4 thoughts on “Google Book Search”

  1. nothing on their blog. But I note Dave filed it under “Horizon/HIP”… Book Search being intergrated in Horizon 9??
    (out of curosity, does mentioning horizon version number higher than 7 annoy Dynix customers in the UK!?)

  2. Looks like the announcement was a day later than they originally said, but it’s on their blog now:
    Preview books anywhere with the new Google Book Search API
    It wasn’t too difficult to hack into HIP, although it was made tricky by the fact that our HIP stopped passing the ISBN as a discreet field in the XML version of the page after the 3.04 to 3.08 upgrade.
    The API is desgined to run client side rather than server side, and I found they blocked initial attempts to call the API using Perl LWP (faking the HTTP USER AGENT field is one way around that tho).

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