The 2nd UK Information Literacy & Summon Day – July 25th

After the success of the first event, held at Sheffield Hallam University last July, we’re pleased to announce that Manchester Metropolitan University Library Services have kindly offered to host the next UK Information Literacy & Summon Day on Thursday July 25th.
Put the date in your diary and keep an eye on the event blog!
The venue is easy to get to from Manchester Airport 🙂

One thought on “The 2nd UK Information Literacy & Summon Day – July 25th”

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    Just wanted you to know that on Sunday, May 2, 2014, in the US, the CBS Sunday Morning Show had an interview with Eva Marie Saint.
    You probably already know about this, but, if not, I’m sure you have contacts in the US who can get you a video or transcript.
    She spoke very favourably about Hitch.
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    Glad to tell you about this, if somebody hasn’t already.
    All the best,
    Kent Murphy

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