Stuck on a train

The joys of free wifi slightly make up for the fact that I’m stuck on a train that’s going nowhere fast — the East Coast main line is suffering long delays due to the train which was ahead of mine managing to damage and bring down the overhead power lines :-S
Today was the first meeting for the JISC Towards Implementation of Library 2.0 and the e-Framework (TILE), held at the impressive LSE Library in London.
I’m still not 100% sure what the TILE Project will manage to achieve, but it was great to spend 4 hours in a room full of people who are keen to liberate and share library data, primarily for the benefit of our users.
tile_001 tile_006 tile_002
tile_003 tile_005 tile_004

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  1. Harumph — finally home, but two hours later than originally planned. On the plus side, the rail company seemed to have put on extra staff at Leeds to help deal out the complaint forms a.s.a.p.!

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