Mashed Libraries — “Mash Oop North”?

I’ll try and make some time to blog about the excellent dev8D event, but on Thursday morning I had a chat with Owen Stephens about running a Mashed Libraries event in Yorkshire.
Earlier on in the week, the name “Mash Oop North” sprang into my head[1]. With a name like that, it’d be rude not to run an event 😀

(Mash and Gravy by chotda)
So, would anyone be interested in attending an event hosted in Huddersfield (or perhaps somewhere else in Yorkshire)? I’ve posted a comment on the Mashed Libraries forum with more details about travel links to Huddersfield. Please post a comment here or on the forum to say “yay” or “nay”!

[1] “oop north” is fairly common slang for “up north” (i.e. the North of England), as in “it’s grim oop north

8 thoughts on “Mashed Libraries — “Mash Oop North”?”

  1. Just received an email to say that Manchester might also be a possible location for “Mash Oop North”. Again, please leave a comment to say if that would be a better venue for you to travel to.

  2. If it’s Sunday 19th April or Monday 20 April then I’d love to join in 🙂
    I’ll be on a quick visit to England between KohaCon in Texas and the “U Game U Learn” event at DOK in Delft.

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