Presentation to the TILE Project meeting in London

About 90 minutes ago, I had the pleasure of doing a short presentation to the JISC TILE Project’s “Sitting on a gold mine” workshop in London. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to present in person, so we had a go doing it all via a video conferencing link. As far as I can tell, it seemed to go okay!
The presentation was an opportunity to formally announce the release of the usage data.
Our Repository Manager was keen to try putting something non-standard into the repository and twisted my arm into recording the audio… and I’d forgotten how much I hate hearing my own voice!!!
Anyway, as soon as SlideShare starts playing ball, I’ll have a go uploading and sync’ing the audio track. Otherwise, here’s a copy of the PowerPoint: “Can You Dig It?: A Systems Perspective” and you can hear the audio by clicking on the Flash player below…
The workshop had a copy of the PowerPoint that they were running locally, so every now and then you’ll hear me say “next slide”.
I haven’t listened to much of the audio, so I’ve got my fingers crossed I didn’t say anything too stupid!!!
Well, here’s my first attempt at SlideCasting…

Can You Dig It
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…I had no idea how much I go “erm” when presenting! :-S

4 thoughts on “Presentation to the TILE Project meeting in London”

  1. Dave, you were stellar 😉 It was a bit like an awards ceremony where ‘Unfortunately, Dave couldn’t be with us today, but we’re now going to go directly via satelleite to…’ If only we could have given you an award to brandish!
    Seriously, I think your talk was a high point of the day (which overall was very worthwhile). We’re now looking forward to working with you to get more systems librarians ‘showing theirs.’

  2. Erm.. I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t drawn my attention to it. 🙂
    So many things to try, so little time to actually delve into this kind of thing.

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