yikes – I live in a blacklisted country

I don’t think I’ve ever come across this before, but I responded to an email sent to me from a public library in the US and was surprised to receive the following delivery failure message…

SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
host csplspam.xxxxxxxx.lib.ia.us [xxx.xxx.160.30]:
557 Your IP address is from a blacklisted country. Disconnecting.

…I know spam’s a serious problem, but isn’t blocking all email from a whole European country kind of excessive?

3 thoughts on “yikes – I live in a blacklisted country”

  1. Darn Brits, that’ll teach them. 😉
    …Out of curiosity, did you try emailing her from a free webmail account, or is that blocked too?

  2. The only other email accounts I have are UK based so, short of creating a Hotmail account, I suspect they’d get blocked as well.
    Thinking about it yesterday, the IT Dept for the Iowa library must have taken the decision to block all UK emails, as the University of Huddersfield has had the same UK based IP range for at least 15 years (probably much longer).
    If an IT Dept is making those kinds of policy decisions without telling staff, then there’s a very serious communication problem 🙁

  3. Yep — just tried sending from my other email accounts but, as they’re based in the UK, the emails are bounced back with the “Your IP address is from a blacklisted country” message.

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