God bless Google (again)

The Guardian article about celebrity liar and all round Walter Mitty type Robert Irvine made for some chucklesome reading at lunch time today.
Not surprisingly, the “about me” page on his web site is now “Under Construction”. Fortunately, good ol’ Google still has the cached version from a few weeks ago…
Curiously, his “about” page fails to make any mention of his Knighthood and the castle in Scotland which the Queen gave him 😀
I’m also intrigued by the disclaimer on his home page which reads “The site is not affiliated with Robert.com”.
So, to save any confusion, I’d like to take the opportunity to say that this site is not affiliated with Dave.com, Davey.com, DP.com, or WaveyDavey.co.uk. However, I would like you all to start referring to me as “Sir Dave of Huddersfield”.