Librarians as books – part 2

Here’s a few more…
By the way, if anyone would like an image “bookifying” then feel free to email it to me: email[at]
Stephen Abram (

(largest version – 3,420 book covers)
Sarah Houghton-Jan (

(largest version – 4,680 book covers)
Casey Bisson (

(largest version – 2,700 book covers)
Meredith Farkas (

(largest version – 3,000 book covers)
John Blyberg (

(largest version – 4,080 book covers)
Jessamyn West (

(largest version – 2,040 book covers)

(largest version – 3,480 book covers)
Michael Casey (

(largest version – 2,940 book covers)
note: the largest versions are hosted on my home PC, so you’ll probably have time to make a cup of coffee, run a bath, and rearrange your entire library stock by the colour of the spines before they finish downloading 😀

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