Mashed Library 2010 – Chips and Mash

I promise that one of these days I’ll get back into regular blogging (honest!)
After “Liver and Mash” at Liverpool, it looked likely that there might not be another Mashed Library event in 2010. So, after a bit of a natter with colleagues, we’ve decided to host another event at Huddersfield (with even more cake than last time!)…

Chips and Mash

Mashed Library 2010 – Liverpool

As announed on Twitter last night, the first Mashed Library UK event of 2010 will be taking place in Liverpool on Friday 14th May 🙂
Keep an eye on the following sites for further details!

It’s become a little tradition to give each event a fun name — we’ve had “Mash Oop North!” (Huddersfield) and “Middlemash” (Birmingham). If you’ve got any suggestions for the Liverpool event, please tweet them to @m8nd1 or @daviddclay, or leave a comment here 🙂
Some (Beatles related) suggestions are:

  • A Hard Day’s Mash
  • All You Need is Mash
  • Sgt Masher’s Mashtastical Mashup Band
  • All Things Must Mash
  • Mash Me Do
  • Eight Mashups a Week
  • I Am the Mashup
  • Mashups (That’s What I Want)
  • I’m API Just to Dance With You