CODI 2006 – Salt Lake City (day 3, final update)

Well folks, CODI 2006 is over!
It looks like it was another excellent conference, so congratulations to everyone involved in organising the event and many thanks to those of you who kept the rest of us up-to-date with your blog posts and photographs 🙂
If you were at CODI 2006 but you’re not a blogger, please consider posting your session notes and conference summaries to The Gordian Knot — there’s a lot of Horizon & Dynix sites out there who would love to read them!
The updates from the final day are…
Phyllis has posted:
» CODI 2006 — Customizable, Flexible
» CODI 2006 — day 3. Pocket Circulation
Over at the CODI 2006 / Salt Lake City, there’s:
» Mary’s week so far
» Carol’s update
Kevin has posted:
» Sumary of Codi2006 Days 2 and 3
The codi2006 tagged images at flickr are now up to 459 — that almost 3 times as many as last year!

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