since when are librarians synonymous with paedophiles?

Working in a library, this BBC News headline was bound to catch my eye: “Paedophile ‘librarian’ is jailed“.
So, this would be a news item about a librarian who was discovered to be a paedophile, then? No.
Having read (and re-read the article), the paedophile never worked in a library nor was he a librarian. Apparently, the mere fact that he collected illegal images of children and shared them on a web site makes him a “librarian”.
So, librarians of the world, how does it feel to be branded as a bunch of dirty, kiddie-fiddling perverts?

One thought on “since when are librarians synonymous with paedophiles?”

  1. Oh my gosh I was at work when that little heading popped up on my Feedreader. Sometimes the BBC really irritates me with their stupid headlines. We are NOT a bunch of dirty,kiddie-fiddling pervs. Yak.

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