breaking news: Stephen Abram’s brain overloads (again)

It’s nearly two years since Stephen Abram’s brain last overloaded, but it looks like it might have happened again. According to a blog post that just appeared in the Google Blog Search RSS feed for “SirsiDynix”, Mr Abram recently said…

We eat a abandoned blueprint insomuch as this armorial bearings and are comfortable in passage to have tenure of ever so plurality perhaps-appreciated restraint of trade leaders who fob in good part uninfluenced their set and datum against the SirsiDynix Give birth to. Their service up befall toward the business dealings goodwill this humors is monistic in transit to the power to act in point of the SirsiDynix Float – ease off, critic familiarization from each and all buttery professionals.

Before you call for the men in white coats, I should point out that the blog post in question looks to be a randomly generated spam blog and it makes about as much sense as my GormanBot does.
However, if Meredith Farkas is looking for a new job title, I think “Culture Bookworm” sounds kinda cool!

5 thoughts on “breaking news: Stephen Abram’s brain overloads (again)”

  1. That said, the job titles at Topeka Shawnee Public Library look impressive as well :_)

  2. I was just about to hang up my shingle as a “buttery professional”, but on reading the full post, I think I’d prefer to be known as a “fantasy yak”.
    Sounds like positions in the Library Society of the World.

  3. It’s Backdrop Culture Bookworm to you. 🙂 And apparently you can special order both me and Paul Pival. Who knew?
    My favorite is “David Hand, negative crank and services supervisor”

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