Hitchcock DVD Site Update

It’s been a while since I last updated the Hitchcock DVD Site, so it’s high time for a bit of news!
To be honest, if I’d realised that there’d be well over 500 separate Hitchcock related DVD releases out there by 2006, I’m not entirely sure I would have started the site in the first place ๐Ÿ™‚

Those of you who were here at the start will remember that the site grew from a single thread (The Ultimate Hitchcock DVD Thread) on the DVD Forums site that was started by Yonathan Gal 3 years ago this month.  For anyone wanting to read through the thread, I’m “tips4tnt”.
The fateful offer to set up a “web site detailing Hitchcock DVD’s” was made on the 16th May 2003 and the first version of the site went live 5 days later, running from my home PC.  By early 2004 the traffic to the site was too much for my cable modem connection to handle, so everything was moved to a commercial hosting company.
Since then, the site has grown and grown, and now contains over 1.4GB of data (mostly high res screen grabs).  The code I developed for handling the site has also grown organically over the last 3 years, and has now reach the point where I can hardly remember what some of it actually does ๐Ÿ˜€
At this point, I should really say that I’m also deeply indebted to everyone who’s helped out with the site:

Alain Kerzoncuf, Alistair Kerr, beeninsane, Blaney, BradF, Cristina Sampaio, David Smith, DeadKenny, Edge, f_drew, Gregg Ferencz, Guenther, Harry Nicholls, Ian Sykes, johnarne, John Bartlett, Marco, Mark_vdH, Martin (aka Veryhumble), MartinC, Mr_Lowery, Oliver Eichhorn, Paolo, Paul Gray, Peter Barden, Pieter Boven, Searching, Siriami, Step away from the console, Szentes Gerzson Pรฉter, Wes Moynihan, Yonathan Gal, and many many more!

Unfortunately (for me at least!) the amount of time and work it was taking to maintain the site was also growing and growing, and what began as fun eventually started to become a chore.  So, for the last few months I’ve taken a deliberate break from the site to concentrate on having fun again …and all this mucking around with Library 2.0 and tweaking our library OPAC has been extremely fun!
So, what’s the future for the Hitchcock DVD Information Site?
Well, the bad news is that the existing site is getting too difficult for me to easily maintain.
The good news is that I’m planning to gradually move all of the content into a wiki — you can call it Hitchcock 2.0 if you like ๐Ÿ™‚
I think it’s going to take a couple more weeks to transfer the content, but hopefully by the start of June the Alfred Hitchcock DVD Wiki will be fully open for business:


I’m not allowing any editing of the wiki pages until the site goes live, but the discussion pages are open for anonymous posts and comments.
If you’ve got any ideas for the wiki, please let me know!
Just to give you a feel for the new site, here are some sample pages:

7 thoughts on “Hitchcock DVD Site Update”

  1. Glad to hear from you !
    Due out DVD’s
    1/( soon. June probably )
    -UC + Bonus: interview by Chabrol (the same as in the German edition)
    -JI + MARY (French subtitles onlyfor the latter))
    -TMWKTM 1 + JUNO
    2/ Later (can’t say when exactly)
    -WALTZES FROM VIENNA (English complete version)
    – Pleasure Garden

  2. phew! good to see some news on the Hitchcock site, knew you wouldnt let us down. Nice to see LIFEBOAT has FINALLY had a UK release.
    All the best, thanks to you Davey from all us Hitch fans!

  3. hey i absolutely love what youve done… i made a suggestion in the discussion in the mountian eagle, so if you want to see that.. but other then that it is absolutely amazing… where do you plan to have the box sets listed?

  4. awsome. if there is anything i coudl do.. let me know. i also have soem other ideas.. maybe there shoudl be a section, where much fans woudl be needed to complete this, but we coudl have a list of the main interviews, or the major ones at least that hitchcock did. and if possible have the audio for them, or links to audio. for example the truffaut interview is avalible on that web site, which i just dwled them today, so far only 7 parts, of how many? lol but a simple link to those would make it great.
    As well maybe a hitchock Book-ography section. haha thow this will be a bit new to the whole site, and will not have much to do with the DVDs… maybe as a bonus, but then again so its not too much work for you many fans shoudl pitch in. as well as having scans for the books, so people can find it easyer.
    Lastly is only a suggestion. you shoudl use the banner from the old site on here, it was a nice banner, and would be nice if it coudl be used as a link or soemthing.

  5. hey ijust saw u took my advice on the kaleidoscope frenzy, an dyou have foudn MUCH MUCH more pics as i had. haha. im verry impressed. so i went and foudn this for you.
    its a lot of unfinished films, but with not that much info.. but still very interesting. i hope im not giving you too much work. hahaha but i am absolutely loving what your doing. this is the best way to have the site. lol

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