More hot stuff

I’ve just added another widget to the blog:
…it shows the new words and hot topics that have appeared in library/librarian weblogs during the last 48 hours, using the data from the tag cloud I knocked together last month.
At the moment, the new Apple iPhone is the hottest topic out there.
If you want to include the widget in your own blog, then it’s similar to the L2 Idea one:
<script type="text/javascript"

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Baby steps

I like sneaking in new OPAC bits when no-one’s looking and then waiting for people to discover them 🙂
Before Christmas, I was chatting to Kathryn Greenhill in Second Life about OPAC-y (or should it be “OPACeous?”) things, and I turned a vile of green when I discovered that she’s got user ratings on their OPAC at Murdoch University.
I should point out that’s “green” as in “envy” rather than as in “driving the porcelain bus“!  Having said that, I like to think there might be at least a couple of ultra-conservative librarians out there somewhere who do get nauseous whenever they see Web/Library 2.0 stuff creeping into that nasty online card catalogue… just like Maggie might do in “Little Britain”:

Anyway, half an hour of frenetic mod_perl and MySQL activity later and we’ve now got something similar on our OPAC:
I’d like to add the facility for user comments/reviews too, but for the moment I’m happy just take a few baby steps with user ratings.