CODI 2006 – Salt Lake City (day 2, update 2:30pm GMT)

It’s now 8:30am on day 2 of CODI 2006 in Salt Lake City and I guess most delegates will be breakfasting at the moment.
Let’s catch up with the action…
Over at The Gordian Knot, Susan “suzyq” Johns-Smith has posted her analysis of the opening keynote speeches:
» A Cautious Beginning
Ben has confirmed that those librarians were doing the internationally recognisable “YMCA” dance:
» CODI 2006 photos (first set) are now on Flickr
And at, the anonymous blogger/bloggerette/bloggerino is indeed venting their spleen:
…I remember being amazed at the number of people who sat knitting during presentations at CODI last year. I now have nightmares that one day I’ll do a presentation and the entire room will be filled with people knitting away (clackerty-clackerty-clackerty-clackerty-clackerty…) 😀

2 thoughts on “CODI 2006 – Salt Lake City (day 2, update 2:30pm GMT)”

  1. The blogger isn’t anonymous; WHOIS data gives the name (though not the address or phone number) of the domain’s owner. I can tell you privately, DaveyP, but I know you can figure it out yourself too.
    I’ll try to contact the blogger in person and talk about privacy issues. The blogger might not realize that their name is publicly associated with the domain name.
    And, well, they say you should imagine your audience naked; I can think of a knitter who wouldn’t tax your imagination (and would probably boost your spirits as well).

  2. Indeed — there’s nowhere to hide on the web!
    Curse you tho, now my nightmares will be filled with rooms full of a naked knitters… oh, the humanity! 😀

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