Superpatron’s Library Camp!

This is such a great idea — Ann Arbor, and their resident Superpatron Ed Vielmetti, have organised a Library 2.0 unconference:
As Ed notes on his blog:

An unconference or “camp” is a way of organizing a conference so that you focus on bringing the right people to the room and don’t stress about who is going to be a speaker or what’s going to be on the agenda.

The sign up page for the event is here.
I’ve love to know how much interest there would be in having a similar Library 2.0 event in the UK?
Although there’s always scope for more formal L2 events and presentations at the upcoming UK conferences, it would be great to know if there’s already a sizeable number of UK Librarians and Library Techies out there who’d like to get together for an informal day of Library 2.0 discussion, idea swapping, and brainstorming?

2 thoughts on “Superpatron’s Library Camp!”

  1. Hello,
    Sounds like a great idea indeed. The US is too far for a small-scale meeting like this, but I would for sure go myself and try to drag one of my colleagues along if something would happen in the UK. If there are any takers in .nl that would be even better…
    I’ve lurked the L2 movement so far, attempting to stir up enthousiasm in our library; consuming only. That might change, I’m looking forward to contributing, either with code, a blog, or both.
    Thanks for your work and the way you write about it, it’s an inspiration!

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