Oh boy…
Don’t you just hate it when someone tells you that something major is about to happen, but you really don’t want to repeat it because it might not be true and you’d just be spreading unfounded gossip. But, then again, it’s so absolutely huuuuuuge that you can’t find a hat big enough to keep it under? Anyway, something may (or may not) be about to happen that could rock your world.
Let’s sit back, fasten our seatbelts, and see what happens in the next 48 hours in LibraryLand…

6 thoughts on “Rumo(u)rs”

  1. Well, I can confirm that it’s not “unfounded gossip” anymore. One of the library system suppliers is due to make a big announcement in the next few hours.

  2. Well, I’m afraid my lips are sealed until the formal announcement is made.
    For some reason, the Technorati tags for the original post keep disappearing whenever a comment is posted (I need to check if there’s a bug in the WordPress Tag Warrior plugin). However, yes, it was sirsidynix.

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