Library bloggers… whatcha talking ’bout?

Following on from the Second Life RSS hack, I’ve stolen borrowed an idea from Andy Powell
To try and improve the hack, I’ve written my own RSS feed aggregator and it’s been busy sucking in around 90 library & librarian’s blogs.  Then, by analysing the blog post titles and text, I’m able to produce a cloud of the most commonly used words from the last 7 days worth of posts…
…and “YouTube” isn’t one of them! 😉
The code is fairly primitive (you might spot that “del” and “icio” appear in there), but it does ignore most of the common stop words and collapses plurals in singulars.
The aggregator will continue to pull in updated RSS feeds and I’ll carry on adding other relevant blog feeds to the melting pot, so keep checking the following URL to see what’s hot in LibraryLand!

2 thoughts on “Library bloggers… whatcha talking ’bout?”

  1. While the most emboldened words are interesting, I like the smaller, but important words that show we’re really on the right track…friend, good, think, great, service, group, people. Note there’s no “bad”, “complained” or “angry” in there.
    Now…how about a “whatyatalkinabout” wall somewhere in Cybrary City, taking in a feed from this? 🙂

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