Converting Between ISBN-10 and ISBN-13

There’s been a lot of chatter on the web4lib list about converting from 10 digit to 13 digit ISBNs.
Casey Bisson has contributed an API to do the job which makes use of John Blyberg’s PHP script.
Here’s my contribution, which is deliberately different from Casey’s:

Rather than being an API, the idea is that you can either paste a list of ISBNs into the box or upload a file of ISBNs, and then receive a file which has the ISBN-10s converted to ISBN-13s.
By default, only valid ISBN-10s (i.e. ones with valid checksums) will be converted and the rest will be untouched. If you want to convert anything that remotely resembles a 10 digit ISBN (regardless of checksum), then you’ll need to tick the “don’t validate” checkbox before you submit.
If all goes well, then whatever formatting you’ve used will be retained in the output.
The file upload will attempt to process whatever you upload (inc. binary files), but you’re probably better off uploading plain text files. If you really really want to, you can try converting your favourite images to ISBN-13!
The script uses the following modules, so you can blame them if anything gets misconverted:

If you spot any problems or have any suggestions, please leave a comment!

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  1. Thanks so much!
    You helped me organize my personal library.
    You have good taste in movies too, btw, if I may say.

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