It’s on days like this…

It’s on days like this that I’m glad we no longer live in Armitage Bridge, but halfway up a hill which looks down on Armitage Bridge.
The BBC web site has this photo of Armitage Bridge…

After spending several minutes wondering if the Armitage Bridge that I knew (which is mostly traditional old stone houses) had been washed clean away and replaced by a row of newer looking red brick houses, I noticed that the file name of the image mentions Doncaster (which is at least 50 miles away).
The local newspaper has this video, although be warned that the narrator sounds like she using a megaphone.
Quite a few local roads have been closed and the area at the south of the University campus (Aspley & Bradley Mills) is still subject to a severe Flood Warning from the Environment Agency.

2 thoughts on “It’s on days like this…”

  1. The heavens have opened again and it’s torrential rain outside at the moment… and it’s all flowing down the road towards Armitage Bridge!

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