I Wuv Wiki

Just realised I’ve not blogged about my ongoing wuv affair with the MediaWiki software!
Earlier on in the year, I started moving my existing Hitchcock web site into a wiki, and I’ve been having fun writing extensions to add extra features to the wiki — for example, on the page for “Vertigo“, Hitch is keeping track of the film rating and a custom extension is providing links through to the Image Gallery images for the film…

We’ve also recently launched two other wikis — the DUG Wiki (for the Dynix UK User Group) and our new Electronic Resources Wiki.
The latter is an attempt to bring together all of the information we have about our resources into a single location, and also to support collaboration from the Library staff.  It’s still early days for the wiki, but the feedback from both staff (including Academic staff) and students has been very positive so far.

At present, only Library staff are able to edit the main articles, but anyone can edit the discussion pages.  Hopefully it will grow into a useful resource for our students!