HighBeam Research, anyone?

Just wondering if anyone out there has a HighBeam Research account? If so, is there any chance you could look up the following article for me (pretty please!)…
A quartet that was just briefly a trio!
…I’ve absolutely no idea why the Huddersfield Examiner would want to reprint a 14 year old photograph of the band I used to be in …unless it was a very slow news day!!!
I can vaguely remember having to jump on the bus to Huddersfield after work (I used to work at the old Tesco supermarket in Brighouse) to have that photograph taken with Simon and Matthew — it was taken in the original Beaumont Street recording studio.
Douglas Thomson (the pop writer for the Examiner) seemed to like us and wrote several flattering articles:
The Headmen - newspaper_03 The Headmen - newspaper_04 The Headmen - newspaper_01

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  1. I only just today joined highbeam research…did you find what you were looking for?…I’m having a bit of difficulty navigating their site and I’m a tad nervous about it…so, let me know if you still need information and I’ll be happy to try to help you. Thanks. Deb

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