Baroque Star Wars

Just relaxing at home with a small glass of Disaronno Amaretto**, having spent a big chunk of the day down in Milton Keynes at the End of PROWE Project Dissemination Event (Facebook group). Just in case anyone is looking for them, my slides are available on slideshare
(more photos here)
Anyway, whilst doing a bit of random browsing, I came across the work of Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson (Flickr). Anyone who can cross Star Wars with Baroque is a certified genius in my book!

** One of the reasons why I bought the bottle (apart from that fact that it’s nice to drink!) is that it’s specifically mentioned in one of the narrative segments of the 1989 album “When in Rome, Kill Me” by Leeds based band CuD (official site). How’s that for uber obscure, eh?