E. Henry Thripshaw’s Disease

Over the last 5 years or so, I seem to have developed a habit of mistyping words and I’m curious to know if anyone else does it? …or can I name the condition after myself? 😀
As a bit of background, I’m a touch-typist, so type fairly quickly without looking at the keyboard.
Anyway, what happens is that I’ll start typing one word, but I’ll mash that word up with the next word, before I then type that next word. What’s particularly annoying/frustrating is that I only seem to do it if the mashed word is itself a valid, correctly spelt word.
As an example, I was just typing an email with the phrase “…you’ll end up with the same end result”, except what I actually typed was “…you’ll end up with the send end result”.
On a bad day, I can do this several times in a single email (or a blog post). So, before I hit the send button, I’ll usually have to re-read the email a couple of times to try and catch the glitches (as the spellchecker doesn’t catch them).
So, am I the only person in the world who does this?!

5 years of book loans and grades (revisited)

Nigel’s comment on the “5 years of book loans and grades” post reminded me that I did do a breakdown by discipline of the same data.
One of the caveats with this is that it represents nearly a decade’s worth of usage and, during that time, the seven academic schools at Huddersfield have changed — e.g. some courses and subjects have moved from one school to another.
Music, Humanities and Media

In terms of books, the students in this school rack up highest average number of loans.

Business students’ borrowing is much lower, but considerably more stable across the 5 years of graduates.
Computing and Engineering

I guess there are no surprises here — when I did my HND in Computing at Huddersfield in the 1990s, I only visited the library once 😀
Education and Professional Development

There’s something interesting going on here — the borrowing levels for firsts and thirds is very similar, with 2:1 and 2:2 being lower. Very curious!
Human & Health Sciences

Applied Sciences

From memory, Applied Sciences make much higher usage of journals than books.
Art, Design and Architecture

The art stock is much more likely to be used within the library, rather than loaned.