E. Henry Thripshaw’s Disease

Over the last 5 years or so, I seem to have developed a habit of mistyping words and I’m curious to know if anyone else does it? …or can I name the condition after myself? 😀
As a bit of background, I’m a touch-typist, so type fairly quickly without looking at the keyboard.
Anyway, what happens is that I’ll start typing one word, but I’ll mash that word up with the next word, before I then type that next word. What’s particularly annoying/frustrating is that I only seem to do it if the mashed word is itself a valid, correctly spelt word.
As an example, I was just typing an email with the phrase “…you’ll end up with the same end result”, except what I actually typed was “…you’ll end up with the send end result”.
On a bad day, I can do this several times in a single email (or a blog post). So, before I hit the send button, I’ll usually have to re-read the email a couple of times to try and catch the glitches (as the spellchecker doesn’t catch them).
So, am I the only person in the world who does this?!

4 thoughts on “E. Henry Thripshaw’s Disease”

  1. I’m a touch typist too and I find weirdities in my text, particularly when operating full tilt trying to get a thought out, but I tend to mashup stock phrases rather than words.
    You’re just weird Dave – I’d never make a mike like that…

  2. That has happened once or twice to me – but I think I’m just a crap typist… 😉

  3. I too have been noticing myself mash words up while I type. I have found if I consciously slow down my typing I tend to make less mistakes.

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