More Solr fun

Darn, I should have known I was following in a great man’s footsteps…
Anyway, a couple more hours of coding has resulted in this…
Hopefully NCSU won’t be setting their lawyers on me (copying is the most sincere form of flattery!), but the prototype has certainly borrowed one or two ideas from their wonderful OPAC.
It’s still a way off being a full OPAC replacement and I need to shrink the book covers down to a more sensible size, but I’m quite chuffed with what I’ve been able to achieve in just a few hours of coding.

2 thoughts on “More Solr fun”

  1. Hi Dave — just a note to you and your readers that Casey gave me the go-ahead to create a project based on his code. I’ve cleaned up a few minor bugs, written a little bit of documentation, added i18n support, and added support for Unicorn / iBistro to the code that Casey demonstrated at code4lib. Anyone is welcome to download the code and join in at
    Dan Scott

  2. That’s really cool Dan!
    I’m planning to release my code too — it’s currently Perl, but I’m aiming to move that to mod_perl to get the best performance.
    As well as the “” script that provides the interface, there’s also a second script that reads the bibliographic data directly from the Horizon “bib” table and populates the Solr database.

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