Congratulations “City of God” DVD!

Sitting in the Short Loan collection in the main library at the University of Huddersfield, it doesn’t really stand out as been any different to the other DVDs near it, but our copy of “City of God” is officially the most borrowed item from our entire collection (which is nearly 400,000 items) in the last 3 years.
It’s not quite as popular as it once was (the number of loans in 2007 was about half of the 2005 figure), but it’s now been borrowed 157 times since it first arrived here in 2004.
The most borrowed book was one of the copies of “Research methods for business students“, which has now been borrowed 118 times since it was first placed on our shelves.
Anyway, if you were thinking of rushing here to borrow “City of God”, sorry — it’s out on loan at the moment 🙂
(if you were wondering, then “yes, that’s a Google Chart“)

3 thoughts on “Congratulations “City of God” DVD!”

  1. The loan graph? Not sure if it’ll be possible to do without having a “circ_tran” table in Horizon (which keeps basic details of all first time check outs).
    The Google Chart API (which takes a little figuring out) lets you create graphs on the fly, e.g.

  2. tell me more about the circ_tran table (we have a loan table in Talis, which may or may not be the same thing).

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