The Library 2.0 Idea Generator

There’s an ancient Japanese proverb which translates roughly as:

“If you put an infinite number of programming monkeys into a room, one of them will write a Library 2.0 Idea Generator”

So… tonight, Matthew, I am going to be that programming monkey and I proudly unveil the…

If you get any particularly juicy ideas, please post them as comments — here’s a “starter for 10“:

hack OCLC using LibraryThing

[update] I’ve added the ability to save your favourite ideas to the Library 2.0 Whiteboard
[update] To complement the Idea Generator, I’ve hacked together…

27 thoughts on “The Library 2.0 Idea Generator”

  1. …and your little dog Toto, too.
    Hilarious. Even if some of those could be taken seriously by those inclined to take such things seriously.

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  3. I’ve had an email asking how the generator works, so here’s all the gory details…
    There are three text files: file 1 contains a list of actions, file 2 contains a list of things/people/objects/etc, and file 3 contains a list of extra misc comments:
    The generator simply picks random entries from the first two files, and then (most of the time, but not always) appends a random entry from the 3rd file.
    Some of the early ideas lacked correct pronouns, so I tweaked the code to insert the relevant pronoun depending on which entry was selected from the 2nd file.
    I couldn’t resist adding some silly entries to each file — after all, who wouldn’t want to “tickle Lorcan Dempsey at the next conference you attend”? If you do so, please remember to upload the video footage to YouTube!

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  5. How’s this: Take a picture of Michael Stephens where he is holding something besides a Mac (a watermelon, a handsaw, etc…). Call it Library 2.0 sans product placement.

  6. Tim — Pewbot’s actually part my “World Domination 2.0” plans, which all basically read like this…
    “eliminate [insert item here] and then take over the world [insert diabolical laughter here]”
    …for example…
    “eliminate Michael Stephen’s watermelons and then take over the world… mmwwwuuhahahahaha!!!”

  7. What fun! Some of them are actually some great suggestions. As the director of my library, this was my favourite today:
    digitize your Library Director then replace her with a robot
    LOL! I’ve posted that one on my door. If I could figure a way to do it I would!! Then I could catch up on some of that valuable “me” time. Heh.

  8. Hey, I don’t see any suggestions about Facebook or Flickr….
    I’d like to see something on the order of Post scandalous photos of the library director on Facebook…..

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  10. Love the generator.
    Noted a minor spelling error, you may want to change “glace” to “glance”
    “glace sideways at Amazon and then run naked through your library screaming ”eureka!””

  11. Maybe I didn’t click “reload”, enough times, but surely the Library 2.0 should include something about “Disintermediation”!

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