UKSG 2012

You can grab a copy of my presentation (“I wouldn’t start from here”) from (PDF or PPTX).
Claire Gravely wrote up a summary of the session for the UKSG blog.
Unfortunately it looks like I’ve managed to lose the USB stick with the final version of the presentation, so the above is the closest version I could find on my netbook. I’ve snipped out about 25 slides of screenshots that showed an e-resource problem reported by a student and the fun & games I had trying to get to the full-text (which ended with me being asked to pay $59) — the purpose wasn’t to single out any specific vendor or platform for criticism, but to show an example of just how painful the end user experience can be when compared to Google.
After uploading it, I released I’d forgotten to include explicit CC info. Feel free to treat the original content as being CC BY-SA.
The PowerPoint file was too big for SlideShare, so I’ve uploaded the PDF version with notes instead…