HotStuff 2.0 – new features

I’ve added a couple of new features to HotStuff 2.0 today…
1) “Top blogs” for specific words — this locates the blogs which contain the highest ratio of posts containing that word (matching on the common word stem). For example, currently The Kept-Up Academic Librarian is the top blog for universities and Phil Bradley is top for searching.
2) “Hot or not” score for each blog — using a top secret formula (which I might patent as “BiblioBlogRank”!), for each day’s blog posts, points are added or subtracted to the overall score for that blog. Points are gained for using words which have seen a recent increase in usage, but are lost for using words that are declining in usage. For reasons that even I’m not too sure about, Slaw is today’s hottest blog and TangognaT is the least!

2 thoughts on “HotStuff 2.0 – new features”

  1. Fun stuff. How about making some of it so it could be used on a biblioblog? For instance, show in a sidebar the tag cloud for all weblogs and also the one for mine.

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