HotStuff 2.0

After killing off Hot Stuff due to a server upgrade, I find that I’m kinda missing it!
So, I’ve decided to have a second stab at the problem and this time the code is much cleaner and faster. In particular, I’m using Bloglines to handle fetching all of the feeds and then grabbing the new posts via the Bloglines API.
It’s too early for the code to start spotting new keywords and topics yet, so it’ll be early in the new year before it launches fully. In the meantime, feel free to check that your favourite library/librarian blogs are included in the list of sites I’m pulling content from:
Please post a comment with the URL of any blogs you’d like including!
I’m hoping the make the new code a little more visual, so expect to see things like these…
final6_50_1 final_015
[edit] HotStuff 2.0 is gradually appearing here:

6 thoughts on “HotStuff 2.0”

  1. Can you add mine please? 🙂
    Also, finally got hold of a pair of headphones and listened to your data-mining presentation from the other week – great stuff! We’ve just started saving circulation history at my small music college library this year, and hopefully one day I’ll have enough know-how to actually do something with it and get it in some sort of usable form.

  2. All added!
    One of the things I’ve been dabbling with is word/concept mapping by starting with a word and then finding the most commonly used word that appears in blog posts that contain the original word. (Sorry — not sure I’ve explained that very well!)
    With just 3 days worth of blog posts, the code is already linking these words together:
    apple > iphone
    article > read
    christmas > holiday
    database > information
    facebook > social
    flickr > social
    twitter > social
    fun > christmas
    google > search
    information > library
    journal > research
    open > access
    openid > service
    scrollmotion > iphone
    social > people
    although it’s also bringing up a few oddities…
    drupal > love

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