Inspired by Jenny Levine‘s mock up of an OPAC with keyword tags, I’ve gone a step further and used our Horizon database (the “subject” table in particular) to generate a real page based on subject keywords with more than 10 bibs:
I did a bit of tweaking so that sub-subjects (is that a real word?) are collapsed into the parent subject – if you hover your mouse pointer over one of the links, then you should get a better idea of what I mean. Once I’d got the totals for each parent subject, I excluded anything with less than 100 bibs.

13 thoughts on “Taggytastic!”

  1. Love it! It is worth noting that the sizes of the tags Sex, Politics and Religion (which as we all know are the three things not to speak of in polite company) were much larger in Jenny’s mock-up than in reality. 😉
    Seriously though, this is a huge lunge forward. Very impressive!

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  3. Wednesday, I emailed one of our library techs the tag cloud post and link to the prototype and script, asking him if it could be altered to work with Voyager (our OPAC). This morning he shows me a working version. I love it! He’s going to tweak it some more, then I hope to include it on our library’s homepage.
    Davey, would you want to upload the Voyager version of the script too?

  4. Kate – that’s great to hear!
    The script is really only a prototype, inspired by Jenny Levine et al, so it’s fantastic that you’ve managed to get it running with a completely different library system 🙂
    If you’re happy to share it, then I’d be more than happy to host it with the existing Horizon script – you can email me at:
    email [at] daveyp.com
    I’m busy trying to come up with a hierarchical browsing version of the Horizon script.

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  6. WOW!
    Pleeeeease tell me what I need to do in order for you to show me how to do that with our HIP catalog?
    Could someone who is not a programmer, like me, do it without too much trouble?
    Thank you.
    Shelly M.

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