Mashed Library ’08

Just another plug for the Mashed Library event, now that the registration page is available!

This informal event is a chance to meet others involved in Library Technology and related fields such as metadata, search, etc. Inspired by the Mashed Museums event, the day will give the opportunity for you to discuss ideas, share visions, and hopefully actually develop some stuff. All you need to take part is some enthusiasm for exploiting technology in the Library and Information world.

Mashed Library ’08

Kudos to Owen Stephens for getting Mashed Library ’08 off the ground! According to the mashed library page on, the event will take place at Birkbeck College, London on Thursday 27th November.

(“mash and gravy” by chotda)
In the spirit of all things unconferency, the aim is to…

…have a reasonably informal event at which we try to do interesting stuff with library technology and/or data.

Come hell or high water, I intend to be there! 🙂