BBC Breakfast News items about YouTube

I briefly mentioned this item from the BBC Breakfast News during Jane Dysart‘s session at Online Information 2007…

History lessons online
Three teachers are using the website YouTube to teach history. 60 films have been posted online covering topics such as D-Day, Bloody Sunday, the Slave Trade, Vietnam and Mary Queen of Scots.

The videos are available on YouTube, along with the TV interview.
Apart from the serendipity of it linking in with Jane’s session, what impressed me the most was that a news programme was actually featuring a really positive story about YouTube. The majority of news items I’ve seen before have been generally negative, e.g.:

If your place of work has banned access to YouTube, then positive stories like schoolhistory might be a useful tool for questioning such draconian measures.

Woohoo – my brother is in Wikipedia!

Not sure if he knows it, but I’ve just spotted that my older brother Simon gets a mention on the Pennine Radio Wikipedia page. Sadly he doesn’t appear in this video…
…I can’t believe their original jingle was “Pennine 235, that’s the sound goin’ into your ‘ear’oles”!