NAG 2007 Conference workshop

I think I’ve just about recovered from my first NAG Conference, which was held this year at Keele University…
Ronald Milne takes a question from Ken Chad
A big “thank you” to everyone who came along to the “Web 2.0 – It’s Okay to Play” workshops and I hope it sparked one or two ideas that you might want to pursue!
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Some of the photos I took are now on Flickr (I’ve used the tag “nag2007”).
The presentation is available to view or download at SlideShare:
As promised, here’s those links for you to explore…

slide 23 – “Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us” video

slide 24 – Some Web 2.0 concepts

slide 29 – The “Network Effect”

slide 31 – University of Illinois Survey (2006)

slide 32 – US Internet User Demographics

slide 39 – Library Blogs

slide 40 – Internal library blogs

slide 45 – Library staff blogs

slide 46 – Technorati

slides 47 & 48 –

slide 50 – Blogs: Doing it yourself

slide 51 – Blogs: Externally hosted options

slide 52 – Finding blogs

slide 54 – Micro-blogging

slide 57 – RSS feeds

slide 58 – Some general RSS feeds

slide 59 – Library RSS feeds

slide 62 – Tagging in practise

slide 63 – Web services and mashups

slide 65 – Library wikis

slide 66 – Setting up a wiki (yourself)

slide 67 – Setting up a wiki (externally hosted)

slide 69 – Social networking

slide 71 – Social bookmarking

more links
Kathryn Greenhill has been posting some excellent and level-headed articles about Library 2.0 on her Librarians Matter — the most recent of which is “What’s new about Library 2.0? Shift in power“.
If you were intrigued (or horrified!) by tagging and folksonomoies, then check out Ellyssa Kroski’s blog post “The Hive Mind: Folksonomies and User-Based Tagging“.
One of the most interesting staff development projects has been the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County “Learning 2.0 Program“, designed by Helene Blowers.
I’m sure that there are at 100 other things I could have linked to, so please feel free to post a comment with worthy links!
final note
I didn’t seek permission to include any of the blogs and wikis in the presentation and most were just picked at random as examples. Hopefully the owners didn’t mind me linking to them!

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  1. I found the workshop both informative and inspiring!
    I am sharing your presentation with colleagues today in an effort to kick-start our discussions here on some practical applications.
    Many thanks

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