Tree Trimming Tips

Many thanks to Talis’ Paul Miller for inviting me to take part in their latest Talking with Talis today.
Just before the recording session started this afternoon, workmen from the local council pulled up outside our house to do some tree trimming.  So, if you detect any odd noises in the background then it’s probably their 3 chainsaws and wood chipper rather than the Superpatron suffering a bout of chronic flatulence 😉

If you like pictures of trees getting mutilated, then there’s more here!
I’m not too sure that the local squirrel population will make of the trimming, as there used to be several overhead crossing points for them (where the branches of trees on opposite sides of the road mingled together).

One thought on “Tree Trimming Tips”

  1. The local squirrel population here is plentiful – if you do a Flickr search for “annarbor” and hit the “clusters” option one of the clusters is “squirrel”. 🙂
    It was a good call, I’m looking forward to the audio.

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