CODI 2005 – Day Two (pm)

I Didn’t Know Web Reporter Could Do That! (Valerie M. Chase – /
As we haven’t had Web Reporter installed yet, kinda of everything was “I didn’t know that”!
Anyway, hopefully these notes will act as a reminder once we’re up and running…

  • once you’ve run a report, you can run the re-prompt to reselect the filters for the report without going all the way back
  • “view filter”s limit the existing results (rather than re-running the report)
  • “qualify” works well for limiting by dates, etc
  • to create new filters, you need to use the desktop client:
    • select “new” / “filter”
    • if you want a prompt, you need to hit the “prompt” button
  • prompts can be either single select (drop down list), multi-select, check boxes, or radio buttons (use the web options “modify” button to do this)
  • right-click, “search for dependants” will show you every report that uses a specific filter


  • allows you to do a grouping (e.g. combine all the “reference” types together)
  • remember to enable subtotals!
  • you can use consolidation to group together months (e.g. “summer”, “winter”)


  • e.g. create a new metric to combine phone, OPAC, etc renewals to get the total renewals


  • add a new qualification to highlight parts of the report results (e.g. show certain results in red)

advanced formatting…

  • e.g. change year format from “2005” to “05”