eeeeeeww – educational spam!

I’m curious as to how many other library bloggers have received the following unsolicited spam from the “Southern California University of Professional Studies”:

Thank you for this opportunity to correspond with your organization concerning advertising on your website. My name is Patrice Madderra and I am representing SCUPS (Southern California University of Professional Studies). Would you please be so kind as to forward to me any information or requirements you may have for banner placement or other advertising options your organization offers?
Thank you,
Patrice Madderra

“Patrice” was so keen to talk to me, he even sent me multiple copies of the same spam. Needless to say each copy is now winging its way to
Perhaps it’s because I work for a University, but I find this kind of spam really annoying — a few years ago, the otherwise reputable University of Liverpool tried using spam as a recruitment tool and I remember receiving several hundred copies of that one, all sent to made-up email accounts ending with “”.

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  1. SCUPS would use its .edu address. This is most likely someone who is not employed with SCUPS. This will be reported to SCUPS. And, no, SCUPS is not a Mickey Mouse University.

  2. Did you confirm this with SCUPS before you posted that SCUPS is a Mickey Mouse University? I can assure you that SCUPS would use their .edu email address.

  3. Robert — the only email address I could find on the site was for enrollment.
    I’m quite prepared to take your word for it that SCUPS is a legitimate Univeristy, although that doesn’t explain why someone was so keen for me to have a SCUPS banner ad on this site.

  4. Dave,
    This is not the first time something like this has been done to SCUPS. Someone was posting an actual advertisement for SCUps on their own web page without SCUPS knowledge. In addition, on the same web page was an advertisement for California Coast University. Both schools had that removed. If you use yahoo search, you will get lots of info SCUPS. I emailed the school a copy of the request sent to you. should bring up the website.
    Thanks for your reply.

  5. Cheers Robert!
    I’ve edited the original blog post. I’ll also forward you a copy of the spam to your email address tonight, as the IP address it was sent from might be of use to you.

  6. Thanks Dave in advance for forwarding this. I will forward it on to the school.
    I like your site.

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