“Engaging our Digital Natives”, University of Bradford

On Friday, I had the pleasure of giving a presentation (“Web 2.0 and You Too“) as part of the “Engaging our Digital Natives” event at the University of Bradford. For some reason, Slideshare isn’t showing the notes from the presentation, but they should be available if you download the Powerpoint.
Some photographs from the day are available on Flickr or as a slideshow

Presentation to the TILE Project meeting in London

About 90 minutes ago, I had the pleasure of doing a short presentation to the JISC TILE Project’s “Sitting on a gold mine” workshop in London. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to present in person, so we had a go doing it all via a video conferencing link. As far as I can tell, it seemed to go okay!
The presentation was an opportunity to formally announce the release of the usage data.
Our Repository Manager was keen to try putting something non-standard into the repository and twisted my arm into recording the audio… and I’d forgotten how much I hate hearing my own voice!!!
Anyway, as soon as SlideShare starts playing ball, I’ll have a go uploading and sync’ing the audio track. Otherwise, here’s a copy of the PowerPoint: “Can You Dig It?: A Systems Perspective” and you can hear the audio by clicking on the Flash player below…
The workshop had a copy of the PowerPoint that they were running locally, so every now and then you’ll hear me say “next slide”.
I haven’t listened to much of the audio, so I’ve got my fingers crossed I didn’t say anything too stupid!!!
Well, here’s my first attempt at SlideCasting…

Can You Dig It
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

…I had no idea how much I go “erm” when presenting! :-S

Baroque Star Wars

Just relaxing at home with a small glass of Disaronno Amaretto**, having spent a big chunk of the day down in Milton Keynes at the End of PROWE Project Dissemination Event (Facebook group). Just in case anyone is looking for them, my slides are available on slideshare
(more photos here)
Anyway, whilst doing a bit of random browsing, I came across the work of Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson (Flickr). Anyone who can cross Star Wars with Baroque is a certified genius in my book!

** One of the reasons why I bought the bottle (apart from that fact that it’s nice to drink!) is that it’s specifically mentioned in one of the narrative segments of the 1989 album “When in Rome, Kill Me” by Leeds based band CuD (official site). How’s that for uber obscure, eh?


Many thanks to everyone for the chance to speak at yesterday’s CILIP event in York, held in the Science Learning Centre Yorkshire.
There’s some more photos from the event on Flickr.
I did promise to post the slides, and they are now available on slideshare.net at www.slideshare.net/daveyp/york-cilip.
The links used in the presentation were:
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Waterford, Ireland

A big “thank you” to everyone who made me feel so welcome at the Library Association of Ireland’s Public Libraries’ Section Conference in Waterford!
My presentation (“Libraries on the Web (2.0)”) is currently available on SlideShare.
There’s a big pile of photos from the event on Flickr, and I’ve also separated out the images taken in the Waterford County Library
waterford3_003 waterford_039 waterford_034 waterford_028 waterford_019 waterford_026
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Catching Up – CILIP Glasgow & Talis Insight 2007

Just quickly catching up and catching my breath!
My two presentations from the last 7 days are now available on slideshare — both were effectively the same:

There’s also a selection of photographs from both events on Flickr:

Some of my favourite quotes from the various presentations at both events:

  • [about Librarians] “We don’t do cool… we do dull and worthy” (Brian Kelly, UKOLN)
  • [about liability] “There is a case to be made for putting a bag over your head and ignoring it” (Betty Willder, JISC Legal)
  • [about Facebook] “We’ve got to ban Facebook — it’s too popular!” (Brian Kelly, UKOLN)
  • “You’ve got to eat your own dog food sometimes” (Ken Chad)
  • “If you’re not, you should be sharing services” (Ken Chad)
  • “How many of you have looked at a printed encyclopaedia in the last month? [couple of hands are raised] How many of you have looked at Wikipedia in the last week? [lots of hands are raised]” (Peter Godwin)

…next stop — Waterford, Ireland!
[update] For some reason, Slideshare keeps deleting the Talis presentation. I’ve now uploaded it 4 times now, and each time it’s disappeared from the site an hour or so later 🙁
The Talis slides can be grabbed instead from here.

A deep breath before the plunge…

Over the last 15 months I’ve been giving occasional presentations & workshops about “2.0” and some of the things we’ve done with our OPAC, but the next five weeks are going to be hectic with 6 presentations:

  • 02/Nov/2007 – “Transformative Technologies: Web 2.0 in the library environment”, Glasgow (CILIP Scotland)
  • 06/Nov/2007 – “Insight 2007: Inspiration for Change”, Birmingham (Talis)
  • 08/Nov/2007 – “Off the Shelves: From the Quill to the Chip”, Waterford, Ireland (Library Association of Ireland)
  • 21/Nov/2007 – “Is library 2.0 a trivial pursuit?”, London (JIBS)
  • 23/Nov/2007 – CILIP Yorkshire & Humberside Members’ Day, York (CILIP)
  • 06/Nov/2007 – Online Information 2007, London

At most of the events, I’m going to be talking about the OPAC and the core content of the presentations will be the same.
I’m really looking forward to all of the events although, being someone who likes his creature comforts, it’s going to be a wrench to be away from Bryony and Joe for so much of the month.
If you’re planning to be at any of the events, be sure to say to “hello” — if I can hand out all of my moo cards, then I’ve got an excuse to order some new ones!
With all the travelling involved, I should have plenty of time to plan exactly how HIPpie will work and get some of the coding done. Speaking of which, many thanks to everyone who’s been in touch and expressed in interest — as soon as there’s something to test, I’ll let you all know!

NAG 2007 Conference workshop

I think I’ve just about recovered from my first NAG Conference, which was held this year at Keele University…
Ronald Milne takes a question from Ken Chad
A big “thank you” to everyone who came along to the “Web 2.0 – It’s Okay to Play” workshops and I hope it sparked one or two ideas that you might want to pursue!
100_8540 100_8980
Some of the photos I took are now on Flickr (I’ve used the tag “nag2007”).
The presentation is available to view or download at SlideShare: www.slideshare.net/daveyp/n-a-g2007
As promised, here’s those links for you to explore…
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Libraries, teenagers and 2.0?

I’m doing a short presentation at an event in Wolverhampton in October (“Inspiring the iGeneration – Web 2.0, teenagers and libraries”) and I’m on the hunt for fun examples of how libraries (especially public libraries) are using “2.0” to attract teenagers.
I’ve got a few examples, but I’d love to hear about things you’re doing at your own library (e.g. gaming evenings, web content creation, etc) or things that you know other libraries have done. Even if it’s not really “2.0”, but it’s worked well in getting those teenagers in, then again I’d like to hear about it. I’m also really struggling to find examples in the UK, so if you know of anything, please let me know!
There’s been quite a bit of negative discussion recently about teenagers and computers in libraries (e.g. they use them to play games rather than to do their homework, or spend all their time on MySpace/Facebook/etc). I’d be interested to hear your comments about the subject (either negative or positive).