CODI 2006 – Salt Lake City (day 1, update 6:00am GMT)

It’s now midnight in Salt Lake City, so the first day of CODI has come to an end. However, I’m pretty sure that there’ll still be a hardcore of delegates hovering around the bar!
Let’s catch up with the activity in the last 12 hours…
Kevin “Fiddling Librarian 3.0” Smith has posted his summary of day one:
» Codi 2006 Day One
Ben Ostrowsky has posted another two articles:
» CODI 2006: SQL tips from John Craig at alpha-G
» A reflection on conferences
…and Ben’s also posted 82 photographs of the first day to his flickr account!

Garry Collum has also uploaded some more photos to his flickr account:

That brings the total number of photographs tagged with codi2006 at flickr to 121!
Phyllis (who is the Support Services Team Manager at Marathon County Public Library in Central Wisconsin) has also started blogging:
» Codi 2006 — Opening Comments by Patrick Sommers
And last, but no means by least, there’s a veritable plethora of pertinent posts over at the CODI 2006 / Salt Lake City Blogger blog!
» Robin’s Wednesday
» CODI 2006 / Salt Lake City
» Melissa’s Panel
» Amy’s Panel
» Melissa’s Disaster Recovery Program

3 thoughts on “CODI 2006 – Salt Lake City (day 1, update 6:00am GMT)”

  1. Phew, I guess Ben’s burning the midnight oil, as he’s currently uploading even more photograhps to his flickr account — go to bed Ben, or else you’ll be all tired and grumpy for the second day of CODI!
    I love the computer punch card costume from this shot of what appears to be a bunch of librarians doing the “YMCA” dance 😀

  2. go to bed Ben, or else you’ll be all tired and grumpy for the second day of CODI!
    Good advice. Fortunately for me, there’s lots of free coffee at breakfast.

  3. I’ve seen Ben’s camera. It makes my Canon A540 look like it came out of a box of Cracker Jacks. I’m going to have to talk to my wife so I’m prepared for next year. 🙂
    She says I use any excuse to upgrade my toys.

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