Universal’s “Masters of Cinema”

Whilst we wait to find out if the “AFI Salute” contained in the upcoming “Masterpiece Collection is full length or just edited highlights, I’ve unearthed a bit more info about the “Masters of Cinema” extra contained on the 15th DVD.
I think most of us had assumed it would be a new documentary, but it looks like it’s actually a couple of archive interviews with Hitchcock from 1972 that were broadcast as part of CBS’s “Camera Three” series.
“Camera Three: The Illustrated Hitchcock” was broadcast in two parts – the first part was an interview conducted by Pia Lindstrom (daughter of Ingrid Bergman), and the second conducted by film historian Willian Everson.
The total running time of both parts is about 55 minutes. However, the version recently submitted to the British Board of Film Classification is only 34 minutes. Once again, I wonder if Universal is planning to include an edited version?