1000 Frames of Hitchcock – Spellbound (1945)

Slightly inspired by Douglas Gordon’s “24 Hour Psycho” video installation, here’s the first part of “1000 Frames of Hitchcock”:
Spellbound (1945)
…be warned, it’s a bandwidth hungry page!
The 1000 frames are fairly equally spaced and each represents a section of film lasting roughly 6 seconds.
Seeing as the next Dynix User Group Conference will be held in Barcelona, here’s a segment containing one of the Salvador Dali “Dream Sequences”:
And, just to really tax your bandwidth and overload your computer, here’s a page that tries to show all 1000 frames in just 1 minute:
Hitchcock in 60 seconds – Spellbound (1945)
…the page might take a little while to load!

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