logging yer 856’s!

A few people have emailed me for more information about how to log clicks on the external 856 links in HIP, so here’s how to do it!

  • a web server on which you can run a script (e.g. Perl or PHP)
  • HIP 2 or 3

The 856 links in HIP are built from the MARC map in Horizon, so the first step is tweak it so that it prepends the URL of a logging script in front of the actual 856 URL.  Here’s what our 856 MARC $u map looks like (split across several lines for readability):

<a class="smallAnchor"
    {<img src="$9"{ alt="$y"}>|$z|$y|$_}

To view the MARC map without line breaks (i.e. as you’d enter it into Horizon), click here.
Please remember to make a note of the original 856 MARC map value – you might need it!
The https://library.hud.ac.uk/cgi-bin/cataloguelink.pl bit will need to be changed to the location and name of your logging script.
My first version of the logging script simply logged the URL and the time, as I couldn’t figure out a way of capturing more useful info (such as the bib number or book title).
So, I brewed myself an extra strong coffee and sneaked up on the problem from a different angle!
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Hitchcock update (w/c 25th Sep)

I’ve stated adding a weekly Hitchcock desktop wallpaper to the new wiki, so I’m going to try and get back into the habit of regular Hitch related blogging at the same time.
The wallpaper this week is a poster from the 1936 film “Secret Agent“, starring John Gielgud, Peter Lorre, and Madeleine Carroll:

(click to view different resolutions)
October 1st sees the French release of Bon Voyage & Aventure Malgache by Éditions Montparnasse.

I spotted last week that Optimum Releasing had submitted a couple of early Hitchcock films to the British Board of Film Classification, so I emailed them and Emilie Barra was kind enough to reply and let me know that they’re planning a Hitchcock box set for UK release in early 2007. What’s exciting is that Optimum were recently acquired by Studio Canal, so they should have access to high quality transfers used in “Les Premières Oeuvres” box sets (vol 1/vol 2/vol 3). The planned Optimum box set will include:

Finally, recent additions & updates to the site include screengrabs for:

Hitchcock and The Simpsons

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something Hitchcock related on the blog, so here’s the first in an infrequent series of Hitchcock/Simpsons comparisons that I’ve just added to the wiki.
To start off, there’s “Saboteur” and “Three Men and a Comic Book”:

And secondly, here’s “Psycho” and “Itchy and Scratchy and Marge”:

(click on the images to view larger versions in the wiki)