100,000 ideas!

I totally failed to spot that the Library 2.0 Idea Generator has now created over 100,000 ideas!
I’ve no idea what the 100,000th idea actually was, but I hope it was “Build an Idea Generator and sell it to Google for $1,000,000”.
Around about 1% of the ideas were of high enough quality that the viewer added it to the whiteboard. I gave up counting how many of them reference Michael Gorman, but here’s a few that caught my eye…
investigate Michael Gorman and use him to replace all of your librarians
closely scrutinize Michael Gorman and then paint him purple
create Stephen Abram just to annoy Michael Gorman
write a song about Michael Gorman just to confuse Michael Gorman
enhance Michael Gorman for the Millennials
repurpose Michael Gorman and then replace him with a robot
replace Michael Gorman using Firefox
add the Netflix model just to annoy Michael Gorman
…poor Mr Gorman — what did he ever do to you?
I must admit, most of my favourite ideas involve the Library 2.0 World movers and shakers…
vigorously shake Lorcan Dempsey and upload the result to YouTube
invert Lorcan Dempsey and then paint him purple
closely scrutinize Leslie Burger and then visualise her as a tag cloud
digitize Meredith Farkas and observe her from a suitable distance (see here for the result)
write a song about Walt Crawford and publicise it on your plasma screen
fall in love with Stephen Abram and embed him into a portal
impress Michael Stephens and upload the result to YouTube
podcast about your podcasts and then blame Michael Stephens when it doesn’t work
unlock the latent forces within Jenny Levine and then run through your library screaming ”it’s all too much!”
If you’ve got a favourite idea from the whiteboard, or if you’ve actually been inspired by one of the ideas, please let me know!

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The Library 2.0 Idea Generator

There’s an ancient Japanese proverb which translates roughly as:

“If you put an infinite number of programming monkeys into a room, one of them will write a Library 2.0 Idea Generator”

So… tonight, Matthew, I am going to be that programming monkey and I proudly unveil the…

If you get any particularly juicy ideas, please post them as comments — here’s a “starter for 10“:

hack OCLC using LibraryThing

[update] I’ve added the ability to save your favourite ideas to the Library 2.0 Whiteboard
[update] To complement the Idea Generator, I’ve hacked together…