OPAC Survey results – part 3

The last 3 graphs for today…
1) Feature Importance (UK Respondents)
The difference in responses between UK (blue line) and non-UK respondents (green line).
One of the previous graphs shows that not many UK respondents are planning to implement faceted browsing, and here we see that the perceived importance in the UK is much lower than the rest of the world.
It’s interesting to speculate on why the UK resonpodents rated each feature lower than their counterparts around the world did.
2) Feature Importance (Library Type)
The breakdown of perceived importance by the different types of libraries who responded to the survey. Note the similarities and differences between the Academic and Public respondents.
3) Feature Importance (Country)
The breakdown of perceived importance by the major countries who responded to the survey. To be included, the country had to have more than 5 respondents.

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