CODI 2006 – Salt Lake City (day 3, final update)

Well folks, CODI 2006 is over!
It looks like it was another excellent conference, so congratulations to everyone involved in organising the event and many thanks to those of you who kept the rest of us up-to-date with your blog posts and photographs 🙂
If you were at CODI 2006 but you’re not a blogger, please consider posting your session notes and conference summaries to The Gordian Knot — there’s a lot of Horizon & Dynix sites out there who would love to read them!
The updates from the final day are…
Phyllis has posted:
» CODI 2006 — Customizable, Flexible
» CODI 2006 — day 3. Pocket Circulation
Over at the CODI 2006 / Salt Lake City, there’s:
» Mary’s week so far
» Carol’s update
Kevin has posted:
» Sumary of Codi2006 Days 2 and 3
The codi2006 tagged images at flickr are now up to 459 — that almost 3 times as many as last year!

“So you were teetotal until your library became an 8.0 beta site, huh?!”

CODI 2006 – Salt Lake City (day 3, update 3:00pm GMT)

It’s 9am in Salt Lake City on the 3rd and final day of CODI 2006.
Let’s catch up with the overnight action!
There’s now nearly 300 photographs tagged with “codi2006” at flickr 🙂
Over at The Gordian Knot, Super Susan and Luke have been playing catch up:
» The Missing Face (Steve Nielsen)
» Good news for serials catalogers
» OZDUG stars shine at CODI meeting
» The World of Indexes According to Shelley
» Migration – The Path to…
There’ll probably be a couple more updates, but let me say that I hope everyone has a great final day and a safe journey home!

CODI 2006 – Salt Lake City (day 2, update 5:30am GMT)

It’s 11:30pm in Utah, so the 2nd day of CODI 2006 is coming to an end.
Here’s a quick update of the latest action…
Over at the CODI 2006 / Salt Lake City blog:
» Biblio’s Angels
» ’70s party
» The day after the 70’s party

Phyllis has a post about RFID:
» CODI 2006 – Day 2
Kevin has posted some more photographs to his flickr account:

And finally, I reckon Ben‘s in danger of getting RSI in his shutter finger!

CODI 2006 – Salt Lake City (day 2, update 2:30pm GMT)

It’s now 8:30am on day 2 of CODI 2006 in Salt Lake City and I guess most delegates will be breakfasting at the moment.
Let’s catch up with the action…
Over at The Gordian Knot, Susan “suzyq” Johns-Smith has posted her analysis of the opening keynote speeches:
» A Cautious Beginning
Ben has confirmed that those librarians were doing the internationally recognisable “YMCA” dance:
» CODI 2006 photos (first set) are now on Flickr
And at, the anonymous blogger/bloggerette/bloggerino is indeed venting their spleen:
…I remember being amazed at the number of people who sat knitting during presentations at CODI last year. I now have nightmares that one day I’ll do a presentation and the entire room will be filled with people knitting away (clackerty-clackerty-clackerty-clackerty-clackerty…) 😀

CODI 2006 – Salt Lake City (day 1, update 6:00am GMT)

It’s now midnight in Salt Lake City, so the first day of CODI has come to an end. However, I’m pretty sure that there’ll still be a hardcore of delegates hovering around the bar!
Let’s catch up with the activity in the last 12 hours…
Kevin “Fiddling Librarian 3.0” Smith has posted his summary of day one:
» Codi 2006 Day One
Ben Ostrowsky has posted another two articles:
» CODI 2006: SQL tips from John Craig at alpha-G
» A reflection on conferences
…and Ben’s also posted 82 photographs of the first day to his flickr account!

Garry Collum has also uploaded some more photos to his flickr account:

That brings the total number of photographs tagged with codi2006 at flickr to 121!
Phyllis (who is the Support Services Team Manager at Marathon County Public Library in Central Wisconsin) has also started blogging:
» Codi 2006 — Opening Comments by Patrick Sommers
And last, but no means by least, there’s a veritable plethora of pertinent posts over at the CODI 2006 / Salt Lake City Blogger blog!
» Robin’s Wednesday
» CODI 2006 / Salt Lake City
» Melissa’s Panel
» Amy’s Panel
» Melissa’s Disaster Recovery Program

CODI 2006 – Salt Lake City (day 1, update 1pm GMT)

It’s 7am in Utah, and I guess the delegates will be stirring from their Horizon filled dreams …or nightmares!
Weather wise, it looks like it’s going to be partly sunny with thunderstorms in Salt Lake City today, with a fair chance of rain.
Here’s an update on what’s hit the web in the last few hours…
Luke the Librarian has posted a request over at The Gordian Knot for any podcasts and audio feeds to be passed on to him.
Garry Collum (of Collum’s Column) has uploaded some photographs tagged with codi2006 to flickr, including these:

Garry is joined by redsquirrell57 who’s also posted some photos to flickr, including:

CODI 2006 – Salt Lake City

As the crow flies, I’m about 4,720 miles away from the CODI 2006 Conference, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep up with all the gossip from the conferences bloggers and flickr snappers.
So, for the next few days I’m going to try and bring everything CODI 2006 related I can find together into one place. Please feel free to post comments if I’ve missed anything!
Wednesday is the first day of the main conference, but I guess all but the most serious party animals will be tucked up in bed at the moment. However, lets see what’s out there already…
Kevin Smith (aka “The Fiddling Librarian 3.0”) has already posted a couple of entries on his blog:
» CODI Conference 2006 (01/Oct/2006)
» A Grand Day Out (01/Oct/2006)
Kevin’s also posted 62 photographs tagged with “codi2006” on flickr:

“betdjibouti” has also started a flickr set:

I had the great pleasure of meeting Ben Ostrowsky (aka “sylvar”) at CODI 2005, and I know from his blog that he’s jetting his way towards Salt Lake City. Ben was a prolific snapper last year, so hopefully we’ll start seeing some photos soon! Just looking at this photo from last year gets me drooling all over the keyboard — seriously folks, you cannot buy white chocolate covered pretzel sticks in the UK for love nor money!

It looks like a bunch of librarians (Mary, Carol, Robin, Melissa, and Amy) have got together to contribute to the CODI 2006 / Salt Lake City Blogger weblog.
Maxine has also started blogging about her trip to CODI 2006 on Maxine’s Place:
» Salt Lake City, here I come!

Next up, an anonymous delegate is posting at
» VISIONS OF CODI: arrival
Finally, keep an eye on The Gordian Knot blog, as there’s bound to be some action on there soon!
Tonight is also the ’70s Party event, so I can’t wait to see some of the photos!!!