Psycho collage

Following on from the book covers arranged by hue/lightness, I’ve been playing around with the 1000 Frames of Hitchcock thumbnails.
Here’s the result of 15 minutes of coding and 2 hours of rendering using a single frame from the famous shower scene in Psycho…
To see the individual frames, you really need to view the full sized image (9526 x 5475 pixels).
The code works by sampling a pixel and then randomly selecting a frame that has a similar hue and lightness value. As before, a little bit of randomess (position, rotation and size) is thrown in to make it visually more interesting.

2 thoughts on “Psycho collage”

  1. HI there,
    I am working on a Quilt making workshop with elementary school students and would like to incorporate this collage technology. The school would like to create 4 quilts based on the 4 arts, and I thought it would be interesting to try and create a quilt based on a painting of theirs about one of the arts (visual art, theatre, music and dance) by piecing together the multi hues of fabric so that from a distance the image is made up by how the fabric is pieced together. So you think you can suggest how I would find a program to help me do this?
    Thank you,

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