryanne) http://tinyurl.com/cndbdj
 10:03 karenblakeman@NazlinBhimani Great. Hopefully everyone will remember to include #cilip2
 11:00 briankellySome suggestions for remote participants at tomorrow's #cilip2 event given at http://bit.ly/1457DV (@crooneybrowne , @Opportunitweets )
 11:05 wiilassieRT @briankelly: Some suggestions for remote participants at tomorrow's #cilip2 event given at http://bit.ly/1457DV
 11:38 eluciapachecoRT @wiilassie: RT @briankelly: Some suggestions for remote participants at tomorrow's #cilip2 event given at http://bit.ly/1457DV
 11:49 briankellySuggesting people intending to attend / tweet locally / participate remotely at #cilip2 say hello with #cilip2 tag. I''ll attend/tweet.
 11:57 crooneybrowneListening to @briankelly rehearsal presentation b4 #cilip2 meeting tomorrow http://tinyurl.com/cnh6je I'm hoping to participate remotely! :)
 12:03 eluciapacheco@briankelly Hello #cilip2
 12:39 CILIPGazetteWill take Dr brian's advice and use Twitterfall tomorrow for following / commenting on #cilip2
 13:33 chrisinwalesVery disappointed to be missing tomorrow's #cilip2 session, but hope to be joining in this way
 13:55 chrisinwalesRT Slidecast of 1st draft of BKelly talk for #cilip2 open forum available. http://bit.ly/fNXh3 Feedback: Useful prep 4 absentee tweetgang
 14:05 karenblakeman@briankelly Hello #cilip2
 14:07 briankelly@karenblakeman Was suggesting something like: "Hello #cilip2 - plan to participate in tweets remotely (& watch stream if available)"
 14:19 MeganJRoberts@briankelly As I always do what I'm told - Hello #cilip2 - planning to follow tweets
 14:24 nicoleschu@briankelly Hello #cilip2 - plan to watch tweets remotely & would love to watch stream if hopefully available!
 14:28 chrisinwalesFollowing MeganJRoberts good example: Hello #cilip2 - plan to participate remotely via Twitterfall
 14:34 The_LibrainLooking at Twitterfall - interesting way to follow trends. #Twitterfall #librarians #libraries #cilip2
 14:38 wiilassieHello #cilip2 - I'm someone else who's hoping to follow proceedings remotely and would like a live stream if possible!
 14:42 crooneybrowneHello #cilip2 - plan to participate in tweets remotely (& watch stream if available)
 15:23 briankelly"Wifi access is available and accessible... tables .. near power-sockets & a couple of multi-way sockets". Thanks #cilip2 organisers.
 16:06 clarileiahello #cilip2 I will be following as much as I can during the session tomorrow
 16:16 danni4infoHad her first look at monitter-people are mental re #swineflu! BTW I am looking forward to following #cilip2 on here or over there 2moro.
 16:19 myfoxphillyHad her first look at monitter-people are mental re #swineflu! BTW I am looking forward to following #cilip2 on here... http://ff.im/2qn3o
 16:37 PhilbradleyMy #cilip2 presentation at http://tinyurl.com/clqjcy but it's mainly images. Will narrate/annotate asap, or follow live tomorrow!
 16:47 daveyp#cilip2 will be following remotely
 18:12 knihovnik2000@Philbradley Looks good Phil. Hoping to be able to follow proceedings via #cilip2. Good luck with the presentation!
 18:22 rachelmaryadamsWon't be able to follow #cilip2 tomorrow as I'm inducting more of the library team into the ways of the wiki. Web 2.0 in action, baby!
 18:45 katie_fraserLooking forward to following the #cilip2 event remotely tomorrow.
 18:49 JFJ24Hello #cilip2 - plan to watch tweets remotely & would love to watch stream if hopefully available!
 19:00 jessduffieldWill there be people tweeting from #cilip2 tomorrow?
 20:13 briankellyThinking of using Skype for #cilip2 event tomorrow. Anyone interested in recording the talks if I can do this?
 20:44 The_Librain@gonereading #Twitterfall - good way of following tweets from a conferece or the CILIP Web2.0 session tomorrow - use #cilip2
 21:26 joeyanneGood but tiring day at Leicester today, will blog soon. Looking forward to following #cilip2 on Twitter tomorrow
 22:02 briankellyLou Daly has just bought me & @juliancheal another pint. If I miss tomorrow's #cilip2 do at least they've got a recording of my talk :-)
 05:11 karenblakemanWeb 2 workshop for NOWAL #nowal0904 today. Also #cilip2. Will be monitoring tweets throughout the workshop as an example of Twitter use
 05:14 karenblakeman@marydeeo I shall be following #cilip2 tweets here in Liverpool and hopefully will be able to comment via Twitter
 06:15 janeiteLooking forward to #Cilip2 this pm. I'll be attempting to Twitter. First time for everything, so please be indulgent.
 06:19 tomroper#CILIP2 this afternoon. Advertised twitterers: @janeite @chrisinwales @Philbradley (speaker) @briankelly (speaker) @scotlibraries @CIGscot
 07:47 ekcraggI'll be keeping an eye on the #cilip2 tweets this afternoon
 08:01 briankellyOff to the station to go to London for the #cilip2 council session.
 08:05 clarea63Will try to follow #cilip2 tweets remotely this arvo. Following @chrisinwales suggestion of using Twitterfall
 08:11 SarahNicholasHave Twitterfall running to follow #cilip2 2.30pm to 4.30pm today.. but is a little overwhelming. Think may get in way of work! #Twitterfall
 08:13 CaroMossGibbons#cilip2 today's the day - the room is set up, and our speakers are en-route. Even better, the CEO has just brought me a cup of tea!
 08:16 SphenisciformePlanning to follow #cilip2 on twitterfall this afteroon
 08:19 laurajwilkinsonRT @ekcragg I'll be keeping an eye on the #cilip2 tweets this afternoon
 08:21 laurajwilkinsonHope #CILIP2 are planning to be involved in Web3.0 and really new tech, not just try to catch up by being on Facebook which is *sooo* 2007
 08:28 llordllamaLooking forward to the #CILIP2 twitter debate this afternoon
 08:34 m_hopwoodwas just amazed at the (relatively) huge numbers of Twibrarians following the #CILIP2 #hashtag this morning... this should make a splash! :D
 08:41 SmilyLibrarianRT @llordllama: Ooooh, http://twitterfall.com/ - now that's handy for watching discussion streams #cilip2 this arvo
 08:43 JFJ24got twitterfall ready for #cilip2 this p.m. now if the event were just streamed too everything would be ticketyboo
 08:49 The_Librain@m_hopwood Any way of working out just how many librarians are following #cilip2? Might give powers-that-be pause for thought!
 08:51 davidvinerHoping to catch some of the #cilip2 debate later, in between doing various mundane household chores!
 08:54 VicheI think the #cilip2 debate is the first time I've put a twitter-only event in my work diary.
 08:55 m_hopwood5 pages of results for the CILIP and Web 2.0 conference today - Searched Twitter for #CILIP2: http://tinyurl.com/c5o5pk
 08:56 scotlibrariesto join in the open sesssion, please send your tweet preceded with #cilip2
 08:57 neiljohnfordAh, with this Twitterfall you are really spoiling us! Just the ticket for #cilip2
 scotlibrariesto join in the CILPI council open session,precede your tweets with #cilip2
 08:58 scotlibrarieshave your say at the CILIP Council open session, precede your tweet with #cilip2
 08:59 laurajwilkinson@scotlibraries You can include a hashtag such as #CILIP2 anywhere in your tweet
 09:02 llordllamaYou know if this #cilip2 discussion does nothing else, except draw a lot of us twittering librarians together - it'll be no bad thing
 mickfortune#CILIP2 or #CILIP2.0? Caroline's email mentions both.
 09:03 m_hopwood@mickfortune the #CILIP2.0 #hashtag doesn't work, the full stop gets stripped out :( so it's #CILIP2 all the way or FTW or whatever ;)
 09:05 sarahgbre #twitterfall & #CILIP2 or 2.0 how do i filter the trend? will it appear on trending topics? sorry! feeling a bit brain dead :)
 09:09 mstores#cilip2 Who'd have thought that there were so many people interested in anything that CILIP have to say
 laurajwilkinson@sarahgb Try http://twitterfall.com/ and add custom search for #CILIP2 or search for same hashtag on search.twitter.com and set up RSS feed
 09:10 katie_fraserI've set up a widget on my site which automatically updates #cilip2 tweets at http://www.chuukaku.com/monitter.html for ease of sharing.
 09:11 danni4infoThis social media policy piece on mashable may be of interest to cilip libs #cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/c5t82j
 ekcragg@sarahgb twitterfall is your best option there's a lag in the RSS feed #cilip2
 09:12 The_Librain@m_hopwood Didn't say I was going to count - was just interested! #cilip2 ;)
 neiljohnford@sarahgb Re: Twitterfall - you can add a custom search (i.e. #cilip2 ) on the left sidebar. p.s. may need to make sure it is checked
 durtante#cilip2 have absolutely no idea what this tag is used for. What is happening this avo?
 09:13 pjb1972#cilip2 Id you don't mind installing a client, TweetDeck is great for following hashtags via a search, + friends on Twitter & Facebook
 09:15 Viche@durtante http://tinyurl.com/cyko22 #cilip2
 amelialuzziAll set up with Twitterfall for following #cilip2 this afternoon - pity I have two meetings over the time of the session!
 CILIPWMDont't forget you can follow the latest from London this afternoon right here on Twitter. #cilip2
 09:18 llordllama@durtante So you've missed out on all the exciting CILIP news then? Big Web 2.0 debate at CILIP council this arvo #cilip2
 pjb1972#cilip2 @mstores I'm guessing @briankelly tweets have attracted a lot of attention from web monkeys in general
 09:19 toonsarahRT @SmilyLibrarianRT @llordllama: Ooooh, http://twitterfall.com/ - now that's handy for watching discussion streams #cilip2 this arvo
 09:20 Domicus@durtante I dunno, but there's a lot of librarians using #cilip2 maybe a realtime virtual conference?
 09:21 mjfdunneHmm, Twitterfall looks useful http://twitterfall.com - will use it to follow CILIP conference this pm. #cilip2
 09:27 danni4info@katie_fraser I like monitter too- just used it yesterday for the 1st time. You can follow 3 topics at once. #cilip2
 09:32 neiljohnfordFeel like I'm stalking the #cilip2 tag. It's a great way to find twittering librarians to follow though!
 joeyanne@durtante http://www.tinyurl.com/cndbdj #cilip2
 09:33 PriestLibwill be Twitterfall-ing #CILIP2 too
 09:34 DebbieMN@llordllama will be if we get it past branding! Looking forward to #cilip2? See any Leeds Met types yesterday?
 09:35 The_LibrainMakes you realise just how many librarians are on Twitter & from range of sectors by following #cilip2 on #Twitterfall
 09:36 Domicus@neiljohnford stumbled across #cilip2 today. Do you know what it's all about?
 09:43 mstoresFollowing #cilip2 stuff on Twitterfall - http://twitterfall.com/ First time I've used Twitterfall - very impressed, even I can unnerstan it
 09:45 SmilyLibrarianexcited that I have managed to sort out twitterfall and follow #cilip2 from prone position - sadly even NC10 2 heavy 2 hold overhead 4 long
 09:46 crooneybrowne@mstores Yeah, I'm liking Twitterfall too...looking forward to using it to follow #cilip2
 09:48 toonsarah@vahva I couldn't watch much (meeting all day yesterday) but enjoyed following your & others' tweets. Do follow #cilip2: shd be interesting
 09:53 jaffneTemporarily going unprotected to play along with #CILIP2. I feel all nekkid. Urk.
 09:54 scotlibrariesJust followed the #cilip2 crowd to twitterfall in preparation for today's meeting.
 09:55 datzOff work sick :-( but will be following this pm via the new desktop Mac client Tweetie http://bit.ly/6FXY #cilip2
 09:56 twfallThe CILIP Council Open Session on Web 2.0 is today. See what people are saying about it in realtime at http://twitterfall.com/#cilip2 !
 09:58 meimaimaggioFollowing #cilip2 activity in hopes it'll help for my LIS professional awareness exam tomorrow. :-(
 sarahgbthanks to everyone who replied with advice with #CILIP2 and #twitterfall. Thanks also to @danni4info for the heads up on monnitor.com :)
 10:00 m_hopwoodthinks: for those who think Organisation 1.0 is outdated, look how much splash it can create when it puts its mind to it! #CILIP2
 pardoeaready to follow #cilip2 this afternoon
 10:01 MeganJRobertsAmazed at the number of people following #cilip2 and thinking it says a lot about the way information professional/librarians work now
 10:03 MichaelSteadNot one to miss a bandwagon, I'm watching #cilip2 on #twitterfall.
 10:06 helencurtisI see #cilip2 isn't as popular as #wolverine. Welcome to the party cilip, you've had a long journey - would you like a chair?
 10:07 m_hopwoodgot at least 6 new #followers and a host of #followees this AM... one suspects the #CILIP2 pre-conference #thingie to thank for this!
 crooneybrowneI'm finding lots of new people to follow thanks to #cilip2 :)
 llordllama@helencurtis Perhaps they're not the best at what they do? ;) #wolverine #cilip2
 10:09 Sperandais finding that she can follow in Twitterfall but a colleague can't. We'll try to fix it in time for #cilip2
 10:10 DebbieMNReady to follow #cilip2 and enjoying playing with #twitterfall
 10:12 katie_fraserDistracted from doing coursework by all the #cilip2 fun http://www.chuukaku.com/monitter.html
 ekcraggJoining the party - picking up new followers and followees thanks to #cilip2. Are we all also part of this http://twibes.com/librarians
 10:18 jaffneOh, so between Twitter, and watching the #cilip2 stuff on Twitterfall, I'm gonna get no work done today, right?
 10:19 CIGScotDo CILIP now realise web2 is useful? Look at all the interest already & the session hasn't even started!! http://twitterfall.com/#cilip2
 jimmy1712Picking up some new followers as part of the #cilip2 great fun
 10:20 stuartbenjaminI willl try and keep up with #CILIP2 but in and out of symposium this PM. Using Twitterfall to keep tabs but its not very elegant is it?
 10:21 clarileiahave #twitterfall set up to watch along with #cilip2 this afternono - shame I'm in meetings for most of it & will have to catch up after!
 10:22 calireJumping on board. I will be watching #cilip2 this afternoon, probably on Twitterfall
 ginnyfranklinI was really gonna try to avoid info overload today, but I've got sucked into #cilip2 and #twitterfall
 byrnedf#cilip2 Hope to catch the CILIP session - if online we could in audio and web conferencing to bring the session to life real time
 10:23 ekcragg@stuartbenjamin monitter is perhaps a tad more stylish... but not much #cilip2
 CILIPGazetteHope #cilip2 lives up to its pre event excitement
 byrnedf#cilip2 Hope to catch the CILIP session - if only we could include audio and web conferencing to bring the session to life real time
 10:25 soviettaomg cilipgazette is alive! #cilip2
 10:26 meimaimaggioJust realised that I could actually go to the CILIP Web 2.0 Open Session this afternoon instead of following #cilip2. I am a moron.
 ijclarkShame can't follow #cilip2 although at least now I will be discovered by those that are!
 llordllama@CILIPGazette As i said earlier - for those of us beyond the M25, the pre-event IS the event :) #cilip2
 10:27 wiilassieWorking late today which is why I've only just checked in. Twitter appears to be a big UK librarian love-in today! ;) #cilip2
 10:29 lorelibrarianRight, have set up Twitterfall to follow #cilip2 Better get some work done now.
 10:30 durtante#cilip2 so is somebody going to be sat aside like a court secretary, tweeting all of the valuable points as they are made?
 llordllamaI see #cilip2 's not trending yet - anyone care to place bets if this'll chnage come 2.30pm? :)
 10:31 lynncorrigan#cilip2 or @guykawasaki at #eie09? With twitter I can follow both!
 10:32 wthashtag#cilip2 is now trending. Tell us what it is http://wthash.com/cilip2
 helenalexHave 1:1 with @nicola676 at 2:30pm, but will catch-up with #cilip2 afterwards. Impressed with #twitterfall
 meimaimaggioYep, will be tweeting from the Open Session after lunch - if mobile phones are allowed! #cilip2 Hope this counts as exam prep.
 ianmarkboydthought #cilip2 was another flu mutation but now i know better
 10:33 Philbradley@llordllama #cilip2 is trending now.. :)
 byrnedf@durtante #cilip2 also has an umoderated blog running and so our CILIP 'court secretary' will be ket very buy
 10:34 friendbartrends#cilip2
 MichaelStead@llordllama It is now! #cilip2
 10:35 llordllama@Philbradley @MichaelStead I'll claim it was my tweet that did it then #cilip2 ;)
 LizMallettWhat is #cilip2? Everybody's twitterfalling it.
 10:36 MichaelSteadDamn it: beaten to the news that #cilip2 is trending by famous guru @philbradley. ;-)
 10:38 gillianhanlon@CILIPGazette If nothing else, it's great publicity for whatever web2 stuff they eventually decide to use! #cilip2
 10:39 The_LibrainCan someone tweet CILIP Blog URL for #cilip2? Thanks
 m_hopwoodSo... "trending" = "bringing an entire industry to a grinding halt via digital distraction" #CILIP2 ;)
 10:40 whatthetrendWhy is #cilip2 trending? Help explain why at What The Trend? http://wttrend.com/2952
 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 stuartbenjaminWe've proved a) the power of tweets b) the collaborative nature of librarians before the session starts. Where's the national press? #CILIP2
 ekcraggRT @m_hopwood: So... "trending" = "bringing an entire industry to a grinding halt via digital distraction" #CILIP2 ;)
 island2000looking at eco/enviro possibilities for #cilip2
 10:41 jaffne@MichaelStead @philbradley Pesky gurus - I've been practising my curtseying for next time we meet, to pay proper respect ;) #cilip2
 10:42 island2000being befuudled by eco/enviro possibilities for #cilip2
 laurajwilkinsonWow I am 10th on http://wthashtag.com/wiki/Cilip2 #CILIP2
 10:43 MichaelSteadFor @The_Librain: http://bit.ly/wellknownguru #cilip2
 10:44 helencurtis@ekcragg ah but is it digital distraction or professional practice? Let the debate commence... #cilip2
 10:45 jaffneLove the fact my comment on CILIP blog asking post be updated to reflect #cilip2 hashtag is being used hasn't been published / post amended
 m_hopwood@helencurtis depends if you're on the enquiry desk with no patrons/users/teeming masses to serve at present ;) #CILIP2 #twitterdistraction
 The_Librain@helencurtis Very distracting indeed, but also feels ground-breaking - at least in CILIP terms #cilip2
 10:46 ekcragg@helencurtis definitely professional practice. I can feel the benefits already. Digital distraction is taking endless quizzes on FB #cilip2
 10:47 jimmy1712@ekcragg @helencurtis you have a choice when it comes to anything digital you either use it/watch it or don't but you might miss out #cilip2
 laurajwilkinsonJust edited #CILIP2 on http://www.whatthetrend.com/
 10:48 The_LibrainWatching #Twitterfall with #cilip2 feels like huge community of librarians. Library Power!!
 tadpole99#Cilip2 blog says "feel free to twitter... for the benefit of those who can't be there in person" - twitter as 1-way communication??
 10:49 helencurtis@ginnyfranklin @m_hopwood @The_Librain could be OCD but still great to be engaging with so many members of the profession today #cilip2
 10:50 crooneybrowneSettling down to scroll through @Philbradley presentation for #cilip2 http://www.philbradley.typepad.com/
 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 m_hopwood@The_Librain exactly my point about 50 tweets ago; the online crowd needs an offline reference point in the real world i.e. CILIP1.0 #CILIP2
 10:52 katie_fraser@helencurtis I refuse to believe digital distraction and professional practice are mutually exclusive in librarianship! #cilip2
 laurajwilkinsonI wonder how many people following #CILIP2 are actually members of CILIP?
 basboermanSwine Flu #swineflu #iwtd #ptavote #Mexico #Twitter Users Quit #cilip2 Wolverine Obama's Specter
 10:53 The_Librain@laurajwilkinson Have just left CILIP this year after decades of frustration with attitude to school librarians #cilip2 - this could change!
 10:54 neiljohnfordPossible role for #cilip2 ? How about a directory of twittering librarians / info workers similar to CILIP blog landscape?
 llordllama@laurajwilkinson And how many want to be members of #cilip2 - the next version of the organisation!
 10:55 byrnedf@laurajwilkinson the point is that CILIP should provide vision and leadership for members and non-members - #cilip2 bodes well for future
 10:56 m_hopwoodm_hopwood@neiljohnford directories are good - but so Web 1.0! How about regular - or topical - online + offline mini events/conflabs #CILIP2
 ekcragg@laurajwilkinson I ceased my membership when I graduated but like @The_Librain I may rejoin depending on the outcome today #cilip2
 jaffnePeeps following me from #cilip2 - this is my personal account, I've temporarily unprotected it, don't be offended if I remove you after!
 10:57 crooneybrownePleased to see Edinburgh City Libraries @Talesofonecity project featuring on @Philbradley slides! :) #cilip2
 10:58 m_hopwood@jaffne maybe a work Twitter is a good idea? I have 2 facebook accounts, 1 personal and 1 professional... #CILIP2
 laurajwilkinson@byrnedf I really hope something changes. I would be interested in joining CILIP2.0 #CILIP2
 10:59 The_Librain@jaffne I have 2 Twitter accounts 1 for library news (feeds into lib website), one for personal/semi professional (feeds into blog) #cilip2
 tomroperQuick grumble before #CILIP2: why oh why to update CoFHE LASEC pages do I have to go through intermediaries? http://icanhaz.com/LASEC
 11:00 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 A_TrampGot a light, mate? (#cilip2) #tramp
 11:01 amelialuzzi@laurajwilkinson I'm still a member; but increasingly feeling CILIP not useful for those of us in the wider information professions. #cilip2
 tomroper@mickfortune #CILIP2 is the authorised tag. T'other one is handled v.well in some twitter clients, on account of the full stop
 The_LibrainRight, lunchbreak now so pausing Twitterfall - will catch up with #cilip2 after lunch!
 helencurtis@laurajwilkinson not a member currently, I'm waiting for cilip3 ; ) #cilip2
 11:02 tomroper@tomroper NOT handled v.well, I meant #CILIP2
 m_hopwood@laurajwilkinson I think you already have joined "CILIP 2.0"... #CILIP2 - a bit like "Library Society of the World" :D http://thelsw.org/
 jaffne@the_librain @m_hopwood The hassle of switching accounts for different topics/people means I keep twitter mainly for personal use. #cilip2
 11:03 tim_fletcherHave set Twitterfall up to catch the outpourings of the UK information community #cilip2
 11:04 TalesOfOneCityPreparing to follow the hotly anticipated #cilip2 event this afternoon! :)
 m_hopwood@jaffne fair point - all these things need flexible "audience" settings like Intranets or CMSeseses #CILIP2
 orangeaurochs@laurajwilkinson Am not CILIP member and following #CILIP2; also commented on some of the original blog posts. V interested to see outcome.
 NicolaMcNeeI'm getting excited about #cilip2 this afternoon. Hope teh twittering is good
 11:05 laurajwilkinsonRT @helencurtis @laurajwilkinson not a member currently, I'm waiting for cilip3 ; ) #cilip2 Nice! LOL!
 m_hopwoodnoticed no-one on #CILIP2 has mentioned the wonderful but woefully under-used CILIP Communities discussion boards :( aaaand off for lunch :)
 joeyanne@laurajwilkinson I am a student member currently, not sure what to do when I finish and rate shoots up! #cilip2
 11:06 neiljohnfordWould like to see some social media guidelines emerge from #cilip2 to support branches & SIG's looking to engage members in this space
 11:07 byrnedf@m_hopwood 'regular - or topical - online + offline mini events/conflabs' good in #CILIP2 world - also blending 'in person' with online
 11:08 PriestLib@m_hopwood Those boards are a nice idea but its unrealistic to expect anyone to visit them surely? #CILIP2
 orangeaurochsis wondering if anyone will actually be talking at or listening to the #CILIP2 debate/session: everyone seems to be twittering or blogging.
 11:09 amelialuzziHey, look, #cilip2 is trending on Twitter!
 crooneybrowne@neiljohnford I'm working on guidelines for public libraries in Scotland w/ @gillianhanlon & @scotlibraries Due to be published soon #cilip2
 11:10 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 laurajwilkinson@danrh Might #CILIP2 change your mind? Do you think CILIP is old-fashioned, or do you have a different objection?
 meimaimaggio@orangeaurochs I'll be there In Real Life! #cilip2
 11:11 abrine#cilip2 - looking forward to tracking this 2day!
 11:13 tadpole99wondering if 'real life' attendees will see twittered comments #cilip2
 crooneybrowne@neiljohnford Fingers crossed that we'll inspire CILIP to develop a set of UK-wide social media guidelines #cilip2 :)
 11:14 laurajwilkinson@joeyanne Same as you, I was a student member but left once the rate increased. I didn't feel like I got much back for £177 a year #CILIP2
 11:15 SmilyLibrarian#cilip2 - proving the point that twitter is an important professional tool I think :)
 11:16 crooneybrowne@blisspix Guidelines should help alleviate fears,instil confidence & encourage more public libraries to experiment with social media #cilip2
 amelialuzzi@laurajwilkinson I guess I see my £177 as support for a profession which I strongly believe in. #cilip2
 LibrartistI emailed CLIP 5 months ago about joining and still no reply....#cilip2 thinking Web2 may be the answer?!
 11:17 _moo_using twitterfall to follow #CILIP2. Thanks @tim-fletcher and @smilyLibrarian
 meimaimaggio@tadpole99 Not on my phone. Hope they can project a screen of Twitterfall (or other) as previous conferences have done. #cilip2
 11:19 SmilyLibrarianoopsie, just been crashed out of #twitterfall and #cilip2 tracking - will retry
 CIGScotguidelines on using web2 coming soon! also tagging guide at http://www.slainte.org.uk/files/pdf/slic/web2/tagging.pdf #cilip2
 neiljohnford@Librartist good point. I've also experienced aspects of cilip's admin that could be *ahem* "enhanced" by web2.0 #cilip2
 11:20 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 MatthewMezey#CILIP2 'Live blogging CILIP 2.0 open session - join in from 2.30pm today' (from CILIP's Update blog: http://tinyurl.com/c6xl4g
 11:21 livetweetlinksRT: #CILIP2 'Live blogging CILIP 2.0 open session - join in from 2.30pm today' (from CILIP's Update blog: htt.. http://tinyurl.com/c7y4v4
 crooneybrowne@JeanetteCastle Are you following #cilip2 today? Event starts at 2.30pm.
 laurajwilkinson@amelialuzzi Doing your job well is a great way to support your profession! How does CILIP fit in there? #cilip2
 11:22 byrnedf@m_hopwood I am told that #CILIP2 blog has been set up at: http://tinyurl.com/d8728l for discussion after event
 JeanetteCastle@crooneybrowne Trying to follow #cilip2 today - if my skills allow!
 11:23 gillianhanlon@crooneybrowne @neiljohnford @blisspix I'm working on the 2nd draft of guidelines, hoping to publish soon. Will tweet when finished! #cilip2
 richardsedleyHeading off to the #cilip2 session soon http://bit.ly/B80Wb Anyone else coming?
 MatthewMezey#CILIP2 And this is where I'll actually do the live blogging: http://tinyurl.com/cjnm87 I would say 'Add comments' but you're all Tweeting
 tadpole99would be good to have Second Life option for attending too - as recent JISC Libraries of the Future event did #cilip2
 11:24 amelialuzziRight, off to lunch - will catch the #cilip2 stuff afterwards.
 SmilyLibrarianRT @MatthewMezey: #CILIP2 'Live blogging CILIP 2.0 open session - join in from 2.30pm today' (from CILIP's Update blog: http://tinyurl.c ...
 tadpole99or would that be #cilip3D? #cilip2
 davidpottsInteresting juxtaposition of lots of Web2.0 twittering for this event but not much Web2.0 on public library web sites. Thoughts? #cilip2
 SarahbrarianJust discovered #Twitterfall and #cilip2 - my fault for not Twittering and concentrating on spending up I suppose
 11:25 amelialuzzi@laurajwilkinson It doesn't, which is my gripe right now. I pay into it like into a union - it's not for me, but to support others. #cilip2
 11:26 amelialuzziKeep on replying to interesting peeps on #cilip2 and forgetting to add in the tag - sorry! And I am off to lunch, now, really.
 11:27 daveypBusy writing some code to capture the #cilip2 tweets
 amelialuzzi@darrenmjones Follow #cilip2 on Twitterfall or similar, NOW - lots of interesting informationy discussion, even if you are not a librarian.
 11:28 sovietta@daveyp yay! #cilip2
 SmilyLibrarianArms ache from overhead tweeting taking rest & catch up with #cilip2 later thnk goodness 4 twitter & blogs or I would never know what occurs
 sovietta@amelialuzzi interesting..are you also in a union? #cilip2
 11:29 ekcragg@amelialuzzi ah there's the rub for me; I always thought CILIP presented itself like a union but didn't follow through #cilip2
 NicolaMcNeeOk so a weekly email update from CILIP. How old fashioned is that? I want the news I choose as relevant to me on a daily basis #cilip2
 11:30 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 neiljohnford@llordllama Not for me personally. Idea for CILIP to collate knowledge of people exp. in Web2 and package it for branches/ sigs. #cilip2
 11:31 briankellyArrived at CILIP HQ for #cilip2 session. Am on the WiFi network.
 11:32 trends_comGet rid of Swine Flu #swineflu Texas Mexico #ptavote #cilip2 CDC #iwtd Specter? Try out Twitter trends in German! http://bit.ly/19Gqd6
 11:33 chrisinwales@neiljohnford I quite like the weekly newsletter - good for industry news; but need #cilip2 for CILIP activism//activities/work in between
 NicolaMcNee@briankelly Go brian we're right behind you..literally on the wall I believe during the open session #cilip2
 11:34 chrisinwales@briankelly Welcome Brain! #cilip2
 MatthewMezey#CILIP2 Can we compare usage trends for all the CILIP-related channels? Has Twitter eclipsed all comers? Blog: http://tinyurl.com/c6xl4g
 11:35 chrisinwales@chrisinwales @briankelly #cilip2 ... or even welcome Brian! I dunno though!
 11:36 CILIPGazette@MatthewMezey #CILIP2 This you new on Twitter? welcome
 joypalmerdiscovering that #cilip2 tweets are revealing all sorts of new interesting people
 11:37 chrisinwales@MatthewMezey #cilip2 Twitter comes to us - we have to go to communities
 11:39 MatthewMezey@CILIPGazette Yes, had to join twitter - it seems to be where all the #CILIP2 action is... though I'm blogging it here tinyurl.com/cjnm87
 11:40 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 gillianhanlon@chrisinwales Would also be useful for CILIP to use twitter to follow what's important to mem's rather than just pushing info out #cilip2
 11:41 MichaelStead@davidpotts You know the reasons: council controls corporate comms, pub lib website limited by crappy CMS implementation... #cilip2
 11:43 briankellyAnyone fancy listening to #cilip2 talks on Skype? Prefer someone who can record it too (using Audacity?)
 11:46 joypalmer@briankelly would definitely be interested. ideally a recording though #cilip2
 11:47 neiljohnford@llordllama Quite. But CILIP should have power to take those member's skills to an audience who are not yet web2 literate. No? #cilip2
 11:48 kwiddowsgoing to miss first part of #cilip2 conversations due to meeting! :-( but will be using twitterfall to follow the end when I get back
 11:49 davidviner@gillianhanlon True re workflow. However it's about priorities, we are doing a good enough job in the West Midlands with volunteers! #cilip2
 11:50 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 11:53 GotTempoSo You Like #Soca, #Reggae or #Dancehall #Music? @TheSweet7 @DestraGarcia @wyclefjean @wyclef @damianmarley @BobMarleyFans #cilip2
 11:56 sarahgb#CILIP2 got everthing set up to follow open session this afternoon. Really looking to it
 laurajwilkinson@briankelly: No facility to record, but yes I would like to follow on Skype! #cilip2
 11:57 The_LibrainOMG 77 #cilip2 tweets paused on #twitterfall over my lunch break!
 11:59 The_Librain@jaffne Easy to manage more than 1 account - use Netvibes & have 2 Twitter widgets - thats how i do it anyway! #cilip2
 12:00 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 llordllama@neiljohnford Indeed - they should certainly be there advocating the new not the same old same old! #cilip2
 12:01 chrisinwales@gillianhanlon Absolutely - definitely a 2-way process. But have to accept that there is a staff workflow issue there! #cilip2
 12:02 gillianhanlon@davidviner Agree it's a matter of priorities. Web2 stuff still seen as a bit frivolous rather than contributing to core objectives? #cilip2
 12:04 DomicusGreat buzz on the #cilip2 thing. Great to see a whole information community in full flow. #twitterfall
 daveypIt's an ugly hack of a piece of code, but am capturing #cilip2 tweets every 30 secs. Will make them available via blog after event.
 12:05 davidviner@gillianhanlon Yesterday I was able to find a last minute contribution to our newsletter by using Twitter! #cilip2
 briankelly@gillianhanlon agree that orgs like #CILIP2 could use Twitter for listening to members. There's a need to clarify purpose & not just leap in
 neiljohnfordStraw poll re: Web2.0 acceptance. How many participating in #cilip2 feel comfortable doing this in work time vs personal time/ breaks etc.?
 12:07 jimmy1712@neiljohnford I do it all the time and my work are quite comfortable with me doing so. Think I'm quite lucky in this respect though #cilip2
 12:08 lorelibrarian@KarenLouiseG @Niglu Are you following #cilip2 this afternoon?
 12:09 sovietta@neiljohnford d'oh. forgot #cilip2 tag. meant to say, "what if i am more comfortable than say, my boss might be, #cilip2"
 12:10 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 The_Librain@chris_hall62 Use Twitterfall to track event like #cilip2 http://twitterfall.com
 12:11 Sperandais at her office desk, following #cilip2 cautiously while trying to get on with editing work. This may well be impossible after 2:30!
 Nedlow@llordllama Yes, at the moment I'm stumbling about like a toddler. Watching #Cilip2 with interest.
 amelialuzzi@sovietta Yes, I have always joined unions where i've worked, I was even union rep at one place, but never again! #cilip2
 12:12 The_Librain@neiljohnford Absolutely fine about doing this in work time - professional development is work! Altho' fun also! #cilip2
 12:13 tadpole99@neiljohnford #cilip2 in work time is fine as long as it doesn't conflict with other responsibilities, as with other cpd activies
 12:15 CILIPGazette#cilip2 Don't forget to email me at Gazette if you want your comments published (on paper, gasp) about the outcome of all this
 MatthewMezey#CILIP2 Have just heard that there will be 40 guests in the room for the Web 2.0 session - waaaay larger than Council itself.
 12:16 timpaa#cilip2 work time is fine here as well as long as - like Tadpole - it doesn't conflict with other duties
 12:17 amelialuzzi@neiljohnford I consider it part of professional development and networking - like attending a conference. So no guilt from me. #cilip2
 lorelibrarian@neiljohnford Feel happy to do at work as is part of my role and even in my job description. #cilip2
 12:19 ekcragg@neiljohnford RT @amelialuzzi I consider it part of professional development - like attending a conference #cilip2
 12:20 NicolaMcNee@The_Librain Got an error message on tweetfall did you re #cilip2
 12:21 MichaelStead@neiljohnford I'm on the sofa at home - it's my day off. Couldn't do this at work as I would probably be timetabled on ref desk etc. #cilip2
 12:23 neiljohnford#cilip2 Cool that so many see CPD and Web2 as day job. Wondered if it's not always perceived as legit but not getting that from response :-)
 amelialuzzi@ekcragg CILIP caught between defining a profession and protecting its members, tends to former. 140 words too short - will blog. #cilip2
 meimaimaggio@neiljohnford Think my previous employers would've taken a dim view of all this during worktime but I would participate covertly. #cilip2
 12:24 tim_fletcher@daveypThey can then be published as a piece of avant-garde drama! #cilip2
 12:26 tadpole99@neiljohnford I would see it as a professional necessity to keep up with trends in communication media, info delivery channels etc #cilip2
 Sphenisciforme@neiljohnford #cilip2 of course, you aren't hearing from those who can't participate from work! I'm joining from home - wouldn't be here ...
 amelialuzzi@neiljohnford My boss not so hot on Twitter - but is willing to leave CPD up to me. CPD - accepted; 2.0 - not so much. #cilip2
 crooneybrowne@bookofdavid are you planning to follow the #cilip2 meeting today?It's the highlight of my day...and is taking my mind off evil toothache!:)
 12:27 amelialuzziJust as a curiosity - is there anyone out here on #cilip2 who, like me, doesn't work in a library setting?
 daveyp@tim_fletcher Do you think it could run on Broadway? "#CILIP2 - The Musical"? ;-)
 12:28 The_Librain@NicolaMcNee #Twitterfall seems to be OK here - are we overwhelming it? #cilip2
 12:29 JFJ24@neiljohnford #cilip2 it's part of CPD, plus keeping up to date, and as can't physically be there how else can I be an active member?
 The_LibrainRT @daveyp: @tim_fletcher Do you think it could run on Broadway? "#CILIP2 - The Musical"? ;-) Love the image!
 NicolaMcNee@KingswoodLib I use a twitter account which shows on my blog to update teachers in my school on status of library bookings! #cilip2
 12:31 neiljohnford@Sphenisciforme Good point! My social research method is badly flawed :-( Perhaps there *is* still some stigma re: web2.0 at work. #cilip2
 TalesOfOneCityDelighted to be featured in @philbradley presentation for the #cilip2 meeting today in London.
 tim_fletcher@daveyp Possibly off-Off-Broadway? "The Hills Are Alive With Tweets of #cilip2"?
 NicolaMcNee@The_Libraian. Twitterfall seems to be carrying on "falling" despite error message so OK #cilip2
 12:34 sarahgb@amelialuzzi work in FE library setting but not member of cilip but very interested in web2.0 #cilip2
 MichaelStead@briankelly I'm now set up to record #cilip2 Skype in Audacity via Soundflower. Quality seems good. What;s your Skype ID?
 12:35 bethanarreally wish there was a video/audio stream for #cilip2... wonder if @briankelly will manage to get it on skype?
 janeite#cilip2 sitting in Ewart Rm extolling virtues of Twitter to Cilip councillors.
 12:36 jessduffieldJust found out about twitterfall, going to keep my eye on the #cilip2 talks - should be interesting
 12:37 byrnedf@amelialuzzi those on #cilip2 who do not work in library setting key development area for cilip (count me in)
 llordllamaOkay meeting on repository coming up with one our BDRA academics, but then I'll be rolling back for the #cilip2 discussions
 12:39 tadpole99advantage of twitter participation - can drop in and out depending on other duties and not miss the entire thing #cilip2
 NicolaMcNeeLots of orgs use Twitter for work purposes. Bath Bus station @bathcsc updates passengers about delayed buses #cilip2
 12:40 joeyanneImpressed with Twitterfall, love how I can follow new people so easily. Great for following events (following #cilip2 today hopefully)
 12:41 llordllama@NicolaMcNee We've been using it to organise, plan, write and and generally sort out a JISC bid here at Leicester #cilip2 #jiscri
 amelialuzzi@byrnedf I agree - I feel I'm in touch with the profession, but it's out-of-touch with me! #cilip2
 12:45 pruGood to see library association (UK) open council meeting taking over twitter today #cilip2
 12:46 daveyp@tim_fletcher Struggling to think of other #cilip2 show titles, apart from maybe "Cataloguer on the Roof"
 12:47 tim_fletcher@pru Strictly speaking it is now CILIP, but for some of us it is still the Library Association! #cilip2
 NicolaMcNeeHow about a CILIP members NING? Some of us school librarians have set one up #cilip2
 Domicus@joeyanne just googled #cilip2 .0 and your blog is top! :)
 12:50 janeite#cilip2 quite a buzz already on Twitter with 40 mins to go (forgive me followers, i'm practising)
 helenoliverAm I the last person in the world to discover twitterfall? Going to follow #cilip2, wish I'd known about it in time for #UKSG!
 12:51 m_hopwood@NicolaMcNee there is already an in-house "Ning" at communities.cilip.org.uk but it's Woefully Underused (TM) - or under-promoted #CILIP2
 12:53 m_hopwood@helenoliver can we have a quick show of hands - is anyone here at #CILIP2 *NOT* using #twitterfall??? how about www.twitterfountain.nl ?
 12:56 daveyp@m_hopwood I'm using TweetDeck -- it gives me a column of tweets matching #cilip2
 12:58 MatthewMezey@m_hopwood #CILIP2 I've said we need to see the usage trends for all the places where CILIP folks are active - otherwise we're flying blind.
 12:59 crooneybrowneI'm using Twitterfall for this account and Tweetdeck for another one I manage. Jumping between screens... #cilip2
 13:00 MichaelStead@daveyp @m_hopwood I'm using Tweetdeck with a #cilip2 column too, but with Twitterfall running in Safari because it's pretty and I like it.
 orangeaurochs@meimaimaggio But will u be twittering too? I imagine a room of people huddled over laptops waiting for someone to say something. #cilip2
 13:01 JFJ24Thinking CILIP missed a trick not streaming #cilip2. Potential for reaching members plus non members.
 ajwillisHave also just discovered Twitterfall. Following #cilip2 made easy!
 13:02 gillianhanlon@briankelly True but think leaping in can be preferable to doing nothing-sometimes if you'play' with something a purpose evolves. #cilip2
 meimaimaggioHanging around. Waiting room smells of old sandwiches. #cilip2
 13:03 PriestLib@JFJ24 Couldn't agree more #CILIP2
 julieteve#CILIP2 trying to get the hang of twitterfall, followingt the tweets &wondering if there is a way to capture them all, & if anyone plans to?
 13:05 m_hopwood@JFJ24 or even YouTube vids of the presentations? #CILIP2 I'm encouraged though - *we* are the most direct interface to #CILIP non-members
 tim_fletcherRT @tim_fletcher: @julieteve @daveyp is on the case and capturing all of our thoughts - now with #cilip2 tag
 daveyp@julieteve I'm capturing all the #cilip2 tweets and will make them available via my blog later on today http://tinyurl.com/md5vg
 13:06 JFJ24@gillianhanlon @briankelly + learning thru' doing. Lurking vs participation is completely different, action=understanding #cilip2
 13:07 chrisinwalesRT @JFJ24: + learning thru' doing. Lurking vs participation is completely different, action=understanding #cilip2 Agree strongly with that!
 m_hopwood@MatthewMezey I agree "trends" are important but numbers are only 1/2 a story! We need information literacy and real sensitivity too #CILIP2
 13:08 ostephens@JulietEve @daveyp is capturing all #cilip2 tweets
 13:09 chrisinwales@m_hopwood + how are you going to measure members use (let alone larger profession's use) of e.g. Twitter? #cilip2
 13:11 toonsarahOdd to come back to Twitter from Twitterfall and find not ALL the people I follow are interested in #cilip2
 13:12 jaffne@The_Librain I use iGoogle, and have a twitter widget but prefer web interface #cilip2
 13:14 CIGScotusing twitterfall and tweetdeck #cilip2
 TalesOfOneCityPreparing to write a couple of blog posts later this afternoon...whilst following #cilip2 chat
 m_hopwood@chrisinwales well, you can devise some rough measures, but is there any point? Twitter is not as permanent even as e.g. blogging! #CILIP2
 13:16 georginahardyhas finally heard about twitterfall. Rather boringly, experimenting with it to follow #cilip2.
 13:17 chrisinwales@m_hopwood I was agreeing with your previous! But I guess rough stats could guide CILIP direction now eg no. in libr. twibe #cilip2
 m_hopwood@meimaimaggio "old sarnie" LOL brilliant real-life reportage, direct from the white-hot edge of information technology... UK-style. #CILIP2
 13:19 briankellyCan't find new Skype contacts for #cilip2 event, due to UI problems on my Asus. Sorry guys but probably no live audio.
 PhilbradleyOK, sat next to Brian waiting for the session to start. Long time since I've seen so much tech in such a small space! #cilip2
 scotlibrariesGot audacity and skype ready to record #cilip2
 13:21 m_hopwood@MatthewMezey My MSc analysis of academic library blogging is here: http://is.gd/vlC6 - only snapshot of whole sector's Web 2.0 use #CILIP2
 13:22 jaffne@Philbradley Whatever you do, don't press the RED button! Or is it the BLUE button? #cilip2
 13:24 tomroper#CILIP2 assembling. Not quite a breathless hush. Council are round a tale. Rest of us wherever the power sockets are.
 neiljohnfordneiljohnford @briankelly @Philbradley Who's up first? I wanna play along at home with the presentations you posted on your blogs. #cilip2
 13:25 briankellyThink I'm now sorted for #cilip2 session. Got my iPod Touch and Asus EEE connected. Who said men couldn't multi-task :-)
 janeite#cilip2 Waiting for it all to kick off! http://twitpic.com/47lnp
 13:26 pgstipsPrefer Twitterfall display #CILIP2
 The_LibrainSeems to be hush whilst we wait for it all to begin! Promise not to rattle the crisp packet! #cilip2
 alisha764RT @stuartbenjamin: "Proved power of tweets & collab. nature of librarians b4 session starts.Where's natl press? #CILIP2" busy w/ #swinflu
 tomroper#CILIP2 Looks like @Philbradley will be going first
 carolineroche@karenblakeman You KNOW conferences are meant to be boring and not fun at all! #cilip2
 13:27 carolineroche@LibWithAttitude I totally agree. Our SLN ning is working well, and a CILIP ning would be an excellent place to collaborate. #cilip2
 13:28 jessduffieldWould have been good if #cilip2 could be streamed
 meimaimaggioOverheard: Bob McKee will Wordle next clog entry. WTF? #cilip2
 13:29 briankelly@philbradlet to start shortly at #cilip2 session and then me.
 katie_fraserWondering whether Twitter stream will go mad as 2.30pm rolls round #cilip2
 The_Librain@carolineroche Need to get more people adding things to Ning - not memebr of CILIP any more so could not use that one. #cilip2
 danni4infoooh, old sandwiches and a small space--are you trying to make us feel better for not coming down to cilip hq? #cilip2
 13:30 m_hopwood@meimaimaggio everyone get ready for a rapid-fire Web2 Bingo session :p #CILIP2
 joeyanneeagerly awaiting start of #cilip2
 The_Librain10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, #CILIP2
 janeite#cilip2 http://bit.ly/BdZDP oops - forgot hashtag!
 llordllamaAnd I'm out of my meeting...and into the #cilip2 virtual meeting :)
 13:31 llordllama@katie_fraser Yeah, that's my worry - I can see twitterfall crashing my machine around then #cilip2
 NicolaMcNee@janeite Thanks for Twitpic. Can visualise meeting now #cilip2
 pgstipsThis reminds me of watching football matches on Ceefax... ;-) #CILIP2
 13:32 janeite#cilip2 @CaroMossGibbons making the introductions - Brian Kelly and Phil Bradley . 2 x 20 min presentations, then discussion and IDEAS
 tomroper#CILIP2 Lindsey RJ tells us its being recorded. Caro MG introducing speakers. 2 X 20 min presentations. How engage with profession, others
 carolineroche@The_Librain If CILIP had more useful tools like a NING and - dare I say it - a wiki, then more people would see the point of memb. #cilip2
 MichaelStead@meimaimaggio Wordle = tag clouds. Bob's tag clouds would be all black pudding and Shakers. #cilip2 #justkidding
 tomroper#CILIP2 Reminding us it's public!
 13:33 RichCILIPMy employer haven't got round to blocking Twitter (yet) - so following things while at work #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @CaroMossGibbons - ground rules!
 tomroper#CILIP2 Not end in self, but start of exploring how to use social media
 joeyanne#cilip2 technology fail, Firefox crashes as the clocks turn 2.30!
 chrisinwales@tomroper Kind of expected #cilip2 would be - didn't you?
 CaroMossGibbons#CILIP2 Phil Bradley just beginning his presentation to the open session
 13:34 scotlibraries@janeite Please elaborate on ground rules :) #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 @Philbradley speaking: Giving history of blog posts on his blog and Bob McKees that led to debate. Come form whole info community
 karenblakeman#cilip2 nowal workshop watching Twitterfall with keen interest
 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley starts presentation - history of the 'bunfight' he started! Cilip vital to the Information profession - people care.
 tomroper#CILIP2 community needs CILIP 'absolutely vital' we want CILIP to succeed
 13:35 Jillbrad#cilip2 Phil Bradley says - Thanks to the CILIP Council and that they are critical.
 llordllamaWondering if #cilip2 Ground Rules are a prelude to Ground Invasion?
 tomroper#CILIP2 Thanking those here and watching online, but also thinking of those not able to...ie employers forbid it
 tadpole99this reminds me of being in Second Life meeting with no audio/video, quite frustrating to have to take part via interpreter #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley silent voice of information professionals who are excluded from this world of technology - vital to be heard
 13:36 AnnikeDase@carolineroche yes, could be a way to get people in. But prob not appropriate/suitable/manageable for everyone in the profession? #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 tools (Twitter, FB etc) irrelevant. What we do as info porfs is key. The new things we can do
 Jillbrad#cilip2 PB says - remember the people who aren't here as their organizations don't allow access.
 13:37 tomroper#CILIP2 Up to us all to try out and get engaged. Culture used to say mistakes are Bad Thing
 byrnedf@tadpole99 #cilip2 allows multi-tasking though - what is phil b wearing on his head by the way?
 llordllama@Jillbrad But will they be able to access the multiple blog entries that go up afterwards? #cilip2
 13:38 orangeaurochsblog: http://tinyurl.com/d6gf36 #cilip2
 MichaelSteadWondering how we get the #cilip2 message to managers who don't care about not hearing it. Regime change?
 CIGScot#cilip2 you must as a librarian make it your business to learn about developments in information provision, be it web2 or any other means
 tomroper#CILIP2 rules changed: we can make mistakes and move ahead. So this isn't about tools, but state of mind, how we think about info
 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley world has changed - mistakes can be learnt from - no longer an expensive problem.
 scotlibrariesIs the back channel being projected in the room? #cilip2
 Jillbrad#cilip2 PB says - the tool is not important, it's about a state of mind. We can make mistakes and then move on.
 chrisinwales@tomroper #cilip2 - up to professionals to get engaged AND a place for CILIP to facilitate/promote/aid??
 13:39 tomroper#CILIP2 Can't pretend (and neither can managers) that nothing has changed. We keep thinking and trying things out.
 janeitehttp://bit.ly/BdZDP blog updated 2.40pm #cilip2
 JFJ24Feels like I'm participating in game of chinese whispers #cilip2.
 dalzinhoWatching some librarians argue about some of the things that affect web-literate teachers at #cilip2
 13:40 CaroMossGibbons#CILIP2 Phil: "content isn't king - it's something we talk about"
 tomroper#CILIP2 I'm not hearing CILIP...because not in channels where conversations happening. A year ago was website. But not now.
 briankellyBack channel at #cilip2 isn't been projected. This will happen after 2 talks
 13:41 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley Cilip not being found on the channels where its members to be found. No longer in position to control the conversation
 tomroper#CILIP2 We can't control conversation, on CILIP website, in CILIP communities etc...so moving out into other places
 Jillbrad#cilip2 PB says - content is less important than the conversation. We have to go where the conversations are.
 CIGScot#cilip2 the web is fluid, we need to experiment and test
 tomroper#CILIP2 Growth of twitter: lots of librarians there, CILIP needs to be there, involved
 13:42 janeite#cilip2 Be there - say 'Cilip is here and listening'. Not there to control the conversation.
 llordllamaI think it's been a long time since it was the Website where conversations were taking place #cilip2
 danni4info@tomroper that's where it is up to cilip to reduce the number of restrictions on blogs etc because early adopters far ahead of us #cilip2
 crooneybrowne@janeite Agree - I rarely visit the official CILIP spaces, even though I'm a member and have passwords to websites... #cilip2
 chrisinwales@CaroMossGibbons Something we talk about becomes content! Tools may not be important but content cannot move without them #cilip2
 The_Librain@tomroper US Library organisations are - why are we always behind? #cilip2
 NicolaMcNeeContent is always changing. Need open channels to get info at right time and then move on to next conversation #cilip2
 13:43 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley Good example or horrible warning? Cilip not afraid to fail - if you try, you may fail, but you learn
 tomroper#CILIP2 funny slide: good example or horrible warning. We need to fail a little. At pinnacle of what is happening
 meimaimaggioPhil Bradley: CILIP not going where the conversation is. Agree! #cilip2
 13:44 Sperandais still using mailing lists which sent stuff to inbox - no time to visit forums, blogs. #cilip2
 Jillbrad#cilip2 PB says - I'm hoping CILIP will be a "good example" not a "horrible warning". CILIP should embrace change.
 jimmy1712@crooneybrowne the process for logging on to CILIP official space is a barrier to using them #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 No option not to embrace change. It will happen anyway. we're doing it, does CILIP want to be there
 janeite@scotlibraries #cilip2 All welcome to tweet or blog, but be aware all words are 'en clair' - essentially!
 CaroMossGibbons#CILIP2 Phil: want much more engagement with the CILIP staff..."
 13:45 MichaelStead@crooneybrowne @janeite I'd use CILIP Communities a lot more if there was a cookie and I didn't have to enter a password every time. #cilip2
 llordllamaA little worried by "Embrace Change" as it was slogan of Marvel's Secret Invasion last year #cilip2
 tadpole99hope we don't get too hung up on Twitter, it's only one of the channels we should be using, experimenting with #cilip2
 13:46 VicheOops - I didn't even know there were CILIP Communities, but that says something in itself. #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley Cilip to support information professional who are blocked from this world. They need to be able to point to example
 scotlibrariesOpen conversations may let in more critical voices but surely criticisms should be addressed by a mem based org? #cilip2
 CILIPGazette@MichaelStead #cilip2 I don't have to use a password - sure its possible
 tomroper#CILIP2 'would go over your head'. So exmpale of CILIP involvement can help members like that. Cf ALA. Why not put events on YouTube
 13:47 MichaelStead@llordllama Do you think @philbradley is a Skrull? #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley Range of technologies - training tasters on Youtube; more podcasts; Update contributors - link with podcasts
 Jillbrad#cilip2 PB says - I want CILIP to be a support to the members in embracing new tools and promoting then with their organizations.
 cfbloketracking the #cilip2 conversation http://tinyurl.com/dfp3dm shame there's no live audio / video
 JFJ24@janeite the invisible cilip @psychemedia's http://tinyurl.com/4malmz #cilip2
 bethanar#cilip2 I feel much more involved with my unofficial twitter LIS community than I do with the official CILIP communities...
 crooneybrowne@MichaelStead @janeite not just access barriers I have issue with; Communities offer little opportunity to interact in real time #cilip2
 llordllama@MichaelStead Either him or Bob ;) #cilip2
 13:48 tomroper#CILIP2 podcasts and video linked to Update/gazette articles. Quotation from someone: no need for huge central diiscussion...get on with it
 tomroper#CILIP2 criticism good, because we could learn from it, or refine ideas, or explain oursleves better
 DebbieMNjust as librarians are having to take our library services out to online user communities, CILIP should do the same #cilip2
 danni4info@tomroper I have to agree with the sentiment of 'get on with it' #cilip2
 13:49 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley 'Librarians are just getting on with' Web 2.0 - Cilip must be there with them. Brave criticism, see chance to engage
 scotlibraries@crooneybrowne and exclude non members when it's in CILIP's interest to communicate with and reach out to this group #cilip2
 chrisinwalesRT #cilip2 I feel much more involved with my unofficial twitter LIS community than I do with the official CILIP communities. Strong message!
 neiljohnford@scotlibraries Totally agree about open convo's - CILIP has to be prepared to take criticism on the chin. #cilip2
 llordllama@DebbieMN CILIP Roadshow ala Radio 1 in the 80s then? #cilip2
 Jillbrad#cilip2 PB says - important to engage with members in a whole variety of ways. CILIP already using Blogs.
 13:50 wiilassie#cilip2 Communities doesn't have critical mass of users to make me think it's worth using - closed access to it doesn't help.
 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 joeyanneI would certainly appreciate support from CILIP in promoting new tech/tools in organisation, they should be considered the norm #cilip2
 NicolaMcNeewe're getting on with using web2.0 tools like SOSIUS for online learning to Transform School Libraries #cilip2
 The_LibrainCilip could be campaigning to stock wholesale blocking of Web2.0 in schools - so many school libs cannot use Web2.0 #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 quoting talesofonecity using a whole series of tools to build an indeitity and community. Why no Flickr photostream?
 13:51 danni4info@Jillbrad agreed with a variety of ways of engagement - no point in just chucking the gazette & update rashly #cilip2
 CIGScot#cilip2 what's better, failing miserably or not experimenting at all? rather the former let's face it twitter will soon be so last season
 MichaelStead@llordllama I always had Bob down as a Shi'ar. Maybe it's because he's from Bury. #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 now taking us through Byzantine world of CILIP communities
 13:52 ekcraggthinking CILIP not only need to give their members what they want but also convince non-members there's a reason to join #cilip2
 AuntyTechStumbled in via follwers. What is #cilip2?
 tadpole99the only time I followed a link that led to a cilip blog was from Phil Bradley's on the twitter issue, it never happened before #cilip2
 datzlots of us are getting on with it despite the amusement/bemusement of colleagues! #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Can't do much with content in CILIP Commuinitires. Can't comment on photos, download, embed
 katie_fraserI use Communities fairly often, but it's such a chore - no way of knowing whether there's anything good without going to look for it #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley Cilip website - what are you trying to hide? Logging in bit of a circular journey. Interesting content - interaction?
 jimmy1712@katie_fraser there seem to be so many as well! I just don't know where to start #cilip2
 Jillbrad#cilip2 PB says - CILIP communities, why do you have to log in. Hard to use.
 13:53 The_LibrainRT @ekcragg: Not only need to give their members what want but also convince non-members there's reason to join #cilip2 or leavers rejoin!
 ajwillisMost newly qualified librarians I know do not think CILIP is for them so need to find new ways to engage #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 'if you want not to be hated, open up'
 llordllamaI use Communities, but only the same old bits over and over - feels too maze-like to explore more than a fraction #cilip2
 wiilassie@datz Yes, help on how to demonstrate worth of new tools to colleagues would be fantastic! #cilip2
 13:54 crooneybrownecrooneybrowne@tomroper I know - it's a very one sided conversation. Definitely needs to be more interactive! #cilip2
 jaffne#CILIP2 I don't use CILIP Communities, too much like hard work.
 tomroper#CILIP2 quoting Ranganathan [Hurrah!-TR] be like Krishna, combat ignorance
 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley Aah Ranganathan! I wondered when he'd appear. Very apposite - Librarians descend to the world to dispel ingnorance
 llordllama@ajwillis I've never worked anywhere yet where CILIP membership/engagement was encouraged; accepted yes but no more #cilip2
 13:55 CIGScot#cilip2 set up a space for members to test and try out stuff, get nonmembers involved, hold votes, best app used by CILIP
 The_LibrainCILIP website should be showcase of good Web2.0 & offer relevant content via feeds & widgets #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly Will be recording his presentation for Youtube - pay attention to the rights - CC!
 tomroperNow @Briankelly #CILIP2 brian videoing this and it will go on YouTube. Explaining his creative commons licence. Feel free
 SmilyLibrarianOur job is to make sure informaton is available to users in variety of formats/locations/levels - surely CILIP should do same for us #cilip2
 13:56 toonsarahRT @tomroper #CILIP2 'if you want not to be hated, open up' - strong word "hated", was it used on platform?
 mjraystarted watching the #cilip2 live blog and invite everyone over to the #openmicroblogging of sites like http://identi.ca
 CaroMossGibbons#CILIP2 Brian Kelly just staring his presentation
 joeyanne@AuntyTech http://tinyurl.com/cndbdj #cilip2
 13:57 tomroper#CILIP2 Examples Uni of Wolverhampton: blogs, facebook page, surfacing information in popular environment. mobile devices
 NicolaMcNeeI get professional support, as school librarian, from teachers using web2.0 and not CILIP. That's not good enough is it? #cilip2
 joeyanneRT @wiilassie: @datz Yes, help on how to demonstrate worth of new tools to colleagues would be fantastic! #cilip2 I agree
 CaroMossGibbons#CILIP2 National Library of Wales given as an examle by Brian of good use of social media
 13:58 DebbieMNCILIP membership/communities usually encouraged by other colleagues at work, word of mouth, not embedded in staff development #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 national library of Wales: stimulate use of collections by external users
 byrnedf@AuntyTech #cilip2 is the future - http://tiny.cc/eMWbX
 tadpole99@toonsarah It's a Seth Godin quote I think. #cilip2
 llordllamaAre new(er) universities more willing to engage with Web 2.0 than older ones? Less wedded to organisation 1.0 maybe? #cilip2
 datz@llordllama agreed cilip membership hasnot been required for few years where i work #cilip2
 cfblokeand #cilip2 has just popped up as a trending topic on twitter - how's that for instant impact?
 tomroper#CILIP2 Brian involved for a couple of years at looking at opportunities and risks and barriers
 13:59 bethanar@SmilyLibrarian agreed! we're always encouraged to engage with our users where/how they want. CILIP should be leading by example #cilip2
 PhilbradleyBrian talking abt risk &barriers. #cilip2 http://twitpic.com/47n2o
 JohnjharkinStill getting to know CILIP , it is not perfected granted but glad I joined #cilip2
 llordllama@MatthewMezey You're doing well - I'm watching the blog on the other screen! #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 problems of management understanding, legal, technical issues, economics
 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly http://twitpic.com/47n32
 14:00 danni4info#cilip2 we need technologies that talk to each other, eg Mozilla great open source browser doesn't work with cilip website/login
 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 tomroper#CILIP2 now showing gartner hype curve
 Viche@llordllama I think size has a lot more to do with it than age. We are very old but small and are happy to engage with Web 2.0 #cilip2
 wiilassie@llordllama I think it depends on university's decision-making structure & managers, not age. I'm lucky - very supportive boss. #cilip2
 14:01 tomroper#CILIP2 advocacy stage over...now rising expectations part of curve. Avoid trough of despair
 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly need for advocacy and up to date intelligence moving on to manage expectations to embedding new practice
 scotlibraries@danni4info Is anything worth having to endure IE? ;) #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 showing us stereotypes of IT fundamentalists.
 14:02 llordllama@wiilassie I guess so - we're able to try it, but always nagging doubts that we could "cross an invisible line" and be pulled back #cilip2
 AuntyTechDId you see Web 2.0 for school library media specialists (AASL articles) @ PBS Teachers: http://tinyurl.com/c36qxs #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley IT community beginning to loosen up (@janeite thinks where? where??)
 CIGScot#cilip2 http://web2rights.org.uk/diagnostic2.html
 mjray@danni4info Mozilla not actually open source as standard but close enough for #cilip2 I guess. Support open web standards not products!
 tomroper#CILIP2 but also library fundamentalists
 14:03 thumbfightHouston (2 thumbs up) VS. #cilip2 (3 thumbs up) - http://bit.ly/o8ufn
 The_Librain@AuntyTech Yes, many school librarians around world are trying out Web2.0 - innovative, yet overlooked by CILIP #cilip2
 danni4info@scotlibraries IE isn't quite so bad as it was, but where is the innovation? :D #cilip2
 14:04 PhilbradleyBK be aware of library fundamentalists. If you don't evolve you won't survive. #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 librarian coelacanths: fail to evolve. raptors. What we need is librarian sapiens: able to take risks
 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly culture change need in IT and librarian communities. Librarian coelocanth to L. raptor to L. sapiens!
 mjray@tomroper #cilip2 is calling people fundamentalists ever helpful? I think that's just unnecessary political correctness. ;-)
 Emma7114@cfbloke This is a far cry from Bob McKee's blog post that CILIP shouldn't have a presence on Twitter http://bit.ly/9FGsh #cilip2
 MatthewMezey#CILIP2 live blog: http://tinyurl.com/cjnm87
 Copacwatching the #cilip2 action on twitter - some very interesting points coming across
 crooneybrowneMy friend is a brill new school librarian;she wants to teach students proper use of web2 but blogs, twitter, youtube etc all banned! #cilip2
 14:05 CIGScot#cilip2 what we need are librarians who can move with the times, not lose sight of fundamental skills and get on with it!!!
 llordllamaFinding this all very easy to follow - and yet so many of us tweeting aren't in the room-there's crowdsourcing for you! #cilip2
 soviettai want to be a librarian raptor! #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly If you're going to be there, be there! (Examples of infrequently refreshed / visited blogs
 14:06 tomroper#CILIP2 be realistic. Illustrating a dead Ning. PTEG blog: hardly any posts. firewalls eg schools, the council firewall, under 18s
 anicecupofteaHad forgotten about #cilip2.
 bethanar@Emma7114 with so many librarians on twitter , isn't not having a presence the same as having a negative presence? #cilip2
 danni4info#cilip2 What do twitter etc's detractors object to? The possible time wastage? That these tools resemble the chat rooms of the '90s?
 14:07 The_Librain@crooneybrowne Agree - role for CILIP - campaign help education librarians get Web2.0 unblocked. Students need teaching how to use! #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 citing Portsmouth: developing services for teenagers. But they might spell things wrongly in a wiki
 neiljohnford#cilip2 re: evolution- thinking about how much the job's changed. 10 years ago people were arguing about whether we should use the Internet!
 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly still exploring barriers - Council firewall, literal and metaphorical - librarians fight to move away from restricted IT
 llordllama@bethanar Same argument you hear for repositories these days - if you're not engaged it's going to have a really -ve impact #cilip2
 CriticalSteph#cilip2 I'd like to see CILIP getting better online access for public librarians. Local govt networks are so restrictive they can't explore.
 14:08 dalzinho@The_Librain good luck. Education teachers have been trying to do this for years :( #cilip2
 MichaelStead@danni4info Did these same people object to email/fax/phones/carrier pigeons/letters etc? Their argument is v annoying. #cilip2
 wiilassieRT @bethanar with so many librarians on twitter , isn't not having a presence the same as having a negative presence? #cilip2 [I agree!]
 Mitchleyfeeling a little left behind with all this #cilip2 talk :(
 tadpole99Some seem to equate 'social' with 'non-work', 'non-serious' rather than seeing social as interactive and good for both work and play #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 All Brian's resources book marked in delicious
 JFJ24got to leave #cilip2 but hopefully there will be recording, blogs and tweets to follow post event?
 AuntyTechRE: professional devel on 2.0 and teaching students to use the tools. "You can't teach someone to swim if you don't get wet." #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly still exploring objections and how to counter them: sustainability - take a risk management (not avoidance) approach
 14:09 crooneybrowne@The_Librain She wanted to follow this event today but couldn't because Twitter is an unacceptable website apparently! Is sad... #cilip2
 The_LibrainFear of technologies leads to wholesale blocking. Should be educating students not banning. #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 discussing sustainability and interoperability cf Arts and Humantities Data Service demise
 danni4info@MichaelStead yes, any change is v frightening/immoral/bad/unrefined! Or just not academic enough. #cilip2
 14:10 datzI have had to batttle with my IT dept every step, but the webteam (who are separate) have been very supportive #cilip2
 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 llordllama@tadpole99 That's the way some of our students view it-not work, and we teach our Pgs to use social networking for study too #cilip2
 The_Librain@dalzinho Depends on school or local authority. Fear of loss of control? Is that why they block so much? #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 no option to avoid risks completely. Question of which risks
 14:11 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly overcoming barrier of support - deployment strategies - encouraging enthusiasts. JISC infoNET Risk Management infokit
 rodsdoll97RT @The_Librain: Fear of technologies leads to wholesale blocking. Should be educating students not banning. #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 inexperienced twitterer - not finding urls on the fly - apologies to my followers!
 meimaimaggioAre libraries fundamentally risk averse? #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 JISC encouraging critical friends [I first encountered them when starting up new med school-TR]
 wiilassieMy IT dept has filtered web access for nearly all students and staff, allegedly to avoid viruses etc. Luckily Web 2.0 not blocked! #cilip2
 14:12 CIGScot#cilip2 more to do with unacceptable usage in eyes of IT depts, i've seen places block search engines....
 tomroper#CILIP2 Phil B's posts re CILIP and web 2.0 came from perspective of critical friend
 crooneybrowne@The_Librain I think it's a lack of understanding about what these tool can be used for...which is unforgivable! #cilip2
 llordllama@meimaimaggio Yes. #cilip2
 14:13 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly cilip blog updated at 1513: http://bit.ly/BdZDP
 anicecupofteaI'm followng without official permission. Not sure how managers would react if they knew I was twittering as opposed to working #cilip2
 m_hopwood@AuntyTech Absolutely! We need to explicitly teach information literacy, including the new digital environment, 2 librarians & users #CILIP2
 CILIPGazette@crooneybrowne #cilip2 if you say that then people may be afraid of asking - and that's a bad thing
 danni4info#cilip2 where I worked prev IT could install whatever and everyone else was limited. Solution? Join IT!!
 chrisinwales@crooneybrowne And isn't "a lack of understanding about what these tool can be used for...which is unforgivable!" what we discussing #cilip2
 PhilbradleyBK very pleased to see CILIP response and willing to engage. I agree entirely. #cilip2
 14:14 The_Librain@crooneybrowne Agree! Why is this? Lack of interest in learning new things from senior staff? Not sure. #cilip2
 dalzinho@anicecupoftea fact is, you are working. This is excellent CPD. #cilip2
 cfbloke@Emma7114 hope CILIP take all this on board - but will take more than a meeting to persuade me to rejoin #cilip2
 helencurtis@The_Librain In agreement here, all tied up with digital literacy and educating students about their "web footprint" #cilip2
 llordllama@anicecupoftea For me tweeting is part of my work these days - only way I find out what's going on in so many areas #cilip2
 SmilyLibrarianMst young people social networking, our skills as #infolit pros shld be welcomed with open ams & CILIP cld promote that role to orgs #cilip2
 14:15 NicolaMcNeeI campaigned in my school and got twitter/blog unblocked to use for updating teachers about library but where was CILIP to help me? #cilip2
 crooneybrowne@CILIPGazette People should be encouraged to ask questions about web2; and to make informed decisions before banning access #cilip2
 MichaelStead@CILIPGazette But information professionals *shouldn't* be afraid of asking - it's their job to know about this stuff. Makes me :-( #cilip2
 The_Librain@anicecupoftea IMHO this is work! Professional development, networking & collaborative understanding - or something like that #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 says question should CILIP allow individuals who work for CILIP to twitter? benefits/risks? missed opportuites, costs? Uses?
 14:16 ajwillisLucky to have supportive manager who sees this as CPD. Not sure of "official" policy though #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly exploring a framework within which Cilip could raionalise and introduce some Web 2.0 technologies - I'll use this too!
 llordllamaThat's a great line about the phone - there have always been non-work uses to coms technology #cilip2
 stuartbenjamin#CILIP2 this is a fascinating debate but I have to go and, er, press the flesh elsewhere. Will catch up here later http://tinyurl.com/cjnm87
 anicecupoftea@llordllama Yes, IMO tweeting (esp today) could legitimately be counted as work, but managers may not agree #cilip2
 PhilbradleyShould CILIP allow staff to Twitter?Listing reasons they should & dangers of doing so. #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 now quoting example of @joeyanne
 neiljohnford@NicolaMcNee is that CILIP's role though? - they can set an example and advocate but we all have our battles to fight. #cilip2
 NicolaMcNeeWhat? of course CILIP staff should twitter! I can't believe you're even asking #cilip2
 14:17 The_LibrainRT @tomroper: #CILIP2 says question should allow individuals who work for CILIP to twitter? Trust professional judgement!
 DebbieMN@dalzinho @anicecupoftea couldn't agree more - costs my dept far less than train ticket to London too #cilip2
 byrnedf@NicolaMcNee Do not ask what CILIP can do for you, ask what you can do for #cilip2
 MichaelStead@llordllama @anicecupoftea Twitter has become more useful than Jiscmail imho. It's a more switched-on, interested/interesting crowd. #cilip2
 14:18 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly Towards a Cilip 2.0 Manifesto! this has been a splendidly practical session!
 katie_fraserWell, it may not be wise to force CILIP staff to Twitter, but encouraging those who want to seems sensible #cilip2
 tadpole99Might as well ask 'should I be allowed to talk to library users' as 'should I be allowed to twitter'! #cilip2
 danni4infoI have yet to get an ILL request via twitter. Perish the thought! #cilip2
 chrisinwales@NicolaMcNee Agree! But should CILIP staff be able to twitter as CILIP staff or only as individuals? #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 offering a CILIP 2.0 manifesto: tradition should not obstruct innovation. tech guy and angry library person
 ajwillisRT @The_Librain:#CILIP2 says question should allow individuals who work for CILIP to twitter? Trust professional judgement! [Yes yes yes!]
 llordllama@MichaelStead @anicecupoftea Not to mention it continues beyond the working day, bit like a conference after session drinks #cilip2
 tomroperhttp://tinyurl.com/ancjzx #CILIP2
 14:19 CriticalSteph@NicolaMcNee I think librarians need *some* professional body to take up cases and causes for better access and pro development #cilip2
 scotlibraries@Philbradley This definitely recalls the debate that accompanied the introduction of email in the workplace. #cilip2
 CILIPGazette@chrisinwales #cilip2 its quite hard twittering in a certain way, ie, me as CILIPGazette not as myself, as it were
 MichaelStead@llordllama @anicecupoftea Definitely! Is this a good time to plug #umbrella2009? #cilip2
 llordllama@danni4info I've ended up involved in projects and work due to twitter - to my and my organisations advantage #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 Presentations over - opened to the floor. Thanks for replies, all - wish I could keep up with conversations as well as live tweet!
 14:20 tomroper#CILIP2 B K offers tpdays tweets as a free focus group
 CIGScot#cilip2 need the right skills to fight your own corner against the tyranny of IT depts would be good to feel CILIP had our backs
 bethanar@joeyanne fame at last! how does it feel, you shining example, you! #cilip2 ;)
 NicolaMcNeeIts their job as people professionals to socialnetwork and set example to world. They can alert others to CILIP blog posts etc #cilip2
 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 dalzinhoI think @tomroper's right. Do CILIP employ professionals? If so then there's no excuse to not allow them to take advantage of this. #cilip2
 meimaimaggioThe Twitterfall is here. Bigger text please! #cilip2
 mjray#cilip2 Would twitter have prospered if groups didn't over-complicate web conferencing and webinars? http://2tu.us/e5u Walk, then run!
 blubirdyisn't this a case in point as to why cilip staff should be *allowed* to twitter? #cilip2
 katie_fraser@llordllama That's a major benefit for organisations - Twitter brings work into your social life as well as your social life to work #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Ayub Khan: no one using 2nd life now, but we invested in it.
 14:21 CriticalSteph@CILIPGazette I think Twitter is a v personal medium. Hard to be an organisation or project on it other than sending out updates. #cilip2
 danni4info@llordllama that is cool. So it is a great networking and research too for you, then? #cilip2
 llordllama@katie_fraser Exactly! I've been able to work more readily with academics in a way nothing before allowed #cilip2
 anicecupofteaI keep getting behind because of having to refresh page, sorry! #cilip2
 wiilassieIf CILIP staff aren't allowed to twitter, the debate goes on without them and CILIP HQ's voice isn't heard. #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Ans: not everything will be successful [NB use of Second Life at #LOTF09 was considerable-TR]
 mnoo@Philbradley Yes, as transparency of communication is the key in getting members to feel more involved. #cilip2
 14:22 CILIPGazette@CriticalSteph #cilip2 well I try to use it for specific functions; isn't that true of every 2.0 device?
 janeite#cilip2 @ayubkhan768 Risks of early adoption? @briankelly factor in costs - but not as they were: training, environment. vs costs of NOT
 llordllama@cilipgazette That's why some of us have more than one twitter ID - personal/professional divide #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Question form anon: JISC's attitude? Cf Skype and bandwidth?
 kevingashleyThanks to @janeite and @tomroper (and anyone else I've missed) for the live tweeting from #cilip2. Wish I had time 2B more than a spectator
 14:23 intextaCILIP 2.0 Open Session live blog #cilip2 http://is.gd/vmsl- Phil Bradley and Brian Kelly
 NicolaMcNeeI've discovered as a school librarian I am the library. CILIP is its staff and members. Lets just get on with doing it folks #cilip2
 CILIPGazette@CILIPGazette #cilip2 ...or, if y ou don't first think a bit about what you want to use something for, you waste a lot of time (+ money)
 MichaelStead@tomroper Is that because SL's crap? #flamebait #cilip2
 CIGScotif half of BBC are on twitter I cannot see what the issue is for CILIP? #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly risks of bandwidth saturation - there are technical solutions, ways of managing so that we can say yes to eg Skype now
 cfblokeI started twittering in a personal capacity, kept mentioning work, then started using it there http://twitter.com/intuteeconomics #cilip2
 Viche@tomroper Businesses are dropping out of SL, but still many educational uses. Cilip didn't really engage properly in SL. #cilip2
 llordllama@danni4info Oh yes indeed! If not for Web 2.0, couldn't have prepared our recent bid. Or even started on it #cilip2
 14:24 tomroper#CILIP2 JISC now much better: porgramme managers blogging on JISC invlobe http://jiscinvolve.org/
 neiljohnfordIf CILIP don't have an "official" voice on Twitter unofficial accounts will emerge, as we have already seen. #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Brian says new generation of senior IT people blogging
 tadpole99An sl option for something like this would be excellent #cilip2
 14:25 Viche@anicecupoftea try: http://twitterfall.com/#cilip2
 VHLibrarianImpressed by the amount of discussion re: #cilip2
 pgstipsToo many tweets to follow - think I'm over capacity. About to be carried out of office on stretcher by St John's Ambulance men... #CILIP2
 danni4info@neiljohnford So whether or not CILIP gives web 2.0 its blessing, it has come! #cilip2
 CriticalSteph@CILIPGazette Am with @llordllama and have 2 IDs but personal profile works better than project ID for me in this channel for me #cilip2
 dalzinhoQuite hard to avoid people pretending to be farm animals etc. on Second Life though :) #cilip2
 CILIPWMWhere does that leave members who are twittering for Branches and Special Interest Groups? #cilip2
 laurajwilkinson@neiljohnford let's not make it too official - that sounds like a dull person to follow #CILIP2
 14:26 danni4info@CILIPWM I would love to see HLG on here! And cilip in London too. #cilip2
 mariekeguyNot quite sure why posts keep appearing twice on Twitterfall . Watching #cilip2
 CILIPGazette@CILIPWM #cilip2 .. think about what you want to use it for - isn't this the point of this current discussion for CILIP and / or for CIL ...
 llordllama@CriticalSteph That said about 2 IDs, this is the one I tend to use for 90% personal/professional now-seems to be a good fit 4 me #cilip2
 daveypArrgggh -- just back from a meeting and missing #cilip2... has someone tweeted that the hashtag is now trending?
 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly question to him re second life - higher ed now embracing it @Philbradley these technologies are out there, try them
 tomroper#CILIP2 HEA now funding use of Second Life. Brian: example of how to experiment Phil: use it for and see if it works
 14:27 Gondul@anicecupoftea same here. feel guilty about following & participating. I know I cannot get away with it as my boss is @tomroper ! #cilip2
 Sperandafinds watching #cilip2 tweets while answering enquiries and editing abstracts rather too much all at once.
 ekcragg@neiljohnford surely both official and unofficial can sit side by side e.g. @cfbloke and @intuteeconomics #cilip2
 Viche@mariekeguy I had the same problem - I was following this link http://twitterfall.com/#cilip2 and had a custom search box ticked too
 llordllama@dalzinho Careful what you say about farm animal ;) But know what you mean, SL just doesn't work for me personally #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 CILIP's Second Life presence has withered on the vine. if it doesn't work, will we be judged?
 14:28 CILIPWMCan an official CILIP West Midlands Twitter really exist? #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Brian: ask how you switch it off? Say it's an experiment...
 tadpole99SL presence withered? I thought it was just taken down? #cilip2
 scotlibraries@CILIPWM Surely multiple CILIP accounts can co-exist to reflect branch and SIG activity as long as descriptions are transparent? #cilip2
 NicolaMcNeeProfessionals use twitter to link to more detailed info. CILIP could use it as current awareness tool for me. v helpful #cilip2
 neiljohnford@laurajwilkinson true - but there are plenty of sad acts (like me) who are itching to get "official" CILIP info through Twitter :-) #cilip2
 14:29 CIGScotsurely you use your professional skills whatever the medium?? not about to start broadcasting nonsense, nobody would listen! #cilip2
 CILIPGazette@tomroper #cilip2 hopefully not judged - as ,again that might prevernt people trying things and asking questions
 chrisinwales@CILIPWM "Can an official CILIP West Midlands Twitter really exist?" in asking, you seem to show that it does! Why shouldn't it? #cilip2
 katie_fraserMaybe SL hasn't been a huge success for CILIP, but what would we have said if they hadn't tried? Not a good excuse. #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 CILIP's second life presence was set up by narketing in response to a member. It was done on a 'let's try it' basis
 MichaelSteadRe CILIP and Second Life: yes, let it die. Being an early adopter means getting it wrong sometimes. It's OK to move on. #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 lively and engaged open forum session. I'm absolutely amazed and delighted by the cilip2 buzz http://twitpic.com/47ohf
 14:30 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 tadpole99I still don't understand how cilip's sl presence can be said to have 'failed'. By what test? #cilip2
 NicolaMcNee@neiljohnford you've just said what I said at the same time! Inform me officially CILIP! #cilip2
 14:31 CILIPGazette@tomroper #cilip2 you see, it's amazing what CILIP will do if asked nicely :)
 PriestLibSo long Twitterfall #CILIP2 and thanks for all the tweets. Got another appointment.
 datzHope we can find a way of channeling all this energy #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley and @briankelly extolling the virtue of experimentation. Courage to say we tried it, didn't like it or didn't work
 llordllamaFailure isn't FAILURE! Not everything works, you have to try, to explore, to experiment - in order to find what does work #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 if it doesn't work, plan to close down neatly [cf importance in medicine of reporting negative results-TR]
 14:32 danni4info@janeite Ooh thanks for the pics...now feel am actually there. Hope there will be a joke photo at the end ;) #cilip2
 CIGScot#cilip2 second life requires a certain level of system, twitter etc is web hosted no dl's necessary, just login and go!
 llordllama*reads the blog* If this is a free focus group for cilip - where's my #cake then? #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Question: ownership of these tools. Might Google be bought by Murdoch and russian mafia?
 CriticalSteph@llordllama But you need to try SL and other new things to know that- an informed choice (and one I agree with, btw) :-D #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley Exit strategy - make sure it is understood new thing is experiment, evaluated, what will happen if it does not work
 SmilyLibrarianIf we of all professions don't explore all possibilites we can't keep pace with the information needs of our users (pt 2 to follow) #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 So use lots of different tools, says Phil...
 14:33 MichaelStead@tadpole99 Tweets suggest lack of usage of CILIP's SL offerings. Some figures would be handy though... Anyone have any? #cilip2
 crooneybrowne@llordllama I agree. Even if something doesn't work you always learn invaluable lessons from the experience. #cilip2
 datztea and biccies anyone? #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 request to hear staff view
 neiljohnfordNot sensing much feedback to the twitter stream from the room. Is the #cilip2 tag being broadcast? I mean so the council can see it?
 tadpole99There's a danger of saying 'tried it, it failed' good, lets go back to our old and tried ways. #cilip2
 SmilyLibrarianPart 2! , It is better to fail than never to have attempted to succeed #cilip2
 llordllama@criticalsteph I agree. Tried it. Wished it ran in a browser. Tried it again. Went back to WoW #cilip2
 katie_fraserI've been in SL quite a lot recently and didn't even know CILIP had a presence. Can't be too well advertised #cilip2
 14:34 carolineroche@AnnikeDase But do we always have to cater to the lowest common denominator - wait for everyone to get Web 2 before we can start? #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Edward Dudley: costs, (labour theory of value). Labour time is that of employers. relate costs to returns. Change thinking?
 ekcraggRT @SmilyLibrarian If we don't explore all possibilites we can't keep pace with the information needs of our users #cilip2 - I concur
 mjray@llordllama there ain't no such thing as a free #cake - you'd need to be at #cilip2
 Viche@katie_fraser It's been gone for a while now. #cilip2
 chrisinwales@tadpole99 #cilip2 - Has to be 'tried it/it failed/what's new to try'
 jaffne#cilip2 Never looked at SL CILIP area - would have involved download, creating profile, computer that could cope = too much effort!
 llordllama@crooneybrowne I've experienced a fear of lack of success with regard to Web 2.0 "We are doing this so this MUST work" *sigh* #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Edward (cont) changes in services to users? How can we quantify improvements?
 14:35 tadpole99@MichaelStead and how long did cilip give their sl experiment? not long, it seems to me #cilip2
 m_hopwoodkatie_fraser #CILIP2 Partly aware of CILIP in SL - but then I don't use SL! Advertising and ease of use conspire against this, I think!
 scotlibraries@carolineroche Should be quite the opposite-it's prof org's duty to lead the way surely? #cilip2
 helencurtis@joeyanne hey Jo, why is WLV FB slide mentioned after "dangers and risks" here?! http://tinurl.com/cjn87 #cilip2
 mariekeguy#cilip2 Really enjoying the banter but going to have to get on with some other stuff. Have a good afternoon!
 tomroper#CILIP2 edward (cont) 1993 paper on who reads porfessional journals? Who uses these services, who speaks, who listens? Research needed
 mjray@carolineroche rule of thumb should be: go on, as long as you don't lock people out with downloads, eyetests and other Mistakes 2.0 #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 Edward Dudley cost toorganisation of using Web 2.0 - needs to be justified in terms of what we get from it. Who uses this? Research
 MichaelStead@CriticalSteph You're right: dismissing things without trying them is lazy and bad. Returns to risk aversion Q I think. #cilip2
 blubirdy@SmilyLibrarian agree completely we should be showing the way, not lagging behind #cilip2
 14:36 CIGScot#cilip2 so why all the fuss about twitter, etc if they've experimented with SL?
 wiilassie#cilip2 Problem is, by the time you finish research on who uses a web 2.0 tool, everyone's probably moved to the next one ;)
 bethanar#cilip2 wasn't @philbradley's point that the specific tools don't matter, it's a mindset? shoudln't matter if SL didn't work...
 tomroper#CILIP2 Phil: agrees. At moment we don't know that's why we need people to try them out and see what they do, and tell the world
 mjray@tomroper #cilip2 change thinking! Labour time is that of workers, not employers. It's up to employers if they see ROI to pay workers for it
 14:37 tadpole99@CIGScot that's a good question! #cilip2
 sarahgb@SmilyLibrarian #cilip2 I agree, our users are taking the initiative & getting out there, we need to be there too, to help, advise & promote
 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley professional endeavour to try these resources, find out the benefits, communicate them to the profession. Cilip - or??
 danni4infoPerhaps the main opposition to twitter etc will be people so snowed under in their jobs they don't have time / not seen as necessary #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 CILIP ideally placed to be clearing house for research/experience?
 NicolaMcNeeWeb2.0 isn't an add on -its about changing the way your life works. eg like OPACs not card catalogues for finding books #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 question from floor, why website so bad? But now we have fewer staff?
 CILIPGazette@CIGScot #cilip2 the 'Fuss' was one blog by one individual in CILIP; CILIP is more than that
 14:38 blubirdy@NicolaMcNee yes, we should be where the information is #cilip2
 llordllama@NicolaMcNee Nice! Too much of what I hear is "How can we make this Web 2.0", not "How can we make us Web 2.0" #cilip2
 datzthe mindset should be to engage with colleagues, the profession and not forgetting... our users in as many ways as possible #cilip2
 m_hopwood#CILIP2 Hello Edward! here we lose out to IT profession - their "ideology" spreads easily with new tech - ours needs an effort to educate
 scotlibraries@tomroper And unavailable so frequently? #cilip2
 danni4info@NicolaMcNee great analogy. #cilip2
 janeite@andypowe11 #cilip2 We're all in the back row, sadly, not with a crate of brown ale! Good point, though ...
 chrisinwales@tomroper #cilip2 Possibly, but web2 more important for reaching and hearing members AND profession at large (non-members)
 14:39 sovietta@mjray #cilip2 yes indeed!
 CIGScot#cilip2 i'm sure the idea of mailing lists were frowned upon initially :) not that different though is it?
 MichaelStead@tadpole99 They were using it at Umbrella in 2007 I think, so maybe two years? How long is long enough for experiments like this? #cilip2
 scotlibraries@CILIPGazette But by the person responsible for strategic leadership of the org...#cilip2
 janeite@danni4info #cilip2 hmmm joke photo at the end - I may be cashiered!
 tomroper#CILIP2 Graham Robertson Inst of Chartered Accoutants. Accts v. specific info managers. 130,000 members. faculties: It faculty. http://w ...
 14:40 llordllamaHello, the blog's fallen over - is this just me? #cilip2
 stevebridgeras shirky would say: let your people work socially rather than assume in advance that none of it is of any use to you #cilip2
 tomroperhttp://www.ion.icaew.com/ #CILIP2
 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 bethanaranyone else having problems getting to the liveblo? #cilip2
 m_hopwood#CILIP2 May I reiterate that there is already a lot of library research into Web 2.0 out there (incl. my MSc!) - are CILIP reading it? :)
 14:41 MsBrynTigerJust following on Twitterfall. Wow! Completely agree with the need to experiment with Web 2.0. If you don't try how do you know? #cilip2
 carolineroche@scotlibraries Exactly my point! I know that all of us can't use Web 2 tools, that they are blocked in schools, but some of us can! #cilip2
 CIGScot#cilip2 ask Mr McKee to do a video diary from IFLA this year and podcast it....including the pub sessions ;-)
 danni4info@janeite I had to look up cashiered :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cashiering learning= fun. #cilip2
 14:42 dalzinhohttp://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com - web 2.0 in action #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2; opened up sections to public, incl CE's blog (so's Bob's). Community allows outside world to interact with ICA. Other professions?
 llordllamaBroken blog (on corporate site) vs twitter (cloud computing) running wild and free and working fine. What does that tell us? #cilip2
 wiilassie@bethanar #cilip2 Liveblog loads slowly for me - my whole web connection's gone flaky the last few minutes though...
 carolinerocheNot allowing professionals at CILIP to join in Web 2 debate is deprofessionalising them. Microsoft allows all employees to blog. #cilip2
 14:43 carolinerocheIf Microsoft can allow their employees to act as professionals, why can't CILIP? #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 web site not be all and end all. Not one single resource. But members could do that Look at tools and see how to collaborate
 llordllama@carolineroche So does IBM, but have you ever read the rules under which they're allowed to post? #cilip2
 DebbieMNtwitterfall fallen over for me :-( #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley focus on website as be-allend-all single resource for all traffic - move beyond that. Web 2.0 technologies do the work
 14:44 Emma7114@MsBrynTiger Completely agree, many of my colleagues are anti-Twitter but they haven't joined the conversation so how do they know #cilip2
 andypowe11#cilip2 is the question "what use can/should cilip make of web 2.0" or "what role does cilip have in a web 2.0 world?"
 wiilassie@llordllama Twitter's centrally run too though - think of all the fail whales - not sure I'd hold it up as example of reliability ;) #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 groups and branches can't communicate (cf my experience this morning trying to get content onto CoFHE LASEC site)
 14:45 llordllama@Emma7114 @MsBrynTiger Likewise here - and very vocal about it too. Work around the dinosaurs or force them to embrace? #cilip2
 tadpole99Are people in the room seeing this? Sorry, may have missed something about this earlier. #cilip2
 mjray#cilip2 should look at web2.0 services like identi.ca and floss.pro instead of centrally-run twitter or official blogs
 14:46 chrisinwales@andypowe11 Mostly what use can cilip make, but also a little of what role... #cilip2
 llordllama@wiilassie Aye, fair point. It's an imperfect universe and it's ours :) #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 man whose name I didn;t catch: this is replicated across all sorts of organisations
 wiilassie@tadpole99 Someone on liveblog said there's too many tweets to follow' so maybe that's why the interaction seems one-way. #cilip2
 CILIPGazette@andypowe11 #cilip2 thought we were discussing the first. So to get back to that , what about something modelled on Tweety Hall?
 danni4infoI suppose a web 2.0 strategy needed. I can't figure out why cilip has 'star' bloggers on it's site. Exclusivity that isn't helpful. #cilip2
 carolineroche@llordllama Not seen IBM's, but saw Microsoft rules for blogging last week at blogging breakfast at their HQ in London. #cilip2
 14:47 CriticalSteph@carolineroche Deprofessionalising - great term. I run seminars and some librarians who have no access to new tools online #cilip2
 crooneybrowneMany pub libs keen 2 embrace web2 but after set-up struggle 2 maintain sites.Often librarian forced to update content in own time #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 what's the strategy? servicing membership? reach new audience? internationally? new form of membership?
 CIGScotlots of open source stuff, build your own, CILIP could get a software engineer to develop stuff for members to play with #cilip2
 14:48 carolineroche@AnnikeDase totally agree, which is why I think a CILIP wiki where we could all add resources would be a good and useful resource. #cilip2
 mjray@danni4info do you think #cilip2 should aggregate member websites on an opt-in basis? planet.cilip.org.uk like planet.code4lib.org?
 janeite#cilip2 same questioner - ask what the purpose is before moving into Web 2.0 eg transforming membership base. Must have an end V. eloquent
 14:49 tomroper#CILIP2 Brian: how to master these tools? Brian compares moment when he got ticket to adult library (at age 10)
 14:50 calire@crooneybrowne I do quite bit on my own time. Most of it is easier on my own PC, no restrictions. #cilip2
 dalzinho@mjray also see ScotEduBlogs as a very successful example of this aggregation - maintained by Ed profs in their own time. #cilip2
 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 mjray@chrisinwales no idea. I'm in Somerset, miles away from #cilip2 IRL, sadly. Can we get more web2 events outside London?
 carolinerocheRT @Philbradley: Should CILIP allow staff to Twitter?Listing reasons they should & dangers of doing so. #cilip2
 neiljohnford@carolineroche @llordllama IBM Social Media Guidelines are basically just common sense - written by the IBM social media community #cilip2
 DebbieMNWork Internet gone down - relying on 3G now! The irony! #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 question from @chrisinwales: centrally inhouse services or free services?
 14:51 CriticalSteph@carolineroche But are we trustworthy & professional enough to participate in a CILIP wiki? ;-) #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 blob updated at 1551: http://bit.ly/BdZDP
 crooneybrowne@The_Librain And support from CILIP to help communicate that the web2 stuff is of value #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 bob mckee: do we want to reach out to new membership? become enablers? yes we do. Web 2.0 excellent way to do it
 llordllama@DebbieMN Ah yes, but you have an alternative - you're not limited to browser and desktop only - and neither are our users #cilip2
 PhilbradleyJust to say that the meeting is paying close attention to the tweets from everyone and are taking the points on board. #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 BLOG, even! Sorry!
 wiilassieCILIP should align Web 2.0 with organisational goals, e.g. engage with members = twitter, advocacy = engage with wider blog scene? #cilip2
 sevinfoRT @tomroper: #CILIP2 librarian coelacanths: fail to evolve. raptors. What we need is librarian sapiens: able to take risks
 14:52 tomroper#CILIP2 BMcK: from authority to collaboration. Does this have to happen to people? IE our authority as professional people?
 CriticalSteph@andypowe11 Agree Web 2 calls into question the role of central organisation for anything. May have a role, role may have to change #cilip2
 14:53 chrisinwales@CriticalSteph What's trustworthy mean... if you can type... you can communicate #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Phill compares author-reader relationship and how his text will change in collaboration with his readers
 14:54 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley the rules are changing. Example of his work on Web 2.0,publication update via blog, dialogue with others, collaboration
 CILIPGazette@tomroper #cilip2 authority should be used to guide rather than dictate
 The_Librain@crooneybrowne Yes, yes! I have lot more freedom than many. Feel v sorry for those with no access - getting left behind #cilip2
 14:55 bethanarNetwork down. Will have to catch up with #cilip2 later. Too many tweets for my phone to handle I fear.
 kevingashley#cilip2 @andypowe11 has key Q: is question "what use can/should cilip make of web 2.0" or "what role does cilip have in a web 2.0 world?"
 crooneybrowne@calire But it's a shame that some feel unable to work on web2 stuff at work,for fear that their boss thinks they're wasting time #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Brian: yes, economic aspect important, but intangibles. Data mining to do, of this day, remote participaton as oposed to costs o ...
 llordllama@philnbradley Should we give them a friendly wave then? ;) #cilip2
 CriticalSteph@chrisinwales I agree. Was meant tongue in cheek. ;-) #cilip2
 ostephensIf CILIP is the sum of its members, it needs to act as a focus for their actions? #cilip2
 kevingashley#cilip2 And so far he's the only person that's attempted an answer. True or false ?
 tomroper#CILIP2 Brian: can we justify use of e-mail? Spam, porn, crap metadata,...if e-mail came today would we argue it shouldn't be used?
 14:56 danni4infoWhat will be the actions from this open session? My fear is it will land on a dusty pile for policy to look at. #cilip2
 DebbieMN@llordllama yes, apart from losing twitterfall I am still able to follow most tweets - #mobileweb #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Ayub: is everyone using technology?/ Phil: yes, must take into account those not here and support
 chrisinwales@ostephens #cilip2 CILIP can only be the sum of its members if the members are a part of the sum
 neiljohnfordRT @ostephens: If CILIP is the sum of its members, it needs to act as a focus for their actions? #cilip2 >> well put
 14:57 CILIPGazette#cilip2 @danni4info my fears too - that time is running out and not enough action being decided on!
 Puplett#cilip2 web2 is for all but CILIP isn't even for all library/info staff. Less barriers CILIP, help the whole profession engage!
 CIGScot#cilip2 CILIP has the same role as ever to guide and support members
 janeite#cilip2 the hands of the blogger, and a few more laptops! Lids closed, though. http://twitpic.com/47pxe
 tomroper#CILIP2 Phil: blocking by people who don't understand.
 tadpole99I'm more involved with the ALA than I am with CILIP and I'm in the UK! Maybe CILIP could take a lead from them? #cilip2
 NicolaMcNeeIn school we're talking about preparing digital natives for life. websites are ancient technology #cilip2
 llordllama@CILIPGazette Do we need them to make actions? Or do we need them period? #cilip2
 14:58 The_Librain@danni4info What usually happens - nothing tangible seemed to come out of last year's school libs forum - not that members noticed #cilip2
 danni4info@CILIPGazette can they get someone/folks to write up a plan and um blog on it?? And then tweet us? #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 We have free labour (says Edward) from activists...an aspect of the labour question as well as paid labour of employees
 wiilassie#cilip2 My work connection's gone down too! On mobile but very slow texter...
 calire@crooneybrowne I know, we do bits and I know we are luckier than some. Currently planning move to Scotland though:) #cilip2
 CILIPGazette@llordllama #cilip2 the aim was to dcide how to use the tools to communicate btter, or so I thought
 crooneybrowne@tadpole99 Me too - I'm a regular on the ALA website #cilip2
 byrnedf@Philbradley good luck collating the torrent of twitter and blending + discussion in room - second best set up -#cilip2 audio/webcam needed
 SperandaSperanda knows most of what she works on is confidential so cannot be tweeted. No wonder Twitter is blocked to most staff here. #cilip2
 14:59 llordllama@CILIPGazette Well I think they've enabled a very healthy virtual debate, a tip of by uke to them :) #cilip2
 danni4info@The_Librain that's awful. We need to get the leads to agree to trial something. #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 non-engaged members: PARN (?) work on social networking. Brian: should CILIP provide or enable?
 15:00 janeite#cilip2 debate now in interesting territory of using Web 2.0 as productive use of time. This is the cultural change!
 A_TrampNinjas took my wife and family and I need 99 more cents to get her back! (#cilip2) #tramp
 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 CIGScot#cilip2 tweets on what policies CILIP are working on would be useful in my job
 dalzinho@Speranda but that's up to PROFESSIONALS to know not to tweet confidential stuff; not external forces to ban you from it #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Universities: provide, control student use of IT? But they come with e-mail, FB accounts etc
 crooneybrowne@calire You'll love it here! And @scotlibraries are keen supporters of web2 #cilip2
 chrisinwales#cilip2 If the meeting feels it needs to record desired actions it should say so - but should all feed into Council Comms Strategy anyway
 CriticalSteph@Speranda But confidential work wouldn't be emailed or read out on phone. Professionals should be free to decide? #cilip2
 15:01 ostephens@CILIPGazette hope this is also about attitude as well as tools #cilip2
 anicecupofteaI should say that I've never asked managers permission to tweet! Perhaps I should #cilip2
 scotlibraries@tomroper Surely providing also enables by raising the profile of Web2 svcs and demo-ing use? #cilip2
 CIGScot#cilip2 CILIP could test some web2 apps and advertise to their SIGs and branches as good working examples of communicating with members
 15:02 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly time of great opportunity. How might Web 2.0 work for different people? niche uses? fit to purpose? Personal styles?
 llordllama@anicecupoftea Likewise. I've told them I do it, but it's a bit off their radar of importance #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 How will it work in different environments? Whole set of research. pressure of modern working life. Burden of email
 jaffne@crooneybrowne @calire Yeah, we're lovely here in Scotlandshire, and we like techie toys :) #cilip2
 CILIPGazette@CIGScot #cilip2 and some of those groups and branches already leading the way, of course!
 15:03 NicolaMcNeeIt's not just about web tools its about thinking and acting like a digital native and if I can do it at 52 so can CILIP #cilip2
 trends_comGet rid of Swine Flu #swineflu #ptavote Mexico Mother's Day H1N1 #cilip2 Texas? Try out Twitter trends in German! http://bit.ly/19Gqd6
 neiljohnfordCase in point. Look at all this great content on Twitter in response to #cilip2 . Web2.0 works! CILIP, any plans to analyse/ act on it?
 thumbfight#cilip2 (3 thumbs up) VS. Texas (1 thumb up) - http://bit.ly/xQg8p
 danni4infoIt is about Cilip being more democratic. This feels like a real breakthrough. #cilip2
 15:04 carolineroche@CriticalSteph Obviously some people are not trustworthy! My Line Manager is on here and he knows I use Twitter, he's fine with it. #cilip2
 CIGScot#cilip2 i keep my tweets within the realms of metadata news, sure they're not interested if i've had 7 pints of cider ;)
 NicolaMcNee@tomroper Twitter actually eases the burden of email. things get done in real time #cilip2
 bethanar@daveyp I'm back - but some colleagues aren't! hearing about problems in scotland too. someone trying to sabotage #cilip2 perchance?
 CriticalStephAnother positive - we don't all have to be in London to participate ;-) #cilip2
 15:05 danni4infoThis has also been a brilliant experiment, IMO in general and also has revealed hashtag spamming! #cilip2
 jaffne@anicecupoftea Snap! :) #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Penny of CE: opportunities attached to courses lost because of clunkiness of present system.
 15:06 ekcraggRT @ostephens If CILIP is the sum of its members, it needs to act as a focus for their actions? #cilip2 - couldn't agree more
 crooneybrowne@neiljohnford Agree - this has produced more ideas than typical 'closed' meetings I'm sure...? #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 comment from floor - use Web 2.0 for continuing dialogue eg after training. But first remove barrier that is logon to Cilip website
 carolinerocheIf CILIP was on twitter - or if they had a discussion board on a ning - they could keep abreast of what is going on in libraries #cilip2
 daveyp#cilip2 eye candy -- wordle of the tweets so far http://tinyurl.com/ddl4tb
 CriticalSteph@NicolaMcNee Agree! Emails now seem cumbersome & slow. Prefer to work with Twitter, Skype and Google Docs - quick collaboration #cilip2
 carolinerocheI would add something on a discussion board before I would ever write a formal letter to CILIP mentioning my concerns. #cilip2
 15:07 laurajwilkinsonRT @daveyp: #cilip2 eye candy -- wordle of the tweets so far http://tinyurl.com/ddl4tb Wonderful!
 SmilyLibrarian@neiljohnford how many of us would have been able to participate in this without Twitter or similar? Not me. #cilip2
 danni4info@carolineroche This is true letters seem slow and v passe. #cilip2
 15:08 janeiteRT @neiljohnford: Look at all this great content on Twitter in response to #cilip2 . Web2.0 works! CILIP, any plans to analyse/ act on it?
 tadpole99@NicolaMcNee "if I can do it at 52 so can CILIP" Yes! It's not about age.Young professionals - with eye on career - can be wary. #cilip2
 llordllama@criticalsteph Whenever I have a question these days I ask the tweetyverse not a JISC list #cilip2
 CILIPGazette@danni4info #cilip2 but please email me your comments if you want them published (on paper!)
 llordllama@SmilyLibrarian Nor me - not for a 2hr afternoon meeting in the big city #cilip2
 m_hopwood@daveyp to make the #CILIP2 Wordle more useful, try stripping out the obvious words like Twitter(fall) and CILIP! But thanks for ur contribs
 15:09 mjray@CriticalSteph and sod anyone who doesn't want to sell out to private corporations, mmm? need to be open not skype/google/etc #cilip2
 danni4info@CILIPGazette :) will do! Unless you'd prefer those comments as mini snippets on twitter... #cilip2
 SarahNicholas@llordllama Yes, agree. LIS-LINK messages sit unread in a folder in my inbox until I delete them. Tweets get my immediate response. #cilip2
 The_LibrainRT @NicolaMcNee: Not just about web tools its thinking & acting like digital native & if I can do it at 52 so can CILIP #cilip2 Hear! Hear!
 joeyanne@daveyp @bethanar network fail at Wolverhampton Uni too, seems OK now. Definitely #cilip2 sabotage!
 15:10 tomroper#CILIP2 phil: difference is information now comes to me. I want CILIP to talk to me
 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 CILIPGazette@danni4info #cilip2 but you see for me, getting hold of text for publication is still easier by far via email
 laurajwilkinson@CILIPGazette #cilip2 but please email me your comments if you want them published (on paper!) - not a very web2 approach to a web2 debate!
 Sperandawould not have gone to the big city for this but would happily take part in forum or email - easier than follow tweets while working #cilip2
 llordllama@SarahNicholas Brevity is strong driver to me - to time/will power to read long mails-tweets more digestible #cilip2
 15:11 tomroper#CILIP2 therefore website should be more like FriendFeed than a monolith
 The_LibrainKathy Schrock's term "digital pioneer" - yes, have been around while too. Not about age but attitude to new things. Always learning #cilip2
 jessduffieldAmazed at the #cilip2 buzz, this is surely proof that these sort of technologies are needed to engage with some in the LIS community
 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradleymove away from cilip webiste as monolith towards something more dynamic, drawing content in from all sources.
 danni4infoCan't forget about an educational strategy. I am guilty of logging on once/week and not really reading all tweets. #cilip2
 ekcraggRT @tomroper #CILIP2 difference is information now comes to me. I want CILIP to talk to me - me too! Engage me and you might get my £177
 ginnyfranklinaargh - have been in mtg until now and so much to catch up on #cilip2
 colourfulponiesis amazed how high #cilip2 has made it in the trending topics. Is everyone on here a librarian?
 15:12 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley now, I don't have to look for information, I can make information come to me.
 CILIPGazette@laurajwilkinson #cilip2 I never use things for the sake of it and getting text sent by email (however I've got hold of the ideas!) is e ...
 m_hopwood@janeite Existing CILIP discussion board is great - is 1more logon *really* such a huge barrier? Need extra Web 2 to keep momentum #CILIP2
 llordllama@danni4info Really? I go cold turkey if it's more than an hour #cilip2
 CriticalSteph@llordllama Yes, it's much faster. It's the modern I Ching I think! #cilip2
 danni4info@CILIPGazette fair enough and it usually isn't 140 char or less. unless you want a quick reaction/ opinion. #cilip2
 CIGScot#cilip2 would be good if CILIP could set up an ideas bank that all and sundry can post to with suggestions and examples
 15:13 Speranda@colourfulponies #cilip2 not all librarians. Information scientist here.
 twandalRT @skypen: OH DEAR! - Egypt orders slaughter of all pigs over swine flu http://tr.im/k1EF #cilip2
 laurajwilkinson@CILIPGazette #cilip2 ...getting hold of text for publication is still easier by far via email - come on CILIP, you're not getting this yet!
 NicolaMcNee@CILIPGazette Not if you got a tweet with a link to digital paper like scribd #cilip2
 llordllama@colourfulponies How far up the trending topics are we? And what does this say about web2 and marketing the profession? #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 not so much about dissemination, more about people. Speaker says twitter has put her far more in touch with others than conventional
 15:14 janeite#cilip2 blog updated: 1614 http://bit.ly/BdZDP
 carolineroche@danni4info There are good resources which tell you how to use Twitter in an educational setting #cilip2
 DebbieMNyes! Internet up & I'm back in the room! #cilip2
 CILIPGazette@laurajwilkinson #cilip2 I only meant email me the text for publication - of course I get my ideas from all sorts of places
 carolinerocheRT @LibWithAttitude: @The_Librain Hear hear! wanting to learn and innovate is not the perogative of the young #cilip2
 15:15 danni4infoCharities have really picked up on tweeting as well. The bhf is on here, stephen fry & hugh jackman donated via twitter. Think £. #cilip2
 CILIPGazette@NicolaMcNee #cilip2 yes that would work
 mjray@m_hopwood "just 1more login" doesn't scale: is only waffer-thin! Use OpenID.net unless there's a really good reason not to #cilip2
 scotlibrariesAre we expecting some form of outcome today or will this come later? #cilip2
 15:16 CIGScot#cilip2 love this http://www.commoncraft.com/twitter
 15:17 danni4info@scotlibraries Yes am wondering too. Would a 2nd discussion of other web 2.0 tools be in order? scribd, etc? #cilip2
 llordllama#cilip2 Now trending at #6 in top twitter trending topics
 15:18 VHLibrarianI think the amount of Tweeting says it all #CILIP2
 MichaelSteadHow much of what we want to get out of #cilip2 is down to us and not CILIP? How do we all work on it together?
 15:19 SmilyLibrarianHow many following #cilip2 are from outside UK? I know of a couple but wondered how many more? Again demonstrates the value of Twitter et al
 carolineroche@danni4info Would be excellent if we could have a place to recommend these tools - how about it, CILIP? #cilip2
 ajwillisAre those in the room suprised by the traffic generated on Twitter by #cilip2 ?
 CILIPGazette@MichaelStead #cilip2 very good question
 Sperandawonders if there is anyone else here from East of England ISG? #cilip2 gives me ideas for tweeting at our meeting on 6th May
 15:20 kwiddowsnot being there in person I am only seeing twitter, and am not sure if the conversations here are very productive - comments? #cilip2
 helencurtis@joeyanne that's good glad we aren't the example of danger! #cilip2
 aztrends#cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cf99sz
 wiilassie#cilip2 Communities = 'pull' source of info so I forget to visit while Twitter, mailing lists etc. = 'push'. Do the fora have RSS feeds?
 ShitEaterWhat is #cilip2?
 carolineroche@MichaelStead We could set up our own Ning and wiki, but if CILIP take no notice, not a lot of point #cilip2
 15:21 janeite#cilip2 @tomroper how to achieve what we want while making sure that everyone's needs and fears accommodated when they interact?
 CriticalSteph@SmilyLibrarian How many followers in UK outside London? CILIP often critcised for being too Londoncentric & Web 2 can help? #cilip2
 joypalmer@kwiddows as an outsider, what I see is a lot of recurrent themes that CILIP can learn from and address #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 lost thread for a moment....Caro now saying new developments coming in May in communities, using 'other stuff out there'
 SmilyLibrarianHas there been a response from "committee" on how tweets will be analysed /tilised from this #cilip2 ssession?
 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly that degree of flexibility and choice is possible
 15:22 Sperandathinks RSS feed is brilliant and wants to use it lots more to handle postings on forums, blogs etc. #cilip2
 carolineroche@CriticalSteph I am in Kent, so outside of London.#cilip2
 llordllama@SmilyLibrarian I'm hoping for a personal letter of thanks from everyone in the room myself ;) #cilip2
 danni4info@carolineroche If you get publicity on some of the blogs etc it doesn't matter as there are enough stakeholders here to make change. #cilip2
 kwiddows@ShitEater the professional body for Library and Information professionals discussing web 2 possibilities #cilip2
 briankellyAnyone doing the #cilip2 data mining - no. of tweets; nos. of participants; etc
 ostephens@kwiddows why not productive? Not sure any conclusions, but think lots of comment and ideas to inform discussion #cilip2
 CIGScot#cilip2 hands up who wants to know the next steps? I do!
 Philbradley@kwiddows The discussions on twitter are being closely attended and prompting discussions here, so very worthwhile IMO #cilip2
 colourfulponies@llordllama Half way, above H1N1! I guess it just says that most are up on web2 even if we're not sure how to apply it to work? #cilip2
 llordllama@criticalsteph Up here in sunny Leicestershire myself #cilip2
 15:23 tadpole99I'm outside of London - in Southampton #cilip2
 CriticalSteph@llordllama I'm hoping for tea and biscuits at some point? #cilip2
 scotlibraries@llordllama Suspect you'll have a long wait on that one ;) #cilip2
 hepiwill a summary of the discussions be made available? #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Caro identify trends as a council that we''re going to throw effort into. Council blog will take it forward. Last chance f-to-f
 danni4info@CIGScot Hand up here!! #cilip2
 Speranda@CriticalSteph - Cambridge here, so out of London #cilip2
 15:24 llordllama@scotlibraries I'll settle for a tweet... #cilip2
 ostephens@briankelly @daveyp capturing tweetstream so I expect he might do some - already done a wordle http://tinyurl.com/ddl4tb #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @CaroMossGibbons last call for priorities from the floor. What is the best role for Cilip?
 tomroper#CILIP2 what should we do first? barriers to entry so low anyone can do it, so what's unique about CILIP? Leader? Filter?
 colourfulponies@Speranda Sorry, that takes up a huge percentage of my 140 characters! : ) #cilip2
 daveyp@briankelly What other tweet stats would people be interested in seeing? #cilip2
 laurajwilkinson@CIGScot: #cilip2 Both hands up here! And a foot!
 15:25 ekcragg@CriticalSteph Oxford myself. Perhaps the question might be how many from the north? No one north of Leicester so far... #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 Coo! Wordle! http://www.flickr.com/photos/davepattern/3486396176/
 katie_fraser@criticalsteph I live in Nottingham, study in Sheffield. Distance and impoverished student status contribute to non-attendance #cilip2
 danni4info@laurajwilkinson all limbs up! #cilip2
 ijclarkWish I could partake in #cilip2 discussions, especially as a non-member. One thing though: open up more, else I see little reason in joining
 carolineroche@daveyp How many people took part in this discussion and how many tweets were generated for a start! #cilip2
 The_Librain@CriticalSteph From Leicestershire - think this is across UK? #cilip2
 15:26 janeite#cilip2 @Philbradley role for Cilip in supporting info professionals who are blocked, and refused access to web 2.0
 mjray@janeite best role for #cilip2 is enabler, connector and participant, avoiding being discriminator, filter or enforcer. I'm in Somerset BTW
 timpaaI'm in Portsmouth (so outside of London) #cilip2
 vahva@helenmilner thought you might be interested that librarians are debating web 2.0 at #cilip2 - history here: http://tinyurl.com/cndbdj
 bethanar#cilip2 I'm in Manchester, so distance is definitely an issue for CILIP events. often see nice 2-hour evening ones I'd like to attend but...
 tomroper#CILIP2 help with common problems found by people trying to get started? Not CILIP accredited tools....but experience
 SmilyLibrarian@tomroper Leader/filter/facilitator/mentor/pathfinder CILIP roles to consider please #cilip2
 ostephensWhat should CILIP do? Work out how it can/does/should act as focus and enabler for conversations (online or offline) #cilip2
 briankelly#cilip2 session will be finishing soon.
 CriticalStephIt's good to see so many no-London participants. I'm on the edges of the Peak District. Web 2 in action :) #cilip2
 CIGScotCILIPS/SLIC working on guidelines could liaise with CILIP? #cilip2
 15:27 danni4info@tomroper the members and the wide range of sectors we represent is unique. we are info-warriors :) #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly possible role as Cilip as leader - publish case studies.@Philbradley but let's not have Cilip-accredited tools
 kwiddowsThanks - its very difficult to follow from just watching feed - is there anything else going on? simultaneous blogging/audio? #cilip2
 jaffne@CriticalSteph I'm in Edinburgh: That Big London is a loooooong way away! #cilip2
 carolineroche@ijclark I know of at least one other non member taking part in #cilip2 discussion - your chance to be heard here!
 llordllama@bethanar Ditto, maybe the branches/SIGs should start running some regional evening events ala London #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 how much down to members, how much down to CILIP? Members are CILIP
 wiilassie#cilip2 CILIP should tell info pros (members & non-members) what they're doing by going where we are + provide *open* space for info-sharing
 15:28 m_hopwood@CaroMossGibbons #CILIP2 top two priorities should be making our professional values clearer to members and opening to new IT opportunities
 SmilyLibrarianForgot to say I am in sunny Herefordshire virtually attending #cilip2
 ostephens@kwiddows live blog at http://snurl.com/h069o #cilip2
 crooneybrowneI'm in Glasgow. Wouldn't have been able to attend meeting in London so happy that I've been able to follow discussions on Twitter! #cilip2
 llordllama@tomroper I think you mean CILIP is its members #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 brian suggests summary to people 'out there'
 15:29 The_LibrainRT @janeite: #cilip2 @Philbradley role for Cilip in supporting info professionals who are blocked, and refused access to web 2.0 - [Yes!!!!]
 danni4infoWhen those from on high decide, please let us members know what will come out of this. Seems to be the way! #cilip2
 CriticalSteph@jaffne Yay for Edinburgh! It's interesting how many people here probably wouldn't have gone to f2f meeting. #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 Blog, Biro and Twitter - three ways in which the session has been tracked http://twitpic.com/47rqzp2
 tadpole99Couldn't have attended in person due to need to see students here - so very good to be able to take part. #cilip2
 15:30 katie_fraser@kwiddows http://tinyurl.com/dac8sk is the liveblog on the CILIP Communities #cilip2
 kwiddows@tomroper #cilip2 I think members should be more active - Branches &groups need to put enough in to keep us going where HQ can't reach
 tomroper#CILIP2 see Update: http://tinyurl.com/cjnm87
 DebbieMNsigning off here in Leeds, such a useful afternoon - I'll be sharing with colleagues not able to participate #cilip2
 15:31 daveyp#cilip2 Quick & dirty look at the stats show 59 people took part and I think there have been over 175 tweets since 1pm
 The_Librain@ijclark I'm currently not CILIP member, but am taking part! #cilip2 You never know, they might do something to make me re-join!
 amelialuzziRe: debate previously on branches vs central on Twitter - if the UK Govt. can manage it so can CILIP http://bit.ly/5mIbA #cilip2
 ginnyfranklinRT @kwiddows: @tomroper #cilip2 I think members should be more active - Branches &groups need to put enough in to keep us going where HQ ...
 janeite#cilip2 session drawing to a close. I'll tweet a blog update at the close of the meeting.
 tomroper#CILIP2 CILIP's communications strategy will take this all forward
 danni4info@janeite I don't think this link works :( #cilip2
 llordllama@widdows I think the vast bulk of the membership is passive sadly #cilip2
 jaffne@CriticalSteph Technically, I probably shouldn't be here, I'm working at the same time! *sorry boss* #cilip2
 kwiddows@katie_fraser many thanks #cilip2
 carolineroche@kwiddows What would you like from branches? I am sec. of Kent branch and can discuss this next meeting! Have small wiki already #cilip2
 15:32 dub216http://www.myspace.com/adubisgreat @RealTrophyWife @RashadSmith @TameekaTime @Yeah_I_Said_It @XXLStaff #cilip2 #swineflu Swine Flu
 bethanar@llordllama agreed! but that does make me feel guilty about not being more active in my branch -need to look to ourselves for action?#cilip2
 daveyp#cilip2 Top twitters were @janeite, @tomroper, @llordllama, @m_hopwood and @NicolaMcNee
 llordllamaGoing off to finish writing my blog about the experience of taking part (ever the experimenter) #cilip2
 neiljohnfordI'd like to see CILIP provide a forum for members to share everything they are doing with Web2.0. Thanks for today- it's been brill! #cilip2
 Bibliophylax#cilip2 CILIP still exists?
 CIGScot#cilip2 will look forward to hearing a summary and next steps from CILIPHQ, happy to help in anyway, signing off in sunny Lanarkshire
 15:33 janeite#cilip2 @CaroMossGibbons lots of opinions emerging that Cilip should be exemplar and and enabler - case studies. Look at ALA presence
 tomroper#CILIP2 Interesting the examples of bosses finding their staff in this discussion. One of mine is: I am, like, totally cool with that
 tamertessRT I suggest that too!! @tomroper: #CILIP2 brian suggests summary to people 'out there'
 kwiddows@llordllama #cilip2 I agree - and its a shame - CILIP is a membership organisation - there is more to contribute than your subscription fee
 llordllama@bethanar Used to get calls from people when hon.sec UCR asking "WHat does your group do for me?" Not "How can I get involved" :( #cilip2
 danni4infoThanks for an interesting session! A bit frustrating about lack of next steps. Hope some democratic decisions will be made. #cilip2
 CriticalSteph@jaffne LOL! Library rebel yell (a defiant yet quiet sort of noise) :) #cilip2
 calireThanks to all you tweeted #cilip2 I have been following just not had time to participate.
 bethanarRT @Bibliophylax: '#cilip2 CILIP still exists?' is this the most tellling tweet of the day so far? (assuming no irony...)
 helencurtis@llordllama couldn't you just sum it up in a 140 word tweet? ; ) #cilip2
 m_hopwood#CILIP2 let's make a provisional date for the next #CILIP2 #tweetathon - & coordinate the various channels more next time. what theme?
 15:34 tomroper#CILIP2 @CaroMossGibbons going to tease out all ideas
 carolinerocheTime to go home in lovely sunny Kent. Have gained a lot from this discussion - thanks for enabling this. #cilip2
 Sperandafound this an interesting intro to Twitter and hopes something useful emerges from #cilip2. Thanks to all involved.
 llordllama@tomroper You are clearly a boss among bosses - kudos to you sir! #cilip2
 SmilyLibrarianThanks for the invite, it was good to be able to participate, must do it again, soon. #cilip2
 llordllama@helencurtis You know me, I'd rather make a video with the weasel about it #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @CaroMossGibbons will be teasing out all the ideas, throwing them out to membership, getting feedback, identifying priority areas
 NicolaMcNeeThanks for opportunity to make voice heard at CILIP open meeting #cilip2
 15:35 ijclarkShould clarify, can't partake due to personal issues & connection problems. Otherwise, I would certainly have engaged in discussion #cilip2
 wiilassieRT @neiljohnford: I'd like to see CILIP provide a forum for members to share everything they are doing with Web2.0. #cilip2 [+ non-members!]
 danni4info@m_hopwood get McKee to try twitter and then after discovering he loves it, we can talk. #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 @briankelly 59 participating in #cilip2 6 twittering in the room
 15:36 jaffne@CriticalSteph *quietly rustles some pages in an outrageously disruptive manner* ;) #cilip2
 tomroper#CILIP2 59 people have contributed, stats from Dave try http://www.flickr.com/photos/davepattern/3486396176/
 MichaelStead@carolineroche We are CILIP. It's a membership organization, so there's no us and them, only we. Culture change is needed. #cilip2
 15:37 tomroper#CILIP2 thanks to presenters and to twitterers outside the room, and hopes first of many sessions
 janeite#cilip2 @CaroMossGibbons drawing meeting to close. Thanks to two presenters, and to twitterers in the room, and 'out there'. safe journey
 PhilbradleySession ended, with thanks to everyone who took part... #cilip2
 The_LibrainThanks everyone for really productive discussion (& showing the Twitter world that librarians are force to be reckoned with!). #cilip2
 llordllamaStill waiting on that #cake #cilip2
 15:38 jessduffieldRT @janeite: #cilip2 @briankelly 59 participating in #cilip2 6 twittering in the room - impressive stats - useful to follow the events
 m_hopwood#CILIP2 *takes all the good bisquits on the way out*
 CriticalStephThanks for the chance to be part of a real open discussion ;-) #cilip2
 helencurtis@llordllama cool, don't even need to ask you to share on completion do I? good stuff, really glad I was "here" today #cilip2
 bethanarthanks to all at #cilip2 - both in the flesh and remotely - for a really interesting afternoon. and for getting my follower stats up ;)
 15:39 CriticalSteph@llordllama And the bisuits, and the tea. CILIP are usually so good with tea. *sighs* #cilip2
 llordllama@helencurtis You might have to wait until I've launched the "Library Apprentice" tonight #cilip2
 wiilassieI'm off to eat real-life #cake (ok, brownie) to build energy for evening shift. Thanks #CILIP2 for event; hope someone can make sense of it!
 15:40 llordllama@criticalsteph Cilip catering is a big draw to London I have to say! #cilip2
 janeite#cilip2 blog updated for last time (by me) 1640: http://bit.ly/BdZDP But keep looking at it after I go home!
 anicecupofteaThis was good. Sorry I was late to the party and didn't contribute much. Thanks all. #cilip2
 katie_fraserEnjoyed the discussion & look forward to next steps. Thanks to those in the room - I find it nearly impossible to tweet and listen! #cilip2
 15:41 CriticalSteph@ekcragg Missed this - I am more north then Leicester, on the edge of the Peak District, between Manchester & Sheffield. #cilip2
 Domicus#cilip2 great discussion today. Hope for more soon. I love #twitterfall too!
 sovietta#cilip2 such a twitter convert now. this was great.
 15:42 alicecannReading #cilip2 tweets is making me wonder about how I might use Twitter in user ed sessions. Getting questions from students...
 mjraysafe journey home to all at #cilip2 - if you need #koha or any other great FOSS tools, let my co-op know ;-)
 15:43 CILIPGazette#cilip2 Let me have your opinions about this event, if you want, for publication in Gazette
 wthashtagOver 145 unique contributors to #cilip2 today. See top users at http://wthash.com/cilip2
 tadpole99This is how we learn about web 2 - by *using* it! Had to dip in and out a lot but it was a good event and looking forward to more. #cilip2
 15:44 ginnyfranklin@alicecann I wondered that with our vle's chat facility, but havent tried it. Let us know how u get on. #cilip2
 llordllamaSlightly truncated blog post due to WordPress death midway on #cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/cjm5hg
 ekcraggFood for thought, but no #cake #cilip2 I await the next steps with baited breath
 The_Librain@LibWithAttitude Missed you tweets on CILIP debate cos you missed off #cilip2! Finding them now though :)
 bethanardid really enjoy the #cilip2 discussion - especially hearing a lot of new voices - but now have headache from staring at twitterfall. boo.
 15:45 LynParker#infolit I too been using it to tag relevant tweets. Given discussion on #cilip2 about committees could use to discuss sep IL group?
 JeanetteCastle@tadpole99 - bril discussion as I dipped in and out of it today - roll on the next one.#cilip2
 m_hopwood@CILIPGazette #CILIP2 thanks - I will prepare 2 versions - 1 for Gazette and 1 for my official CILIP-approved blog :D
 15:46 CalliRTtadpole99: This is how we learn about web 2 - by *using* it! Had to dip in and out a lot but it was a good event and looking #cilip2
 llordllama@CILIPGazette Really useful, felt far less disenfranchised/more involved with central CILIP discussions than ever before! More! #cilip2
 Hels55@tomroper just been catching up on #CILIP2; wld love some of your +ive input re Web 2.0 for my place! Can we come & see you soon?
 15:47 CILIPGazette@m_hopwood #CILIP2 Why thank you... :)
 15:49 daveypJust sucking up the missing #cilip2 tweets. Ignore my previous stats, as they're waaaaaay wrong... correct stats soon
 15:51 llordllamaWhy do i feel I need to go down the bar with all the people at #cilip2? It's a very post conference session feeling right now
 15:53 pardoeaThanks to all the Tweeters at #cilip2. Used Twitterfall for the first time - all these new experiences!
 15:54 richardsedleyJust enjoyed a very lively discussion at Cilip on the role web2 & especially Twitter can play for the information prrofessional #cilip2
 15:57 pgstips@llordllama Mine's a Guinness... #CILIP2
 15:58 daveypSome new (and this time correct!) stats on the usage of #cilip2 hashtag -- 150 tweeters, 1179 tweets ...
 16:00 daveyp#cilip2 ... top tweeters were @tomroper (109), @llordllama (74), @janeite (70), @The_Librain (40), @danni4info (40) and @m_hopwood (31)
 The_Librain@jalada Wow - wonderful use of Twitterfall by UK librarians discussing Web2.0 & CILIP. Thanks to all at Twitterfall #cilip2
 16:01 sarahgb#cilip2 wow, overwhelming at times, trying to keep up, tweet replies and deal with customers at same time. Exhausted!
 16:02 The_LibrainRT @daveyp: #cilip2 ... top tweeters @tomroper (109), @llordllama (74), @janeite (70), @The_Librain (40), @danni4info (40) & @m_hopwood (31)
 16:03 thumbfight#cilip2 (3 thumbs up) VS. CDC (1 thumb down) - http://bit.ly/15AwMI
 16:04 jessduffieldRT @daveyp: Some new (and this time correct!) stats on the usage of #cilip2 hashtag -- 150 tweeters, 1179 tweets ... v.v.impressive!
 16:08 JohnjharkinEnjoyed following the discuss today , evolve yes but still power in traditional methods, mix & match to suit audience #cilip2
 16:13 twandalREALLY? Egypt has ordered the slaughter of 300,000 pigs, in oder to combat #cilip2.... wowzers
 16:19 bapliglibrarians are debating web 2.0 at #cilip2 - history here: http://tinyurl.com/cndbdj
 16:20 andypowe11hoping #cilip2 debrief isn't going to turn into some kind of tweet-counting exercise?
 16:22 andypowe11#cilip2 ps: from the tweets i saw, i still think the wrong question was being asked...
 leedscentliblibrarians are debating web 2.0 at #cilip2 - history here: http://tinyurl.com/cndbdj
 16:23 sarahgb@The_Librain I think I managed to squeeze in 4 tweets for #cilip2 (hangs head in shame) I was stonkingly busy though !
 16:24 andypowe11#cilip2 or to put it a different way... if web 2 changes almost everything, then that probably includes professional bodies :-)
 16:25 meimaimaggioBack from the Open Session. Seemed the physical meeting was a bit half-arsed but it's the #cilip2 activity that's important.
 16:27 SarahNicholas@sarahgb Me, I managed 1 tweet for #cilip2. Students and work kept getting in the way and was difficult to drop in and out of conversation.
 16:30 kwiddowscould any bloggers please post any #cilip2 blog links to twitter? I feel like I missed a LOT by joining at the end!
 16:33 clarileiaback from meetings and read tweets from #cilip2 - interesting discussion, look forward to seeing results! Now time to go home, then dancing
 kwiddows#cilip2 http://kwiddows.blogspot.com/2009/04/cilip2.html my initial (and probably not very helpful) reactions - anyone else blogging?
 16:35 clarileia@daveyp http://wthash.com/cilip2 lists 4385 tweets using #cilip2 today!
 ostephens@andypowe11 think counting tweets is just way of demonstrating engagement of (some section of) community with debate #cilip2
 16:36 ostephens@andypowe11 suspect there are fundamental questions about role of CILIP that did surface (in twitterstream) but weren't the focus #cilip2
 16:45 adrianstevenson@andypowe11 What was the right question then? only just catching up on this #cilip2
 16:47 meimaimaggioWe're participating in shaping our profession online, not on committees. CILIP management need to harness this. #cilip2
 16:54 clpatersonUsed twitterfall to keep up with the #cilip2 event. You learn something new every day!
 17:12 chrisinwales#cilip2 afterthought. Wouldn't it be a good idea to have series of CILIP-approved hashtags that the whole community can use to communicate?
 17:14 chrisinwales#cilip2 Hope that hadn't already been said (missed last 30mins). examples: cilippublib cilipschools cilipunilib - subject or community based
 17:15 LizzieLibchecking journals but hoping to catch up on the #cilip2 tweets - sounds like it was an interesting event
 17:20 m_hopwood@chrisinwales that's a darned good idea. let's start a #CILIP2 *unofficial* (making this clear!) wiki to capture these ideas :)
 jon_pratty#mw2009 interested in backchannel politics and org development via 140ct participation? Check Tweets here #cilip2 about Twitter vs. blog
 17:22 MeganJRobertsHope the #cilip2 discussion is acted on soon - not just looked back on as "wasn't that good to do, didn't we learn lots"
 17:32 AnneWelsh@CaroMossGibbons sorry to have missed this afternoon. got caught up in other things. will there be a report, or just the #cilip2 tweets?
 17:36 AnneWelsh@meimaimaggio did you see? - @CILIPGazette #cilip2 Let me have your opinions about this event, if you want, for publication in Gazette
 mattgilloolyRT @twandal REALLY? Egypt has ordered the slaughter of 300,000 pigs, in oder to combat #cilip2.... wowzers
 17:41 CaroMossGibbons#CILIP2 my speakers today, Brian Kelly & Phil Bradley, assure me it's Everton for the Cup!
 17:47 m_hopwood@MeganJRoberts @chrisinwales yeah, i volunteer - need to do one for work anyway so this is practice! I'll let you know when it's up #CILIP2
 18:00 twopularFeed8 hours: #ptavote 8.00, Mexico 8.00, #swineflu 8.00, Swine Flu 6.45, Texas 6.25, H1N1 5.40, Wolverine 5.00, #cilip2 4.30
 18:21 Calli@criticalsteph lol you are 6th on the list for the most mentions of #Cilip2 - you been overdoing the Russian Caravan tea again?
 18:22 The_Librain@sarahgb I sent lots of tweets to #CILIP2 as spending most of day at moment cataloguing old stock in readiness for refurb. Few interruptions
 18:23 SarahNicholasFinally back home. There‚Äôs too much #cilip2 stuff in my timeline for me to have energy to look over it, so am hoping everyone is ok today.
 18:27 The_LibrainApologies to US & other followers, involved in twitter session with professional body #CILIP2 today. Now back 2 normal with truly OTT stuff!
 18:28 llordllama@The_Librain Yeah, I suspect action will be born in community I suspect, not Ridgmount Street! But today helped us gather! #cilip2
 18:29 llordllamaBeen reflecting on #cilip2 whilst prepping dinner. Best conference session I've been to this year, and can't say better than that!
 18:36 llordllama@SarahNicholas I think I could do with one after two hours staring at the #cilip2 screen today - but might be a bit of looong trip!
 18:45 daveyp@clarileia Not sure if wthash is correct, as there are less than 1200 #cilip2 tweets in total on Twitter from the last 7 days?
 18:47 daveypAs promised/threatened, here's a transcript of the #cilip2 tweets. Please feel free to mirror the page! http://bit.ly/gyn9j
 18:57 jobeazRT @Philbradley: BK be aware of library fundamentalists. If you don't evolve you won't survive. #cilip2 - love this quote
 19:06 janeite@chrisinwales #cilip2 no, not mentioned. Hashtag thought us original. Sure that @caromossgibbons will capture for future consideration.
 19:12 knihovnik2000Missed #cilip2 live debate due to distinctly 1.0 internet policy. Catching up thanks to excellent #cilip2 transcript by @daveyp - thanks!
 19:17 accordin2joRT @AuntyTech: DId you see Web 2.0 for school library media specialists (AASL articles) @ PBS Teachers: http://tinyurl.com/c36qxs #cilip2
 19:33 JFJ24have just finished reading #cilip2 tweets. Food for thought and action. off to reflect and mull it over
 19:39 littlehighTranscript of tweets to #CILIP2 on the web 2.0 cilip session session in London, http://bit.ly/gyn9j
 19:48 rcdl@neiljohnford voila a "directory" of #cilip2 tweeters: http://www.daveyp.com/files/stuff/cilip2.html (really the transcript of today's event)
 20:07 MartinNHWhome after SINTO Exec where discussion about Twitter and #CILIP2 also RIN study on access barriers to res info http://tinyurl.com/cermrl
 brunella#cilip2 Thanks for the transcript to @rcdl @neiljohnford http://www.daveyp.com/files/stuff/cilip2.html
 20:08 knihovnik2000Reading #cilip2 transcript - lots of people seem to have "social" sites blocked at work. Not blocked at mine, just frowned upon!
 20:37 rachelmaryadamsFound lots of new and interesting library/web 2.0 folk to follow via #cilip2
 20:42 brunellaQuick Search for #cilip2 contents via Cilip Blog at http://communities.cilip.org.uk
 20:47 neiljohnford@rcdl Maybe "directory" was bad choice of terminology. What I meant was: twibes, justtweetit etc. couldn't cilip maintain a list? #cilip2
 20:54 neiljohnford@rcdl ...there's a field for email address in cilip reg. form - why not for twitter name (or SL avatar/facebook etc.)? #cilip2
 20:59 Hels55Am hoping to use tweets from #CILIP2 to persuade others of merits of this Twitter thingy. Thanks to all who tweeted.
 21:00 neiljohnfordcome to think of it, I'd be happy for any of my profile info on CILIP to be open. Can I opt to share my profile info on cilip site? #cilip2
 21:14 llordllama@neiljohnford Ditto - I'm all for standing up and being noticed. Maybe just a little bit of what #cilip2 could be all about for all?
 21:19 helencurry@neiljohnford I like that, CILIP-based profiles where we can list all our blogs etc, librarian claimID directory #cilip2
 21:21 helencurry@neiljohnford I'd want it to be completely public tho, to share with those off cilip too, not pwd-protected like rest of cilip #cilip2
 21:22 m_hopwoodjust created "the" #CILIP2 Unofficial Post-conference Wiki: http://bit.ly/CovTp - OK, so you have to sign up, but please, it's not difficult
 21:24 KurtVRT @littlehigh Transcript of tweets to #CILIP2 on the web 2.0 cilip session session in London, http://bit.ly/gyn9j
 21:25 stuartbenjamin#CILIP2 finally, if you were a zombie, and had to eat one of the web2.0 gurus, which one would you eat? #verytiredtootiredtotweetcoherently
 21:29 PhilbradleyHome and preparing for a CILIP course tomorrow. Will catch up on the #cilip2 stuff tomorrow evening. Was really interesting event though!
 21:31 m_hopwood@helencurry just to be clear, CILIPwEB no more pwd protected thn Twttr; it's *membership* protected! Still have to sign in2 Twtter #CILIP2
 21:55 helencurry@m_hopwood that's true. I just dislike membership protected. Twitter allows me to share my qs with marketers and techies too. #cilip2
 22:45 briankellyBack home after #cilip2. Great day & v useful chats in pub afterwards. But now time for bed (& glad I woke up at Bath Spa station)
 05:58 NazlinBhimaniCatching up with #Cilip2 discussions. Stuck in meeting and unable to attend unfortunately. Thank you to all those who kept logs & blogs.
 06:38 karenblakemanTranscript of #cilip2 tweets at http://tinyurl.com/dkvzf6 Wordle tag cloud at http://tinyurl.com/cfxbkd
 06:40 ukeigTranscript of #cilip2 tweets at http://tinyurl.com/dkvzf6 Wordle tag cloud at http://tinyurl.com/cfxbkd
 06:43 katie_fraserYou can find my blog on the #cilip2 event at http://ow.ly/4v0b - for some reason it didn't post automatically - so much for web 2.0!
 07:11 clarea63Reflecting on #cilip2 tweetathon yesterday. Overwhelming, chaotic, frenetic, tiring, exciting, educational, thought-provoking, inspirational
 07:13 chrisinwales@ukeig Warning - transcript closes at 17:00 - there are a few post-meeting additions to the debate on #cilip2
 chrisinwales@karenblakeman Warning - transcript closes at 17:00 - there are a few post-meeting additions to the debate on #cilip2
 07:25 daveyp@karenblakeman @chrisinwales #cilip2 I'll pick up the post 5pm Tweets today and add them to the transcript this evening.
 07:28 chrisinwalesRT @ukeig @karenblakeman . @m_hopwood has just created "the" #CILIP2 Unofficial Post-conference Wiki: http://bit.ly/CovTp
 07:30 CaroMossGibbons#CILIP2 A huge thank you to everyone who joined in yesterday, and helped make it such a great event. More: http://tinyurl.com/dx5yh3
 07:43 CaroMossGibbonsMany thanks to Dave Pattern RT @ukeig Transcript of #cilip2 tweets http://tinyurl.com/dkvzf6 Wordle tag cloud at http://tinyurl.com/cfxbkd
 07:45 CaroMossGibbons@daveyp #CILIP2 Many thanks for the tweet transcripts, and for picking up the post-5pm stuff. The Wordle is great too! Much appreciated.
 07:47 ekcraggNew blog post: Thoughts on CILIP, Twitter, Library School and Web 2.0 http://tinyurl.com/cqehsq #cilip2
 07:49 meimaimaggioReading some of the blog responses to yesterday's #cilip2 activity at http://tinyurl.com/dl8csl. I'll write up my thoughts after exam!
 07:50 carolinerocheRT @karenblakeman: Transcript of #cilip2 tweets at http://tinyurl.com/dkvzf6 Wordle tag cloud at http://tinyurl.com/cfxbkd
 08:30 WoodsieGirlTaking advantage of quiet issue desk shift to catch up on all the #cilip2 fun I missed yesterday. Some interesting stuff, sorry I missed it!
 08:44 karenblakeman@Cath_Marlowe Thanks for the feedback on #nowal0904. Glad you enjoyed it. Now trying to catch up with 100s of #cilip2 tweets.
 09:03 SINTOcarlMy own take on the #cilip2 debate http://tinyurl.com/djgqvu
 09:04 helencurtissussing out my new librarian type followers after #cilip2
 09:06 serenalaburnumcatching up with blog posts from #cilip2 yesterday, as was busy at session on bibliographic databases at the time
 09:16 Domicus#cilip2 of course - oops
 09:29 toonsarahBrief summary of #cilip2 twitter impact: http://tinyurl.com/dx5yh3 - impressive to beat even swine flu!
 09:38 nicoleschuInteresting librarian's discussion on use of twitter in profession http://tinyurl.com/dkvzf6 #cilip2 - wish RM would follow
 09:42 eluciapachecoRT @nicoleschu: Interesting librarian's discussion on use of twitter in profession http://tinyurl.com/dkvzf6 #cilip2 - wish RM would follow
 09:46 eluciapachecoDebate sobre o uso do Twitter nas bibliotecas UK RT @SINTOcarl: My own take on the #cilip2 debate http://tinyurl.com/djgqvu
 09:49 llordllama#cilip2 Oh my, my name is a bit big in there! http://www.flickr.com/photos/davepattern/3486785454/sizes/l/
 09:50 jaygee35RT@clarea63 thanks for info re #cilip2 tweetathon yesterday, other Twitterinlibs check out http://www.daveyp.com/files/stuff/cilip2.html
 10:09 tadpole99reflecting on #cilip2 - I want to use web 2 for work because I use it outside of work and see the potential - good to know others do too
 10:14 m_hopwood@angelacarritt you missed a golden Twttr demo opportunity yesterday - 150 librarians on Twttr at once for #CILIP2
 10:16 cibertecario02RT @eluciapacheco: Debate sobre o uso do Twitter nas bibliotecas UK RT @SINTOcarl: My own take on #cilip2 debate http://tinyurl.com/djgqvu
 10:19 NunodeMatosRT @cibertecario02 RT @eluciapacheco: o uso do Twitter nas bibliotecas UK RT @SINTOcarl: My own take on #cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/djgqvu
 10:45 SINTOcarlI have had some comments on my blog posting http://tinyurl.com/djgqvu #cilip2
 10:47 marydeeoA day of editing ONLINE awaits. Now that #cilip2 is over, maybe I can concentrate on editing.
 10:57 LynParkerstill reflecting on the #CILIP2 debate yesterday. Need balance/integration of different communication tools. Currency v reflection
 11:18 amelialuzziNew blog post: benefits of following a conference session on Twitter http://bit.ly/cvSZS #cilip2
 11:32 charlierappleRT @amelialuzzi New blog post: benefits of following a conference session on Twitter http://bit.ly/cvSZS #cilip2
 12:25 tadpole99Blogged about #cilip2 http://tinyurl.com/d9rh23
 13:09 neiljohnfordBlogged on #cilip2 event at: http://ow.ly/4wOY
 13:24 JFJ24@PriestLib Which is maybe why CILIP needed to hold the event.. although suggest that perhaps if CILIP had a go they might get it. #cilip2
 13:29 alisha764RT @Domicus: "Found lots of cool library tweeters yesterday thanks to #cilip2 :)" always great 2 connect 2 more lib!
 13:32 briankelly@PriestLib The 'official twitterers' were focal points for the remote audience: they hadn't been asked to follow a party #cilip2 line
 karenblakeman@PriestLib Confess that I did a double take on "official twitterers" bit. So they are the 'authoritative' tweets & the rest aren't? #cilip2
 14:12 briankelly"CILIP: More Popular Than Swine Flu!" - my blog post on yesterday's #cilip2 event: http://bit.ly/14eRvs
 14:15 stevebridgerRT @briankelly: "CILIP: More Popular Than Swine Flu!" - my blog post on yesterday's #cilip2 event: http://bit.ly/14eRvs Fascinating stuff
 14:16 neiljohnfordRT @briankelly: "CILIP: More Popular Than Swine Flu!" - my blog post on yesterday's #cilip2 event: http://bit.ly/14eRvs >>Love the title :-)
 14:24 karenblakeman@crooneybrowne Of course - smacks head! #CILIP2 was trending yesterday so spammers are targetting everyone who used the tag.
 14:27 briankelly@karenblakeman Ok, understand that. Note that staff at #CILIP HQ and #cilip2 Council members were great in what they did yesterday.
 15:11 katie_fraserChuukaku Blog - CILIP 2.0: the aftermath: Well, I had an excellent time following #cilip2 on Twit.. http://tinyurl.com/caz54m
 15:17 joypalmerRT @katie_fraser: Chuukaku Blog - CILIP 2.0: the aftermath: Well, I had an excellent time following #cilip2 on .. http://tinyurl.com/caz54m
 15:19 briankellyThose interested in growing importance of remote working discussed at #cilip2 may wish to read @mariekeguy's blog: http://bit.ly/O2NWZ
 15:34 CILIPWMUnofficial #cilip2 Wiki: If you are interested in following up the twitter and blog discussions... http://tinyurl.com/cvml3e (via @ukeig)
 16:11 stuartbenjaminCILIP2.0 (or #CILIP2) Round-up: Yesterday, if only for a short while, librarians took over the internet. Well, t.. http://tinyurl.com/d8dek3