CODI 2006 – Salt Lake City

As the crow flies, I’m about 4,720 miles away from the CODI 2006 Conference, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep up with all the gossip from the conferences bloggers and flickr snappers.
So, for the next few days I’m going to try and bring everything CODI 2006 related I can find together into one place. Please feel free to post comments if I’ve missed anything!
Wednesday is the first day of the main conference, but I guess all but the most serious party animals will be tucked up in bed at the moment. However, lets see what’s out there already…
Kevin Smith (aka “The Fiddling Librarian 3.0”) has already posted a couple of entries on his blog:
» CODI Conference 2006 (01/Oct/2006)
» A Grand Day Out (01/Oct/2006)
Kevin’s also posted 62 photographs tagged with “codi2006” on flickr:

“betdjibouti” has also started a flickr set:

I had the great pleasure of meeting Ben Ostrowsky (aka “sylvar”) at CODI 2005, and I know from his blog that he’s jetting his way towards Salt Lake City. Ben was a prolific snapper last year, so hopefully we’ll start seeing some photos soon! Just looking at this photo from last year gets me drooling all over the keyboard — seriously folks, you cannot buy white chocolate covered pretzel sticks in the UK for love nor money!

It looks like a bunch of librarians (Mary, Carol, Robin, Melissa, and Amy) have got together to contribute to the CODI 2006 / Salt Lake City Blogger weblog.
Maxine has also started blogging about her trip to CODI 2006 on Maxine’s Place:
» Salt Lake City, here I come!

Next up, an anonymous delegate is posting at
» VISIONS OF CODI: arrival
Finally, keep an eye on The Gordian Knot blog, as there’s bound to be some action on there soon!
Tonight is also the ’70s Party event, so I can’t wait to see some of the photos!!!